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The Cave And The Wildfire
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The Runaway





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January 4th, 2011

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The Cave And The Wildfire is the second chapter of the fanon The Runaway.


The two prisoners continue their search for an exit when they realize what exactly happened to the Sandbenders. They also come in contact with an apparently mutual enemy, the Fire Nation.


Another explosion echoed through the massive cave. Two men of similar height sprinted across a long hallway, the taller one falling behind just a few steps and carrying a long metal staff. Both of them seemed to be rather lean and thin, the taller one was the skinnier of the two young men and neither of them radiated "power" or "intimidation" despite their weird appearances. The shorter one was taking the lead, carrying a jian on his back and a torch in his right hand, he lighted the path of the dark cave, which shook every ten minutes or so with a sound of a large explosion. "I wonder... eh, what's... eh... going on up there" the monk managed to state as they kept running, but the shorter man did not respond, but raised the torch higher trying to light the path further. For another moment or two, they ran in silence, until Taizo finally spoke, while trying to catch his breath at the same time.

"It's right... here!" as they turned a corner Taizo raised the torch even higher, this was supposed to be the exit, according to him, but it was just a massive pile of rocks. "What... no it can't be..." Taizo came closer; kick a few of the rocks aside. "Someone caved in the entrance!" he ran along the wall of rocks attempting to find some sort of exit "We're stuck!" Taizo exclaimed once again, turning to the monk and pulling the torch in closer to light both of their faces, so they could see each other in the dark cave. They locked eyes for a second.

"What now?" Myaku asked in a concerned tone, realizing that if they're stuck here, they'll die within hours. "This can't be the only exit!" the proposed.

"Let's hope not, I don't want to spend the last remaining hours of my life stuck with an airbender" Taizo stated, his voice filled with sarcasm and annoyance, though he seemed just as concerned about their exit situation. Taizo turned around to find another massive hallway "Up for another jog, baldy?" as the monk nodded to Taizo's question the two broke into another sprint, sprinting down another hallway and in about ten minutes, of running down a dark stone corridor, they were standing next to another massive pile of rocks.

"It's caved in... Look!" Taizo pointed to their right where a beam of light was visible, the two looked at each other and without another sound, began running towards the light and then boom another explosion echoed, this one was so close that the sound nearly ruptured their ear drums and from the shockwave, they both fell to the ground. Dust filled the air and the beam of light disappeared, descending the whole tunnel back into darkness. Someone had just caved in an exit.

"What's going on?!" Myaku demanded as he stood up, looking directly at the caved in exit. As the dust cleared, there seemed to be no one here, but as Taizo got up he could help but comment in a very obnoxious tone "Well obviously somebody is caving in the entrances..." Myaku glared at him, which was visible because of the torch that surrounded them with light.

"The second we get out of this cave, I'm ditching you soooo fast..." Taizo commented again as he looked around and saw another long tunnel "eh, let's go..." he ordered the monk and took the lead again, heading towards the dark tunnel. Myaku decided to ask something of Taizo "You mentioned that the sandbenders were planning to sell me to the Fire Nation?"

"The bounty on monks, you probably know that Sozin is offering a large amount of money to his soldiers, mercenaries and bounty hunters, essentially everyone who can kill a monk or bring him to the palace alive, I haven't even heard about a monk in like... five months" Taizo began in a began to digress in a very tired tone, as if he hated talking about it and it annoyed him to no end. Though the two kept walking Myaku was slowly falling back. His expression changed into a frown when the topic shifted about not seeing any monks around, he began to wonder, if he was the last one, if everyone else had been killed, he wondered he'll ever see anyone like him again. As the two continued to walk, they entered a large room which forked out two several other tunnels. The room itself was so large and filled with doors and boxes, that he assumed this was the main lobby, the center of the massive cave complex.

"This is..." Myaku began in awe as he took a step forward, but he wasn't given another chance to speak because Taizo's actions cut him off. "Look out!" Taizo shouted and jumped back, pushing Myaku onto the ground and falling there himself as several arrows fired over them and landed into the ground. This whole lobby had little lighting, the torches that once lit it were now put out and besides a few other torches and Taizo's, there was no light. It was hard to see what was going on. Taizo quickly jumped up, taking the torch which his left hand and drawing his jian from his back with his right. He took a battle stance, holding the blade at his side and getting ready for another attack. "Who's there!?" Taizo shouted as several soldiers came out. There were exactly ten of them, all of them had bows on their backs and swords, some of them were carrying spears and they were wearing red armor, Fire Nation armor.

"It's the Avatar!" one of the soldiers shouted "Get him!" another screamed and everyone drew their spears and swords, charging at Taizo and Myaku, who only now got up from the floor. A soldier waving a sword was the first one to get to Taizo, but he was the first one to fall, Taizo slammed the torch into the guys face, making him scream through the whole cave and then proceeded to stab him in the chest with his jian, before kicking his body back at the rest of the charging men. Taizo jumped back, nearly slamming into Myaku again. Taizo turned his head to the right and shouted.

"Get your head in the game, Avatar!" and before Myaku could say "I'm not the Avatar!" the soldiers were already a few steps away from them. One of the soldiers sent a jab with his spear, but Taizo turned his sword side ways and blocked, slicing the spear in half and the proceeding to decapitate the spearman. One soldier fell back, drawing a bow and arrow and aiming it at Myaku. The monk leaped up as the arrow came at him, dodging it with ease and kicking off the wall. As he kicked off, he went flying straight towards the archer and slammed him over the head with his metal staff. The archer fell to the floor and before Myaku could even react, someone sent a slash at his back. He leaped forward, falling onto the ground again and narrowly avoiding contact with the sword. As he turned his head back he saw the solder lifting up his weapon into the air and preparing to strike again, this time he reacted. Myaku kicked the sand from the ground directly into the guys face and as he screamed out of pain and confusion, Myaku spun on his back, striking the guys knees with his metal glider and making him fall to the ground. He got up immediately and slammed his staff into the guy's chest, making sure he was down. While this was happening, Taizo was locked in combat, dodging fighting five guys at once. A sixth attacked Myaku again sending a barrage of sword slashes at the monk.

He blocked a few of them, before sending a slam from his staff into the guys arm, forcing the sword to fly out of his hand and fly into the air. From there, Myaku simply beat the guy with his staff until he was down and ran to help Taizo, who was getting badly outnumbered. Taizo threw the torch at one of the men, who dodged it narrowly but didn't notice as his armor caught on fire. By the time he did finally notice, he was already in flames and screaming in pain. He began screaming and attempting to take the armor off, until it set fire to the whole lobby, killing the flaming soldier instantly. As the bonfire slowly began to engulf the lobby of sand, rocks, carpets, dead bodies, crates and vases, the four soldiers and the two rogues clashed. The soldiers were panicking, so was Myaku. Taizo however leaped off a crate, kicking one of the soldiers in the head and decapitating another as he landed. Though he didn't expect the guy who got kicked to remain conscious, Taizo turned to Myaku and as he did, he felt a sharp pain in his lower calve the guy had slashed into Taizo's leg, forcing him to fall to the ground. Myaku himself was fighting two soldiers, sending a helicopter like motion with his staff, the managed to slam one over the head and kick him into a hole of some sort, while the other kept charging at him.

Myaku heard Taizo groan in main and turned his gaze, but because of that, he received a powerful blow to the face and staggered backwards trying to regain his balance. He nearly fell into the fire before he flipped backwards and landed on his feet, at the same time kicking some sand up into the soldiers face. The soldier threw his weapon and grabbed his face, waddling into a fire he caught fire and began to scream and attempt to put himself out. Myaku turned to his partner, only to see him on the ground covering his face as the soldier was getting ready to send a stab downwards, killing him. Myaku threw his staff like a spear, instinctively, hitting the soldier over the head and knocking him out. He then ran up to Taizo to check on him.

"Are you alright?!" Myaku asked, trying to catch his break as the flames began to engulf more and more of the entire lobby.

"I'm fine, let's get out of here!" Myaku helped him up, but Taizo stated that he can walk just fine and after the rogue picked up his jian, the two sprinted towards the closest tunnel. As they ran down the tunnel, Myaku realized that Taizo was having trouble keeping up and the flames had created so much smoke it was hard to breathe, let alone see anything. As Taizo nearly fell backwards, Myaku grabbed his wrist and pulled him back, sending him forward with a push to help him get a running start. They exited into another large room, but the flames had already reached this area via various vents. It became increasingly harder to breathe here even more. Taizo began coughing, so did Myaku as they searched for possible exits, when suddenly another soldier in Fire Nation armor appeared, but this one was wearing a skull mask. "Firebender!" Taizo exclaimed, drawing his jian again and Myaku pointed his staff at the man. The soldier punched the air, sending a fireball towards them Taizo pushed Myaku aside and jumped to the other side himself, allowing the fireball to pass in between them. Taizo looked at Myaku, as if expecting him to do something, Myaku knew what he wanted, but ignored the request.

He got up and leaped forward towards the fire bender, gracefully dodging a couple of his fire blasts before coming close enough to slam him over the side of the head with his staff. The soldier fell to the dirt. The soldier didn't get knocked out though; he merely sent another blast of fire, forcing Myaku to jump backwards. "Airbend! JUST AIRBEND" Taizo screamed, but Myaku pretended he didn't hear his companion and swiped the soldier's feet with his staff as he got up, tumbling him back to the ground. Taizo got up from the ground, grabbing his jian and running towards the two other men. The soldier rolled back and got up, sending one of the sources of fire towards Taizo, forcing the rogue to fall to the ground again as the flame flew over him. Myaku sidestepped as the soldier sent a wave at him, attempting to hit him with his staff again. Myaku circled the soldier as he realized the fire was getting more intense and was about to swallow the entire room. The dark clouds of smoke made it hard to breathe and see and Myaku heard as Taizo was trying his best not to catch fire.

Taizo then screamed again "JUST AIRBEND ALREADY!!!" but Myaku sent a slam from above, attempting to hit the soldier over the head, he merely caught the tip of the staff and tightly grabbed it with both hands, since it was made from metal, the soldier quickly sent flames from his palms, heating the staff so much that it burned Myaku's palms, forcing him to release his grip over it. The soldier threw it aside and sent a fireball from his kick, which Myaku dodged by flipping sideways, but accidentally tripping to fall near Taizo. The soldier had trouble breathing here too, not to mention he had taken quite the beating, so he knew it needed to be ended right now. The quickly kicked the staff towards Myaku and it slammed right into him, the heat and force from the metal made him fall down again and the soldier quickly made a pushing motion downwards like he was pushing down something really heavy. The flames from the room fired from the sides directly to the two rogues and Taizo managed to shout one last time before his death "Just do it!" hearing those words, Myaku grabbed his staff and quickly spun it in the air like a helicopter and quickly created a bubble of air around them, blowing back some of the flames and making the rest just circle them. Then he increased the power of the bubble and it absorbed all the fire and smoke from the room, putting the flame out.

As the bubble stopped spinning, Myaku sent a punch into the air and a spiral of gust of wind hit the soldier, slamming him into a wall. Though the fire here was put out, all of the other rooms were still in flames and smoke was rushing in from everywhere, so it only became harder for them to breathe. The two men dashed into another tunnel, rushing through it with gusto before they found themselves exiting the cave into a rocky mountain like area, past which laid a massive desert. The sun was high in the sky and the heat was crazy. There was little wild life our fauna here, only a tree or two. Their exit was a small hole, Taizo crawled out first and Myaku followed him. Smoke was pouring out the hole and as the two got out; they stood up and ran a couple of meters, before they collapsed. Taizo had collapsed further by at least three feet. They both began gasping and breathing heavily. As they were still trying to catch their breath, Taizo laughed and Myaku slammed his own head into the ground.
Quarry campsite

The first thing they see

"Eh... eh... heh... hehehe... I hate monks..." Taizo commented before relaxing on the ground.


  • Taizo really dislikes Airbenders.


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