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The Captain is the leader of a military unit in the north-western Earth Kingdom. Members of his unit included Shenji, Luo, Cren, and Kuro.


The Captain was born into an Earth Kingdom village on the edge of the Si Wong dessert. He grew up poor, since his father left to go and fight in the War. He was determined to live his father's life and as soon as he was old enough, he enlisted in the army. His hard work ethic and determination to help his fellow troops allowed him to rise quickly in the ranks, eventually earning himself a commission. He was appointed to lead a unit in the Western Earth Kingdom, the same unit that Kuro was a part of.

A shot down plan

The Captain eventually orders his unit to raid a Fire Nation camp, which they do successfully. He brings his superiors his report, information containing plans to build up a small campsite into a might fortress. He recommends taking the camp now, but is overruled by higher officers. Shenji and Kuro eavesdropped on his meeting, and spread the word to his troops in an attempt to inspire the soldiers to want to follow the Captain. A debate begins before the Captain arrives and he orders the soldiers to stop thinking about the mission, since it won't happen. Later that night, the Captain's rejection prompts Kuro to consider desertion.

The Captain, in assigning guards for the night, makes sure to tell each soldier that no one is to be out, making Shenji and Kuro's pilferage attempt become more difficult. The next morning, after Luo and Cren were defeated, The Captain arrived as the last officer to interrogate the pair. He gave the two a way out, having discussed the pair's fate beforehand. He manipulated Cren into accepting the task for both soldiers, and allotted supplies for their success.


The Captain is the best Earthbender in his unit. His bending prowess has been mostly untapped, but he is capable of several master-level techniques. He frequently moves massive quantities of earth faster than other benders move smaller amounts. He is rumored to have once defeated a dozen Firebenders at a time, but he has not confirmed this rumor. He is shown to be able to accurately predict his opponent's attacks, using their own attacks to defeat his enemies.


The Captain is wise and benevolent. His leadership is not challenged by those under his command nor by those who he reports to. The Captain enjoys keeping command over his men, having refused promotion to higher ranks in order to maintain a bond with the men under him. He is quite intelligent, using his intellect to influence his men, as he did to Cren in order to convince him to go after Shenji and Kuro. His intelligence makes him a capable leader on the battlefield as well, allowing him to use his abilities effectively.

His men also praised him for his unique storytelling abilities, being able to lighten his men's mood after a battle with a tale about something in years past.


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