Azula, Ty Lee, and Mai
The Chase: Part 2
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Those Bored Eyes




Chapter 4

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Nathan Miranda


Nathan Miranda

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June 5, 2011

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Previously....Mai and Azula hunt the Avatar. Azula is revealed to be totally evil, and Ty Lee is the victim. Now, let's find out why Meng En was scowling...


The huge bison flew ahead of us. I saw the Avatar look back at us. "Hurry!" cried Azula, "They're heading into the mountains."

Li and Lo drove as fast as the tank could go, and we raced up the mountainside. Clearly the Avatar was trying to escape from us, because he was taking his bison to a place that was really hard for the tank to get access. Soon, however, we drew closer to the place where the Avatar had once again stopped.

"Get the lizards ready," Azula said.

Ty Lee and I saddled the lizards and prepared to attack. The tank stopped, and the Avatar wasn't leaving. I checked to make sure my knives were all in place. I added a few more, and then climbed onto my mongoose lizard. Ty Lee still looked a little dazed form the previous day's discussion, while Azula looked as if she were deep in thought. Probably planning the Avatar's funeral, I thought. Knowing Azula, she would probably succeed. Still, something about her made me uncertain as to whether or not I could trust her. Especially after what Ty Lee had told me the day before. How could Azula be so mean to her own friends?

I cleared my head when the tank door opened. We rode our lizards out onto the ground. The Avatar and his friends were all there lined up ready to attack. The waterbender had her water ready for fighting. The guy with the boomerang looked upset. There was also a new addition to their group, a small girl. I wondered who she could be. Reaching for a knife I prepared myself for the fight. Azula and Ty Lee charged forward, and I followed them. The small girl was apparently an earthbender, and she made some huge earth columns to try and stop us. Our lizards were too fast, so we easily dodged out of the way. When our opponents saw that we could not be stopped, they ran towards their bison. The earth bender made a tall wall in front of us, so that we couldn't get through. Azula sent a bolt of lightning crackling through it. The lizards raced through the wall. That earthbender is slowing us down way too much, I thought to myself. I threw several daggers at her, but she propelled herself onto the Avatar's bison. Azula furiously blasted large jets of fire at them, but they still escaped.

"Ugh," Azula muttered, "we almost had them. Next time there will be no imperfections."

I sighed. Azula's plight for perfection was getting old. The tank was getting old too. I rode my mongoose lizard inside of it. This mission was getting to less and less fun. First, Ty Lee had to tell me that Azula was actually a horrible person. Now, Azula was completely obsessed with capturing the Avatar. As Li and Lo drove the tank away, I sat by the tank's back window.

I looked out and saw the same person I had seen before, riding on an ostrich horse. He really looked like Zuko. I was getting too caught up in my Zuko fantasy. He was a banished prince. A wanderer that could never be with me again. I wished that I could spend just one more day with him again. No. How could I be thinking like this? We hadn't seen each other in years. He probably didn't even like me anymore. For all I knew, he might have even gotten a girlfriend. I sighed. The tank halted again.

"Why are we stopping?" I asked.

"There is a large collection of fur here," Azula replied, "We have to be sure we are going in the right direction."

As we climbed out of the tank I looked and Azula and Ty Lee. How different we were from when we were children, playing an innocent game of hide-and-seek. Friends torn apart by bitterness, obsession, and sadness. That's why I avoid emotions. Azula was apparently playing in the nearby stream. There were piles of white fur everywhere. Lots of it was floating down the river.

"Wads of wet fur," I said, "How delightful."

"Hmm," said Ty Lee, "They're more like bundles....or bunches? It's got an "uh" sound."

How could she already be back to her normal happy self around Azula? I guess I manage to keep my emotions to myself. Azula got up, and I decided to help out Ty Lee's quest for the correct "uh" word.

"Clumps?" I asked.

"Yes!" she exclaimed, "They're clumps!"

She embraced me tightly, and I groaned inside. For goodness sake Ty Lee, we're not little kids anymore. I waited for her to let go, and then turned to Azula.

"The trail leads this way," I said pointing at the fur.

"I don't know," Azula responded, "I think the Avatar is trying to give us the slip. Look there."

The top of a tree looked as though it had been damaged by something big, possibly a flying-bison.

"You and Ty Lee go in that direction," Azula said, "I'll follow this trail."

She wanted us to go in a direction with no fur. Our only clue was a damaged tree, that might have been hit by a flying bison. Ty Lee and I took our mongoose lizards and set out in that direction.

The Avatar's bison was soon in sight. However, instead of finding the Avatar riding on it, his friends were. There sat the boomerang guy and the waterbender girl. The earthbender wasn't with them, though. I focused threw some knives at them, but
Ty Lee paralyzes Katara

Ty Lee attacked the waterbender.

the boomerang guy quickly blocked. Then, they flew across a river. They had a strange crash landing. I noticed that their bison had fallen asleep. He must be tired.

The mongoose lizards ran so fast that they were able to literally run across the river. The waterbender sent waves of water whirling towards Ty Lee and I. Ty Lee jumped off her lizard and landed on the riverbank. I managed to stay on mine, and made it across. Ty Lee was busy attacking the waterbender, but I quickly took over the fight. Ty Lee went off to fight the boomerang guy. He wasn't nearly as good as her, so soon, she had him completely paralyzed. I pinned the waterbender's clothes to a tree with some knives. We finally had them. I was happy. If we could catch these two, than Azula would have no problem with the Avatar. Then, we could all go home and forget about this crazy trip. However, I still felt a little disappointed about our victory. I had expected it to be all triumphant and heroic, but instead it was just...boring.

"I thought when Ty Lee and I caught you two it would be more exciting," I said out loud, "Oh well. Victory is boring."

I raised my knife to strike, but a gush of cold air sent Ty Lee and I hurdling out into the river. The water was freezing cold, and of course, we were soaked. I looked out of the water to see what had thrown us. It was the Avatar's bison! Just like in Omashu, the bison had used its special airbending abilities to blow us away. I changed my mind about Azula being victorious. Things were looking back to abnormal. We made it to shore, and I attempted to drain out my clothes.

"Was it just me," Ty Lee said, "or was that guy kind of cute?"

I scowled. Why did she always have to have a crush on the weirdest people? This time it was our enemy. Oh well. Zuko is our enemy and I love him. Our mongoose lizards had followed us, so we rode away into the forest to the place where Li and Lo were waiting with the tank.

"Hello girls!" They greeted us. I waved, and then put my lizard inside the tank. I didn't feel like getting into another conversation with Ty Lee, so I waited for Azula inside of the tank. A few minutes passed, and then Ty Lee peeked inside.

"Mai," she said worriedly, "there's a man approaching. Would you mind coming out here so I'm not alone?"

"Sure," I said. I wondered who it could be. When I came outside, I saw the man clearly. It was Meng En, the man who sold us our tank. What was he doing here? He walked right over to us, and I asked him what he wanted.

"I'm here because I made a mistake," he said, "I need to take the tank back."

"What?" I asked, "But we need the tank to help us capture the Avatar."

"That's why I'm taking it," Meng En said.

"You support the Avatar?" I asked again.

"No, but I don't support Princess Azula either," he said, "Her whole family is corrupting the world. I have to stop her."

"Well..." I started. I couldn't say any more. Azula was mean person, and that was the truth.

"If you want to wait here, you can," I replied, "But trust me when I say that you're making the worst enemy you could have possibly made."

"Trust me," Meng En said, "I'm making the right choice by opposing Azula. You would do the same if you knew any better."

I ignored that comment. He was right. Azula was doing things to the people I cared about that I had thought she would never do. Yet I wasn't ready to try and stop her...not yet. I looked up at Ty Lee. She had a very solemn expression. We both had no idea how bad it would get if Azula and Meng En actually got into a fight. Finally, Azula arrived. I felt bad for Meng En.

"What is he doing here?" Azula asked.

"He's...uh," Ty Lee stuttered.

"I'm here to take my tank back," Meng En finished.

"Why would you do that?" Azula asked, growing suspicious.

"I can't let you capture the Avatar," Meng En said, "He brings balance to the world, and you will upset it."

"What?!?" shrieked Azula. I bit my lip till it bled. Behold the wrath of Azula.

"I said," Meng En repeated with great calmness, "You can't capture the Avatar without getting through me."

He gained a fighting position. This was going to be a firebending battle.

"You can't stop me," Azula said, "No one can!"

Azula attacks

With fury and much anger, Azula attacked.

She leaped into the air, and attacked Meng En. He dodged her first attack, and sent a wave of fire at Azula. Li and Lo, I noticed, were becoming frightened. I held onto my daggers just in case the fight got out of hand.

Azula blasted fire at Meng En again. Meng En blasted fire at Azula. Blue versus Red. Fire versus Lightning. Good versus Evil. But which was which? Meng En was doing pretty good. He bent columns of fire at Azula. She jumped out of the way, and attempted to burn him again.

"Mai! Ty Lee!" she laughed, "Help me kill him!"

I raised my knife guiltily, and Ty Lee took a chi-blocking position. However, before we could do anything, Azula had electrocuted him. Meng En fell unconscious.

"Now what are we going to do with him?" I asked.

"Li, Lo," Azula said, "Take the tank and him to the nearest prison!"

Azula was super angry, so I gave her some space. I got the mongoose lizards out of the tank. Then, Li and Lo drove off with Meng En. After a while, I decided to try to talk to Azula.

"What happened?" I asked Azula.

"Ugh. I hated him," Azula replied, "Oh, well the Avatar escaped. Don't worry though. I'm sure I can defeat him next time. Oh and Zuko was there."

"Zuko!" I exclaimed.

"Yes," she said, "We had an all out battle."

"Oh," I replied. Even though I knew Zuko was supposed to be one of our enemies, I still adored him. I wondered if he still loved me.

"All right," Azula said, "Let's ride off."

I sighed. Ty Lee and I climbed onto our lizards. We rode off into the forest.

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