The Chilly Night
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Lotus's Fortune



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April 25, 2013

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Chapter Two

Nuan sat alone on her boat, her light brown hair blowing in the sea breeze. The feeling of the water was something she always loved, her young fingers dragged along it. Pulling her hand up, she took the water up with her a foot or two above the sea before splashing back in. She looked at the sky as it was nearing noon, so Nuan thought she should cover more sea before the sun sunk down under. She pushed the water beneath her back, waterbending the waves behind her to retreat. The small ship moved against the waves onwards and going. Nuan watched the water pass by as she changed the waves to the way she wanted. Staring into the clouds, a cloud shaped the a flower interested her. The flower stayed with all 'petals' that it had for a few minutes, some of the petals split from the main to become their own clouds later.
She was sent a message with the simple floating formations in the sky, 'A event will cause you to lose something.' Fortune telling from the clouds, something her mother taught her to do when she was younger. Deeply believing in her tellings, she tightened up her satchel that kept her food, small amount of money, and a map. The thing with cloud telling, you never knew when it might happen, it could be an hour or days and Nuan knew this. The boat kept pressing on with the help of her bending and the peaceful waters.

As the time came, the blinding sun was pushed completely under the earth and her boat moved across the smooth, calm waters by the moon. The sea was all she could discern in the night, but she needed land to sleep on. The chilly wind swept over her as she shivered just for a moment. An hour passed and in the distance were multiple ships lit by flames of torch light. Nuan cruised over to the giant hunks of metal that made her tiny boat look like a pillbug staring at a foot that would crush it with its intimidation. As she drew closer, the red, triangular flags of the Fire Nation showed themselves in the chilly darkness.
"Oh, why me?" her head sunk down. She spun the water around to sail them the other way, but a fire blast stopped her short from fleeing.
"You there! What are you doing??" a man in a metal outfit of red and silver forcefully yelled at her. She blinked in surprise at the blast that barely missed her and her wooden boat. So shocked, she was, that she failed to answer the commander.
He released another burning flame directly at her face, "Pay attention!"
She snapped out of her trance just in time to bring water from the sea up and steam the fire out, "I'm sorry, uh, sir. I'm looking for Earth Kingdom land. I swear I'm no threat." she attempted a calm demeanor, but inside she panicked. Would this man kill her? She had no idea, his face was unyielding and quite unsettling to the girl looking up to his lantern blazed face.
"Then get out of this area, little girl before I set your little boat aflame."
"Y-yes sir!" she stumbled out the words in fear and relief. Pushing the water behind her with a fair amount of force, Nuan shot herself across the water.

The night grew older, and she had yet to find land. Her eyelids were beginning to feel heavy and the temptation of just laying on the bottom on the boat were great. A yawn forced it's way out of her mouth while searching for ground. She endeavored the feeling for only fifteen minutes that felt like forty-five to her exhausted state. Her brain's need for sleep overwhelmed her as she dozed off on the sea.

By morning, as she became slightly conscience, she twisted and turned without opening her eyes. The movements of her body felt weird. The boat wasn't shaking around in the unsteady water and it felt strangely comfortable to be laying in her little boat which also seemed more... spacious. Then it clicked in her half-awake brain, this wasn't her boat at all! Her eyes snapped open, and her body jumped. Looking around, Nuan saw people watching her, observing her.
"Where am I?" she rubbed her eyes, hardly believing what was going on. She was in a boat when she went to sleep, now she was waking up in a house surrounded by people.
A male in traditional Earth Kingdom clothing –a brown robe that was tied around his waist with a brown sash, and his hair up in a bun-like style– replied to her, "This is Senlin and I am the leader of the village. He found you on the shore of the sea last night." The man pointed to an older male whose face was left untroubled while he slept. He wore the same clothes, but his receding hair wasn't up like the middle-aged man.
"I must have hit land after I fell asleep." she mumbled aside. The girl from Kyoshi Island girl stood and bowed, "I'm Nuan. Thank you for the hospitality."
He bowed back to her, "Your welcome, Nuan." A glimpse of the outside caught Nuan's eye. A beautifully small village, fancier than her little village back home though, was stained by a destroyed house.
"What happened over there?" she pointed to the disastrous scene. The man looked down a little, "About a day or so ago, a spirit monster named Hei Bai came into our town and took down that house."
"That's horrible." Nuan gasped. Abruptly, she came up with a plan to help this little town, "As a sign of my gratitude for letting me sleep here and taking me into your village, I can predict the future of the people and find out when this will end."
The male looked at the shorter girl dressed in blue, "Would you do that for us?"
"I would be honored." he bowed.
"My pleasure." she politely bowed back.

Nuan was sitting on a cushion, holding a man's hand. There was nothing and no one in the room but them and the pillows they sat on. She traced the lines and wrinkles of his palm and fingers, "You will suffer a loss, but only for awhile." she paused thoughtfully, "You love someone dearly, don't you?"
The client nodded, "My wife and daughter. Please don't tell me something happens to them."
Nuan shook her head, "Nothing bad happens to them, but in a few years you will have a wondrous visitor to add happiness to your life."
"Really? Thank you!" he rose from his seat and left the room. Nuan leaned back until she hit the floor, tired from reading at least twenty fortunes. She rested her eyes, but not before the door opened and a voice broke her wanted silence.
"Nuan, I'm sorry to interrupt, but could you please tell me about the fate of the village?" Nuan sat up again with a groan, facing the village leader.
"The village will be disturbed by this Hei Bai for awhile more, but help will come," she lazily laid back down only to be looking at the ceiling, "that is, if my predictions are right."
"Thank you. I hope your tellings are true." and with that the man left the room.

The darkness of night had been emerged in the sky for a few hours now, and Nuan, who was on the first floor of the mansion, gazed at the blackened area. The stars shined ever so brightly in the black sky. She was so entranced with the stars that when a burst of blue light sprung up into the sky, she jumped and hid away in the corner of the room. She knew almost without a doubt it was Hei Bai, the terrorizing spirit. After an hour of noises of destruction, it all stopped. Without a drop of sleep that whole hour, Nuan curled into a ball around her bag, and closed her eyes, quickly falling to a deep sleep.

Half way through the morning, Nuan woke up, still laying in the corner in the position she fell asleep. Standing to her feet, she stretched out her body that was slightly swore from sleeping on the floor. The day was bright and the air, fresh; she aimed on going outside. She asked the leader permission, which he happily granted on the beautiful, late morning. Her first steps outside were great and the first full breath of air was amazing –not that there wasn't fresh air inside the house, this air was just better. More destruction, the ruination she heard last night was to her right, and also within the sight of her right eye was a broken boat. She walked close to the boat and realized just what the clouds told her about her future. Multiple shattered parts of her boat were mixed in the rubble.
"Great," she mumbled, "now how am I supposed to travel?"
"You could always go by foot." the old man who brought her into the village walked up behind her.
Nuan sighed, "Yes. I could."
"You should talk to the leader, maybe he can supply for your journey."
"Thank you, sir." Nuan stood and bowed to the old man before walking inside.

She opened the door to the room of the village leader. He looked up to her from his crouched position on his cushion as he worked on his low table, "Hello Nuan. How are you this morning?"
"I'm okay. My boat was demolished by Hei Bai, and I must start on my way." she sat on the ground in front of his desk.
"That's too bad. Would you like some food or money for your trip?"
"I don't want to be rude, but if you would so kindly give me some supplies I would be very grateful."
"It's no problem," he handed her a strand of several silver coins on a string, "Stay awhile and I'll get you some food for your trip." Nuan thanked the man and watched him stand and walk from the room. He returned a little while later with some vegetables, "Thank you for giving us hope."
After placing the items in her bag, she stood, bowing, "Thank you. I hope we get to see each other again."
"We might, Nuan."
"If fate brings me back to this town." she bowed again, exiting the room.

Towards the gate of the town, she headed.
"Wait!" the voice of an elder called out.
"Yes, sir?"
"Take this. I'm not as young as I used to be, and now, well, I really have no use for it." he held out to her a stone tied around by a string like a yo-yo.
She looked at it strangely, "Uh, thank you." she grasped it in her hand.
"Good luck on your journey."
"Thank you, enjoy your life. You will live a pleasant one. " she bowed.
The old man smiled at her while Nuan turned and resumed her journey.

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