By The Snowbold Part of the The Journey of Tala continuity.

The Cave is a mysterious location near the Lair of the Firebending Masters. It holds a powerful presence.


Ran and Shaw's cave

The Lair of the Masters stands over this mysterious cave.

The Cave is near the Dragon's Lair. Past the steps to judgement is a little known path that leads to a cave. While the cave appears to be shallow, it feels deep and dark. Few know of its existence, even among the Sun Warriors.


After Rishu's unexplained episode of madness on the day of Sozin's Comet in 300 AG; his mother, Lya, took him to the Sun Warriors to begin his training. He was first taken to the cave. While in there Lya spoke with a powerful presence within, though what or who was only seen after he commanded Rishu to step forward.

It was here that Rishu first took the title, The Black Dragon, a persona he would use as he orchestrated a world war, starting in 319 AG. Rishu still looks on his arrival to the island as the day that forever changed his destiny, somewhat mournfully.


  • Rishu's family has been coming to this place to answer to their master for nearly two centuries.
  • No one but Rishu's family knows what exactly is in the cave, not even the Sun Warrior Chief.
  • Rishu's persona, The Black Dragon has something to do with this cave.

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