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Tracking Appa
The Chase
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In Azula's Mind


Chapter 3

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Journey to Omashu

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The Drill (not yet released)

Azula and her elite team continue their pursuit to capture the Avatar. Enjoy! Access the main article here.

Another Attempt

I am glad Mai and Ty Lee are now by my side. Finding the Avatar in New Ozai was unexpected. There was no way I could capture him without any plan. We chased him across the Earth Kingdom, but with their Sky Beast, it was just about impossible. Not to mention the uneven terrains and lakes in our path were slowing us down. We did have one advantage, though. The Beast was leaving a furry trail behind it wherever they went and we were relying on that trail to track the Avatar down.

But we decided that without any plan, there was no pursuing. And so, I decided to get a new machine that will help us. It was kind of a tank. The wheels had spikes so it had grip on mountains or plains. It had an anchor like device attached to good quality rope, so it could climb any surface, even if it were perpendicular to the ground! We would now be unstoppable.

Tank train

My unstoppable tank.

We went back on track, following the trail of fur. We traveled for days. How did the Avatar know about us? I would expect the Avatar and his group to be exhausted by now. Same with the bison. I can't figure out how they know we are near. We'll find out soon enough. Now, we just need to go faster and that bison needs to collapse out of tiredness. Any moment now!

But wait. The Avatar gained altitude and weaved through the mountains. He knew about us, yet again! I poured more fire into the tank, and followed. It took us several hours, but there they were, on a ledge of one of the big rocks. It would be a perfect ambush! It seems that they have a new member of their group, a short girl. I assume that she would be an earthbender. I know that some earthbenders use earthbending to see things through the earth. Maybe that's why they move whenever we're close. We went out of the tank on a lizard, each on our own. These lizards can run on water. Literally. The newbie Earthbended a huge wall in front of us. I quickly shot a lightning blast at it. It crumbled into pieces, but we were still too late. The girl shot up the ledge, and they all jumped on the flying bison. So close, yet so far. Fine, we just have to wait a little longer before we can capture them.

The Fur Trail

We traveled again for a while. Being on this mountain terrain does slow us down. But we are going to capture them! We finally caught up with them, or so we thought.
Azula, Ty Lee, and Mai

We rode out of the tank train on our Mongoose Lizards, the Avatar and his friends just in sight.

We ended up alongside of a river. Funny, there were bunches of fur in the river. I picked them up and examined them. I noticed a trail of fur heading into the forest. Then I looked up, and saw some tree tops that were broken off. Ah, someone must be using their brain. But not to worry, it was nothing I couldn't handle.

"The trail goes this way," Mai stated calmly pointing in direction of the shed fur trail. But I wasn't dumb enough to fall for any tricks.

"The Avatar is trying to give us the slip." I said to the girls. "You two travel in that direction and keep your eye out for the bison. I'll follow this trail," I announced, looking at the line of fur by my feet. I quickly mounted my Mongoose Lizard and rode off to track my target.

The Duel at Tu Zin

So I traveled, and finally by sunset, I reached a deserted town. The Avatar was sitting there, with circles under his eyes. This was just too easy. He finally spoke up.

"Okay, you've caught up with me! Now who are you, and what do you want?" He said. Ha! Trying to act so brave. I smiled.

"You mean you haven't guessed? You don't see the family resemblance? Here's a hint," I said. "I must capture the Avatar to restore my honor." I said in a low raspy voice, covering my left eye. He just looked at me.

"It's okay! You can laugh. It's funny," I told him. Honestly, he is taking advantage of my kindness right now.

"So, now what?" He asked. Oh, you poor, poor boy. You want to play serious? Fine.

"Now? Now it's over! You're tired, and you have no place to go! You can run, but I'll catch you!" I snapped.

"I'm NOT running," he claimed. Brilliant!

"Do you really want to fight me?" I said, moving into an attack pose.

"Yes, I really do," a different voice said. Zuko! My lucky day! I can capture them both at once!

"I was wondering when you'd show up, Zu-zu," I said mockingly. I could hear the boy laugh to himself at this.

"Back off Azula, he's mine!" He said. Who does he think he is, telling me what to do?

"I'm not going anywhere." I said. And thus, it was on. Long moments of pained silence passed. Zuko stood there, his eyes darting between me and the Avatar. I readied myself. Then, the battle began.

Three way duel

The Avatar, my brother and I duel in this dumpy, old town.

We shot blasts at each other. The Avatar didn't strike anyone. I decided to take care of Zuko first. We had a mini Agni Kai there, and the Avatar, the coward, flew up. I wasn't that stupid, though. I shot a blast that forced him to come down. He ran into a building, and I followed. I ran in there quickly, and almost fell off a ledge, but managed to regain my balance. The Avatar was floating on a ball of air, smiling. Zuko, the dear, just ran and fell off. Then, the Avatar's ball ran out of air, and he crashed down. I jumped, and to my delight found him trapped in wood. Wood, fire. I shot a blast at the wood, and the fire spread like a marathon. I took a moment to regain my breath, and then got into a stance for the death strike. But then, my hand became trapped in some sort of water whip. Yes, water, which means his Waterbending rat is nearby. The tall boy who was with her followed. I followed her, and trapped her into a corner. I shot a blast, but then something broke my root and made me fall. The Earthbender!

"Thought you guys could use a little help," she said.

"Thanks!" the Waterbender said. Enough of this. I saw Zuko run out of the building, and shot a blast at him. But from behind me, another blast of fire followed. I was suddenly struck by something and briefly lost my balance. I turned to see Iroh standing next to Zuko.

"Get up!" He ordered. Then, the six enemies cornered ME in an offensive/defensive stance. Time for some Azula magic.

Duel against Azula

I made my clever escape even though element attacks were coming at me from all directions.

"Well, look at this. Enemies and traitors all working together. I'm done. I know when I'm beaten. You've got me. A princess surrenders with honor," I said. It was dreadfully silent then. I saw Iroh avert his eyes away from me and towards the others. Then I knew what I could do to escape. I took half a bow, then shot a deadly attack at Uncle. He gasped, and fell. Then, attacks of all elements, even the tall boy's boomerang, came toward me. I made a shield of fire, and allowed the attacks to hit the wall behind me. There was a bunch of smoke, a perfect cover for my escape! I fled the scene in complete secret and made my getaway. I went to find Mai and Ty Lee, because seeing two refugees gave me an idea.

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