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The Chase: Part 1
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Those Bored Eyes




Chapter 3

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Nathan Miranda


Nathan Miranda

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June 2, 2011

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Mai, Azula, and Ty Lee are hot on the trail of the Avatar. They've been following him by following a trail of his bison's fur. Will they catch him?

I separated the Chase, because there are two main sequences in my version. This first, this one, is more of a drama. In the second part, there will be a lot of action and adventure. I hope you like them!


Azula followed the trail of fur for a while. I followed with Ty Lee, but I paid very little attention. By the end of a day of searching we were all exhausted.

"They have a huge advantage," I told Azula, "While we walk, they fly. There's no way we can catch up to them."

"Hmm," Azula was thinking. She paused, and then said, "All right. We'll stop at the next Fire Nation colony, and find a means of transportation. We walked a while, but we soon arrived at a small village with the Fire Nation insignia on it.

"What a cute town," Ty Lee said as we walked down the town's streets. I sighed. This was a boring town.
Hama's village

The most boring excuse of a town, ever.

"I wonder if there is a mechanist town that makes vehicles," Azula said. A man noticed us and walked over to meet us.

"Well hi there," he said, "where are you from?"

"Omashu," Azula said, "we walked here from Omashu."

"Walked?" the man asked, surprised, "Ya'll need some transportation."

"Yes we do," Azula responded, "do you know where we can get some?"

"Well," the man started, "I sell mongoose lizards. They're easy to ride, and they are fast."

I knew what mongoose lizards were. They were fast, but I wasn't sure if they were fast enough to catch up with the Avatar's sky-bison. Azula thought the same.

"Well, I was hoping for something even faster," Azula said. "Oh," the man said, "Well there is a man outside of town who makes metal vehicles. His name is Meng En. It's a good walk from here, though."

"All right," Azula responded, "I'll buy three of you lizards, and we'll ride them out to this Meng person's home. Then, I'll get some transportation."

Azula bought three mongoose lizards, and then we rode off towards Meng En's house, outside the city. It took
Mongoose lizard

A mongoose lizard.

some time adjusting to my mongoose lizard. First off, they go way too fast. Secondly, they are impossible to hang on to. Soon, however, I began to get used to it.

We soon saw Meng En's house over the next hill. A large factory building was next to it. Apparently, he wasn't the only Fire Nation citizen who built machinery around here. We rode up to his front door, and Azula knocked on the door. A man in a full Fire Nation robe answered the door.

"Are you Meng En?" Azula asked. "Yes," Meng En said, "I am. What can I do for you?"

"We heard that you sell machinery," Azula said, "Do you have any transportation vehicles available."

"Of course," he said, eying Azula. I guessed that he knew that Azula was actually princess of the Fire Nation. We walked to the back of Meng En's house.

"These are my best products," Meng En showed us a large tank, "It's even faster than you're mongoose lizards. Who are you, by the way?"

"I'm-" Azula paused.

"You're the Firelord's daughter, aren't you?" he asked.

"Yes," Azula said, "I am."

"Well," Meng En said, "then you may have all of your machinery for free. I will gladly serve the Firelord and his friends and family."

Meng En seemed like a good person, but I felt he wasn't truly expressing how he felt about Azula. We turned the tank on, and loaded the mongoose lizards onto it. Next, we climbed in. Meng En waved to us as we took off, but I watched him as we rode off, and I could swear I saw a scowl spread across his face as we rode away.

"Well girls," Azula addressed Ty Lee and me, "we are very close to capturing the Avatar. Get a good nights rest, and we will have the Avatar tomorrow."

"You're so positive," Ty Lee said respectfully. I just sighed, as usual, and lay down on the tank's floor, and closed my eyes. The next morning I awoke when I noticed that the tank had stopped.

"What's going on?" I asked Ty Lee. Apparently, Azula was in the front compartment of tank.

"What's going on?" I asked Ty Lee.

"Azula has been having trouble driving the tank," Ty Lee said, "she said that we needed to stop here to get someone to pilot for us."

I was surprised that Azula finally wasn't good at something. However, of course, I didn't bring that up. Azula wouldn't be happy if I said she had a defect. Ty Lee and I got out of the tank to find Azula. We quickly spotted her talking to a couple of old ladies.

"Who are they?" I asked Ty Lee as we approached them.

"I'm not sure," she said, "but they look so familiar."

I agreed, but I couldn't figure out who they could be.

"Hi there Ty Lee and Mai!" the two old ladies said at the same time.

Li, Azula's old advisor.

"Oh!" Ty Lee exclaimed, "You're Li and Lo!"

Now I recognized them. When I would visit Azula in the Fire Nation Palace, she always had these two with her as advisors or servants.

"Mai, Ty Lee," Azula pulled us aside, "Li and Lo are going to drive our tank for us I can focus on planning."

"Do they even know how?" I asked. It seemed strange that old people could know how to use modern technology.

"Of course," said Li, walking over to us.

"Driving a tank is easy," said Lo. I noticed Azula got a little uncomfortable after that comment.

"Well then," she said quickly, "Let's get going."

We walked back to the tank with Li and Lo. They drove superbly, and we stayed in the back compartment with the mongoose lizards. Soon, we found the trail of the Avatar's beast's fur. We tracked it for a while, but apparently the Avatar was far ahead of us. I looked out of the back window of the tank. I noticed a person riding an ostrich horse. He looked a little like Zuko. I smiled. This guy probably wasn't anything like Zuko...or as kind. If only he was here.

That evening we still hadn't found the Avatar. I noticed Azula getting impatient. Soon, however, we came to a clearing in the forest where a campfire had been. There was a large heap of fur in one spot.

"They stopped here not long ago," said Azula when we got out of the tank, "We can catch them if we're fast enough."

We walked back into the tank, and told Li and Lo to drive as fast as they could. I got bored so I decided to talk to Ty Lee.

"So," I started, "why did you really leave the circus? I thought you loved it."

"Well," Ty Lee said, "it's like I said. Azula called a little louder than the circus did."

That's not a good answer, I mumbled to myself. Ty Lee wouldn't have left something that she truly loved, just for Azula....especially Azula. I waited a little, and then I watched as Azula got up and walked to the front compartment of the tank. Ty Lee and I were left alone.

"Okay," Ty Lee said, "I'll tell you the real reason I left the circus."

"You will?" I asked curiously.

"Yes, I will," she responded.

"Go on," I asked.

"Well," she stated, "On the first day that Azula asked me if I wanted to join her on this mission, I said no. Later, during my high-rope performance, Azula attended. Soon into the show, the net below my high-rope was on fire. I could have sworn that I noticed Azula ordering this. Then, to make thing worse, I think she had all of the wild animals released, but surely not, right?"

"No," I said quietly, "surely not."

"Anyway," Ty Lee continued, "after the show, I was so scared. I decided to leave the circus and join Azula, rather than be afraid of what Azula would do to be all the time. That's all, Mai."

I remained silent. Ty Lee looked like she wanted to cry. Crying doesn't help anything. I pushed my emotions to the back of my head. Still, why had Azula been so mean to Ty Lee? All of that, just to force Ty Lee into coming along with her on this mission. What would Azula have done if I had refused to come with her? I stopped thinking about this when Azula walked into the room. I was still felt hurt, though.

No. Hurt is a stupid emotion. All emotions are, I thought to myself. I couldn't let any of my petty feeling get in the way of Azula's mission. I sat quietly until we came to what appeared to be the Avatar's second campsite. We passed this, and continued to follow the trail of fur.

"There," pointed Azula out the window. I looked out and saw the Avatar's beast. Azula's face turned into a twisted smile. "We have them!" she said, in a strange tone. Maybe Azula was as evil as I thought.

To be continued!

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