Tu Zin
The Charred City
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Bonzu Pippinpaddleopsicopolis, Tercero

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January 24, 2014

The Charred City is a one-shot fanon written by Bonzu Pippinpaddleopsicopolis, Tercero, written in Spanish and translated to English.


In Wan Shi Tong's Library rests the body of Professor Zei, a great explorer who searched this library for years; but, during his travels, he saw and discovered many more things... Among the manuscripts that he always carried in his diary that this goal the following:

7/3/95 AG

I just got to a populated place, I do not even recovered from what happened, that I was a charred city. We crossed on ostrich horses an area devastated by the Fire Nation a few years ago, but somehow this city in ashes... was still inhabited.

My guide, a Sandbender called Sha-Un, who knew the desert better than anyone else, led me to that place, although at first refused to do, now that.

I was struck by the large number of destroyed villages, now abandoned to the relentlessness of the desert. Homes and more black and empty houses, broken windows, open to dark and smelly interior doors, only walls that were burnt wood, that was what looked to where to turn around. And there was something else that I thought was just an impression caused by the appearance of the place: but did not see anyone like I was observed. You wanted to get out of there and was about to tell Sha-Un when suddenly stirred ostrich horses.

"This is bad," Sha-Un observed.

"What else is wrong?" I asked.

"The beasts may feel that this place is dangerous," he said, looking from one to the other.

"Firebenders?" I asked, believing what he was talking I was the enemy.

He said nothing, at that time the sun was low, and shadows stretched across the dusty streets. We walked a bit more and noticed that someone was inside one of the ruined house. We got off and went to check, as we go down the ostrich horses they started running and there was nothing to stop them.

"We're done," Sha-Un, obviously frightened, said.

To make matters worse, the house in which I thought I saw someone was completely empty, which I found very strange since I could have sworn by the king, I saw someone. There was nothing, we had to walk by that eerie place.

Although I hurried over, finally night came when we were still in the heart of that "charred city". Darkness over the place and houses were burned everything look darker. Sha-Un was restless and did not bother to speak, I saw him leaning forward, trying to distinguish what lay ahead.

Years of exploration in forgotten ruins had given me excellent night vision, but would rather not have it, because I started to notice things that he saw. Some, blackest darkness, human figures crossed in front of us, others were in front of houses and moved from one place to another, as someone anxious to explode.

I said nothing because it was obvious they were not people, and I feared that my partner kicked running. From his childhood he had heard stories and tales of evil spirits, as Koh, and in many states to flee them worse, not unless you can get away from the place of influence of the spirit, and we were in the midst of that city carbonized.

I bristled skin of these creatures that suddenly emerged from the darkness of a house and rushed toward us and trap us, but stopped at the last moment and stepped back into the darkness from which it came. The situation was unbearably terrifying!

Suddenly a light went on my side. Sha-Un was skillfully lit a torch. Then this noticed something, and extended the torch to the side, and he walked with a child with fully charred skin. At that time the grip and closer to me.

"Do not go running!" That's what I said. "They are everywhere."

Sha-Un also saw those spirits, and ran before I could stop him. I yelled but it was useless, and at the time I did one of them came up to me. Then I felt an almost uncontrollable urge to flee impulse, but luckily I did not, I just kept walking all night, by times I thought I had crossed to the Spirit World and I was lost in it, yet I continued without escape those spirits charred, probably of people who were killed by the ashtrays. Although I will come, just ignored them.

Sha-Un did not know nothing, I thought I had managed to flee, but at dawn I realized that my decision not to run was the best, poor Sha-Un was just off the city completely burned only his face was intact.

After burying him, I went as fast as I could in the area before dark. At this village you comment on what happened to the owner of the inn, he did not seem surprised. Just said, "You got lucky."

  • English: Well, I hope you liked it, please excuse the bad translation. The English is not my forte.
  • Español: Bueno, espero que les haya gustado, perdonen la mala traducción. El ingles no es mi fuerte.

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