Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to The Children of Advent in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Noatak and Tarrlok
The Children of Advent
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Count the stars - Shao


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Count the stars - Shao


Count the stars - Shao


After the death of Airbending Avatar Kashirii the nations of the world have slowly started dividing.
All young children are forced to take the bending test which could result in the children taken away by the Order of The White Lotus and trained with harsh treatment and punishments that are less and less punishment and more and more border-line torture.
Join a young Waterbender named Denzel as he travels to flee the Order and train in the elements that an Avatar must master.


- Denzel- The young waterbending Avatar succeeding Kashirii. He is a direct descendant from Noatok. He and Lostris have been friends since they wear in diapers. The friendship hads turned in to a relationship and is starting to tilt towards tying the knot. He, Shao, and Lostris are friends which could be a tricky matter as the boys both have they're hearts stolen by Lostris!

- Lostris - Denzel's Love interest and fire bending teacher, Lostris lives in the same small village in the Earth Kingdom as Shao and Denzel. Lostris is the descendent over Fire-Princess Lostris, whom she was named after.

- Starkk- The leader of the Guardins and Kashirii's boyfriend who has devoted his life to protecting the next Avatar. He is a Master Earthbender but bends metal the most.

- Yukimaru- A quiet waterbending master who is a descendent of Tarrlok making him a relative of Denzel's. He was recently traning Denzel and but left to find his long lost twin sister Himi.

- Himi- A waterbender who disappeared at the age six.

- Kashirii- The Airbending Avatar before Denzel, She is a descendant of Jinora's.

- Shao- A shy earthbener who has a crush on Lostris, Shao is the oldest of the trio. Shao is a descendent of Lin Beifong.


Prologue: The Last Stand, Growing up and Memories of a Past Life

Chapter One: The Hidden to be published Later! Hooray!

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