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Mian stretched out his arms, and it never felt better. The leaf clan was very friendly, and gave them guest house to stay in. Luckily, their friend Hai was next door where Mian could visit him. It had been a long journey today, so Mian finished his dinner and went off to sleep. Soon, everyone was slapping in the city. Eventually, everyone in the Island was sleeping except in a hospital in the Capital, room 238. There a 30 year old man lied in bed his doctor had just left giving him the okay sign. Now, he was waiting for the worst, the Governor. And as he was thinking about him, the man himself entered.

"Jeong...I don't know what to say," said the Governor.

"Supposedly, you were shot from your blind side and did not finish you mission..." He continued.

"But...sir, I can explain..." pleaded Jeong.

"I don't need an explanation Jeong, I expect your uniform on my desk tomorrow," said the Governor.

"Please, more chance...please?" Continued Jeong.

"Please, Jeong at least keep some dignity...goodbye "said the Governor, as he turned to leave

Jeong stared at his hands, and turned to look at the bedside table. He picked up the mirror on top of it and looked at his face, his beard had been completely take off. His eyes then flared as he thought about the traitors, he didn't care how long it took but he would have his revenge. However, he was too tired to do anything and fell asleep.

Mian had never had a breakfast that good, these people were amazing cooks. He along with his friends went to Hai's house to ask what they could do around here.

"Well...we have an amazing training field. Everything is there," replied Hai.

"There!" said Zura and Mian..

"Anything else..?" Asked Tia.

"Umm...for you girls, we have an awesome spa...Or so I have heard..." said Hai.

"Yes!" said Tia.

"Okay..."Agreed Ami.

"Here, I need to help you with your moisturizing, come on!" said Tia.

" skin is smooth," said Ami as she was catching up.

"Hai, where is the field?" asked Zura.

"Come on," said Hai.

Hai led Zura and Mian through a crowd of shoppers, tourists, and school children. Eventually, they were in a clearing surrounded by a small forest. In the middle of the clearing there were 3 logs, on top of one was a fire bending scroll.

"Someone must have forgotten it, they will get it back soon," said Hai.

"You know I could learn some new moves," said Zura observing the scroll.

"Wait, first I need to ask you guys something "said Hai.

"Sure...what is it?" Asked Mian.

"Who are you?" Asked Hai.

"This will probably be hard to understand, but I am the Avatar and he is the crown prince of the Fire Nation," replied Mian.

Hai's mouth popped open and stayed that way for about 10 minutes, eventually it went back up. He promised not to tell anyone, and asked Mian if he knew fire bending.

"No, actually I was going to ask you guys if you could help" Mian replied.

"Okay, here let me show you how it works," said Hai and Zura simultaneously.

"Right," replied Mian.

"Awaah!" Said Mian, he suddenly hit the ground. He was doing okay, for a natural water bender, which means he was doing bad. He and Zura had a quick duel, but what happened was Mian tried to attack but Zura flipped him over and blasted him from behind. He slowly got back up and keeled over panting.

"Maybe next time...heh," said Zura.

"Wait, show me that stance again," said Mian.

"So, first put your arms out and focus, now bring them in and let the energy out from your hands. And don't forget to jump.


Mian then did the stance, but all that came out was a small fire, which quickly left. Several hours later, Mian had finally perfected the move.

"Hey, guys look at this..." he said.

However Hai and Zura were sleeping against one of the trees, much to his anger. He woke them up and had Hai take them back to the town.

"I see so that is where they went," said Jeong.

He had snuck into the Protectors bunker and looked at the mission of tracking those traitors down. Using deduction, he knew where they were...The Leaf clan.

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