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The Color of Fire
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The Lost Air Temple


1 Fall of the Sages


8 The Color of Fire

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The Coming Evil Part Two

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While The City Sleeps

Last Time on TLAT. . . The Avatar finally finds a way out of the horror of the led cell, but elsewhere, things are going south, fast. Finosa continues her duel with the evil sage. Burned and infuriated she unleashes a new technique of fire bending. Meanwhile, Baizken continues his search for his father and the other sages.


"Now, which way was I supposed to go? Eh, all go this way," said Baizken.

Baizken continues down the catacombs, a vast network of tunnels. He finds many rooms but not a prison. He sneaks past the guards, using his size to his advantage. He enters an area that looks like a main room. However it is heavily guarded, by fire benders. He starts to inch around them, but is quickly cornered into a wall.

"Well, I surrender. Wait, is that a flying hog monkey?" he joked.

The guards are not amused by this ploy.

"The sage will be pleased when he hears about this. You, kid, may have just won me a promotion," said the guard's leader.

"I hope you fired, literally," Baizken said

"Take the kid upstairs for interrogation," ordered the leader.

As they pick him up he launches the sword's spike into the wall and reels himself in, dragging the guards along with him and chopping them,.

"That's it kid! I've been nice to you, but here. It. Ends," said the leader.

He launches a flame straight at his head. Baizken hits the floor, dive bomb style. He then gets back up and dashes toward the guard. The guard, annoyed, creates a whip, made of fire. Baizken attempts to slash the guard, but gets whipped in the leg.

Panting echoes through the room. Finosa launches continues flame thrower blast. But, Raingeous augments it away, creating endless colors.

"Hmm, I thought it was legend... The legend of the purple fire bender. Invoked by rage, but not in control. Like something is controlling you, anger," Raingeous remarked.

Finosa yells something inaudible and launches into the air using fire bending. She hurdles toward the sage, but the sage is not unprepared. He sidesteps to the left, and launches his own attack. It hits Finosa, but it barely phases her. She continues to unmercifully attack the evil sage. Guards, reinforcement, enter the room, prepared to fight. Finosa calmed down, her fire bending returned to normal. She knew it was over. She could surrender or die on the spot. Confused, she was. Barely knowing what had happened, as if it was a dream.

"Guards!" exclaimed the mystery man in a worry-some tone.

"I'll handle them," remarked the Avatar.

The guards surrounded them quickly, yet the Avatar remained cool. He quickly earthbent the floor creating the effect of an earthquake, shaking the catacombs. All the guards fell down, some didn't get up. Others got up almost immediately. Gatton created a gust of wind; blowing the ones out cold out the wide door.

"I can help. I can fight. We can fight," said mystery man.

"Do you know how do fight?" asked Gatton.

"I think..." he said.

His sentence was cut off by the guards launching another barrage of attacks. The mystery man made the attacks disappear into smoke.

"Your actually good. How did you do that?" said Gatton.

They used the smoke to mask their escape and entered a narrow hallway. Gatton sealed the door off. Fire blast and angry yelling was muffled as they exited into another room.

"I think I am starting to remember. It was a stormy day, sky blacker than black." I entered the city. I was with a group, I think..." he remembered.

At this time, Baizken was losing his battled scarred on his left leg, chest, and his right leg. He realized something a smirk appeared on his face.

"I don't need to beat you. Do I?" he said.

He than ran toward the door that led to the hallway that led to the prison. He saluted the guard sarcastically and ran. Though lacking in strength, Baizken could easily out run the guard.

"That... kid," remarked the head guard.

A voice came from the ceiling above the man.

"A boy he is not. A snake who is not tied in a knot, slithers away," said Bard.

"Aah! Oh it is you my liege," exclaimed the guard.

"Going after the sages he is. That sage named Sven father is his. Assemble a team need you not. A group is not stronger than one," poem-ed Bard.

"Well, okay sir all go take a nap," said the weary guard.

"The hunt has begun. On that sages son," said Bard.

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