The Southern Water Tribe
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Second Cold Shiver

Wednesday evening

This was a bad fucking idea.

Asami was nervously pacing up and down her hotel room. What the fuck were you thinking? Were you even thinking at all? Not that it mattered so much, the damage had already been done. Right, as soon as she gets here, you are going to tell her to go home. That's it. That's the best way to handle this mess you have gotten yourself in.

Someone knocked on the door a couple of times, and Asami was yanked back into reality.


Three days earlier, Monday evening

The plane circled the airport a few times, as they had to wait to land. Waiting was not really Asami's style, but at least it gave her a good opportunity to take a close look at Ushuaia, the capital of the Southern Water Tribe. There was the lighthouse on an artificial island, which was quite an accomplishment, in her not-so-humble engineering opinion. Ushuaia was bigger than she had expected, but then again, she didn't really know what to expect. She had been forced to go here by her board of directors, because otherwise, no way in hell would she be here. Asami hated the cold. She was used to the warm, temperate climate of Republic City, and she already thought the winters there could get quite cold.

But when she looked out the window here, her hopes didn't exactly skyrocket. Behind the city lay a tall mountain range, and every building in the city had snow on it. And it wasn't like a nice, crisp, thin white layer, no, it was three fucking feet at minimum.

"Miss Sato, we're about to get clearance from the tower," the pilot called out from the cockpit. "There are only two planes left in the queue in front of us, so if you still want to get changed, I recommend you do that now. It's minus 18 degrees Celsius on the ground, or quite brisk as we call it here in the south." She leaned out from her seat and saw him just high-fiving the co-pilot. The pilot was from the south, the co-pilot from the north. Well goodie, he is so fired.

Why did they have to force me to come down here in winter? Bastards. Asami sighed and got up, walking towards the back to put on her pair of thermo-pants that she had bought for this trip. Even though she knew there would be a car waiting for her on the ground, it was still going to be unpleasant. She was planning to be down here for two weeks, signing contracts, making sure that once the winter was over, Future Industries would jump right on top of things in the Southern Water Tribe.

It would mean good contracts for the company, but also that Asami would be pretty much the last one to fly out of the Southern Water Tribe that year. Winter here meant permanent darkness, not to mention lots and lots of snow.

"We are go for touchdown, so please fasten your seatbelts, it promises to be bad."

Asami got back in her seat, doing as the pilot instructed her. Once they were on the ground, had rolled into the hangar, and the business woman had put on every conceivable article of clothing there was, the door opened and the stairs folded out.




Minus 18 sounded cold on paper, but it was cold as hell for Asami. She was wearing said thermo-pants under her thick legging, a woolen skirt, duck-down feathered trench coat, isolated snow boots, extra thick gloves, fox-fur scarf, (shame for the animal, but at least her neck would be warm. Or so she thought.) and warm woolen hat, yet it was freezing cold. And she would have to spend two weeks here?! This is not fair. I am going to have a very long discussion with my board when I get back.

Once the engines started to die down, a woman came walking up to her. She was warmly dressed, sure, but it would be how Asami would go out on a cold winter's day in Republic City, minus five at most. "Miss Sato, welcome to Ushuaia! I am Zhu Li Moon, Mr. Varrick sent me to take you to your hotel!" she yelled over the dying roar of the engines.

"Most kind of him, and nice to meet you. Do you have a car around here? It is... quite brisk, as my pilot put it."

Zhu Li smiled. "Yes, it's right over there." She pointed to the corner of the hangar, where Asami saw parked, in order, a Rolls-Royce Phantom, a Bentley Mulsanne, a Maybach 62, an Audi Q7, and a battered old Toyota Land Cruiser. "Put the bags in the Land Cruiser," Zhu Li told the pilots, who came around with Asami's luggage.

"The Land Cruiser?" the business woman asked, not expecting to be transported in a car of which the percentage of rust covering the bodywork could be counted in the double digits. Varrick might want to rethink his strategies if he wants to impress his business partners.

"Yes, the Land Cruiser," was Zhu Li's simple answer. "The rest of the cars might be more comfortable on paper, but we had five foot of fresh snow this morning, and the roads are pretty much impassable for anything that doesn't have off-road tires. The crew spent all morning sweeping the runway, and the planes are now finally able to land. Why do you think there was such a long queue to land your plane?"

Asami sighed. Typical. "Alright then, I guess I will follow your lead."

Zhu Li walked all of them over to the jeep, where they all got in, the southerner getting behind the wheel. By the time they had left the airport, Asami was already glad they had taken the Land Cruiser, because Zhu Li wasn't kidding when she said, "five feet of snow." There were massive snowbanks on either side of the road, and even with their high-profile tires, four wheel drive, and low range gearbox, the going was slow.

Fortunately, things got better when they got to the city proper. It was slightly warmer there, and the roads were actually drivable again, which was nice. They soon arrived at the Plaza Hotel, where the company had booked her the biggest suite there was.

"Right, here we are Miss Sato," Zhu Li said. "I will pick you up again tomorrow morning and take you to your meeting with Varrick. Does that sound good?"

"That sounds fine. See you tomorrow." Asami nodded, and while the hotel staff took care of her luggage, she checked in. Once she had, she went up to her room, deciding she would try and rid herself of her jetlag by catching an early night sleep.


Even though it hadn't come easy, Asami managed to sleep through the night. First of all, it was cold. She was cold when she went to bed, she was cold when she was in bed, and she was cold when she came out of bed again. Promising.

The Sato woman took her time preparing herself, making sure she would make a lasting impression on Varrick. He was the one who invited her here. She had decided to use her thermos-pants again, only this time she would cover them with more pants instead of a legging. If fit better over her outdoor boots, which weren't the prettiest shoes in the world, but who cares. Another two feet of snow had fallen that night, and if she could trust the weather bimbo, it wasn't going to let up any time soon.

She had heard the rumors about Varrick, that he was brash-but-brilliant, a true eccentric billionaire. As it turned out, the rumors were far understated. He had no idea about conventional business, and within two hours, she had managed to secure the shipping contract her board had been banging on about for weeks.

'That is the key part,' they said. 'It must be done right,' they said. 'It won't be easy, he'll drive a hard bargain,' they said. Turns out, it was the easiest multi-million yuan deal Asami had ever made. Her board had prepared a contract, and Varrick hardly took any persuading before he signed it.

But this also left Asami with a problem: namely what to do. It was still fucking freezing, and her day had hardly even started. She managed to stretch the meeting long enough to grab some lunch with Varrick, but then he was off to do other things, leaving Asami alone.

She spent her afternoon in her suite, pretending to do some work, but in reality, she was bored out of her mind, and tomorrow was promising to be worse. The Sato could hardly leave her room without freezing her fingers off, let alone her hotel. Asami ate dinner there, and tried to get another night of sleep, but this time around, didn't have the jetlag to help her sleep. Try as she might, sleep was not coming to her tonight.

It wasn't really meant to be.

Even though her room had of course been preheated, Asami was still cold. There was just a feeling in the room that made Asami feel uncomfortable. It was probably that she was alone, now more than ever. She had been on her own for years, but she was never truly alone. But here? She was on the far side of the planet, where the only people she dealt with were business partners. She didn't know anyone, didn't have anything to do, and so far, was stuck in this room.

She was so sick and tired of being cold all the time, even under the blankets and pelts with the heater turned up. But if she was being totally honest, she was just sick of a lack of other people to have contact with. Deciding something needed to be done about that, she got herself dressed again, and ventured down to the bar.

Asami ordered herself a double scotch (no ice, she was cold enough as is) and sat down next to the fireplace, flicking through her phone, looking to see if anything interesting happened back home. This was a bit better, because between the fire at her side and the alcohol coursing through her, at least she wasn't freezing her toes off. It's the little things that count. Despite not being cold anymore, she was still bored to death. Whenever she didn't know what to do, she checked the news, but by now, had resorted to reading the celebrity gossip section in order to just keep herself occupied.

After three more scotches, she was feeling completely light headed, and decided to try her bed again before she was too wasted to get back on her own.


Ugh... Why did you have to down half a bottle of scotch last night... Fucking hangovers... One of the downsides of passing the age of 25 is that hangovers get incrementally more intense, was what she found out. Now that she was 28, there was no stretching it out anymore.

Asami willed herself out of bed and into the shower, determined to make herself at least presentable for the tour of the factory she was going to expand. Part of the reason she had flown down here was to check it out, and seal the deal. Most of the negotiations had already been done, but this was actually one of the things Asami insisted on doing: checking out large-scale projects like this one. If all went well, Future Industries would build the new factory, and in return, the factory would build their orders using Asami's technology.

This time around, she wasn't picked up in the old as hell Toyota Land Cruiser, but instead in a Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6x6. It was probably the most ostentatious car Asami had ever seen, but hey, it beat a bouncy rust bucket. The one thing she could at least say about it was that whoever bought this, obviously had a cavalier disregard of cost. They had probably stoked through about 20 liters of fuel by the time they reached the factory.

The tour of the factory was rather interesting. Or at least, it would have been, if the man showing her around didn't have a voice so bland and monotonous that she had trouble focusing. They made airplanes, and they wanted to expand, creating more room to build not only small aircraft, but also the somewhat bigger projects like private jets. It was going to be a nice build for Future Industries, especially given that airplanes were the only way in and out of the South Pole, or even just to travel between towns. Ice was treacherous, even in summer, and with a better and faster mode of transport available, a lot of people found it a sound investment.

"Well Miss Sato, what do you think?" the man asked.

Asami was jolted from her thoughts, and looked over. "Well, you are ambitious, but if you spin this right, you could very well be on to something. I think this could be a profitable enterprise for the both of us."

"Then I think we have a deal," he said, holding out his hand. Asami shook it, "Pleasure doing business," she said. She wanted to say Mr., but caught herself just in time, because for the life of her, she couldn't remember his name. It wasn't that the businesswoman was bad with names, but this man was a bit... Let's keep it polite here and say 'tedious', shall we?

She returned to her hotel, hoping to not spending another night in the freezing cold. There had to be something, anything to keep her warm. During a bit of mindless flicking over the internet, something suddenly caught her eye. It was one of those adverts that you see everywhere, the "sexy singles in your area"-bullshit ones, that were always just a way to get hold of your credit card details. She would have ignored it, if it hadn't given her an idea.

I wonder... She switched to the Anonymous Modus of her browser, as she rather wouldn't have her board of directors finding out that she was using her work tablet and phone to look for *ahem* company. As it turned out, the search query 'callgirl Ushuaia' delivered more than a few results. She randomly clicked on one, Wushu's Escort Service. This is a stupid idea. Why the hell would you want a callgirl? They are for sex, not for cuddling. Asami sighed, and shut her iPad off again, placing it on the table next to her. She tried wrapping herself up in her blanket to feel a bit warmer, once again miserably failing.

It's a dumb idea, probably one of the dumbest you had so far, including the time you decided to track-test that new prototype which ended up nearly costing you your life. Asami snickered when she thought back about that day. She was insisting on testing the car herself, but forgot to check the way it was put together: they had used the axel-mounts from a little family hatchback to hold the same parts in place on a 600-horsepower race monster. Naturally, it ended in a disaster, but she was wearing a helmet, her five-point safety harness, and was in a good roll cage, so the biggest injury was that she had to fire six engineers in one go.

A cold shiver ran down her spine, and it brought her back to the problem at hand. She had come to terms with her sexual orientation years ago, and while she didn't flaunt it everywhere she went, it wasn't exactly her deepest, darkest secret. Still, there was a vast, yawning chasm between preferring women over men, and actually paying one to come over and have sex with her. Or spend the night cuddling, at the very least.

-But you are cold as a fucking popsicle, not to mention that your toes are turning into them. Asami sighed again, and picked her iPad back up. The same page was still showing, the phone number prominently displayed on the top of the page. On the other hand... It's been months since you last got laid, and that is not right. There are worse things than doing this. No one knows you down here. She clicked through a few pages, raising an eyebrow at the pictures displayed. But for 500 yuans, I think I should be able to persuade one to stay the night and cuddle.

She shook the thought from her head. What the fuck is your problem?! You're a respectable businesswoman, you don't go to the whores!

-But you wouldn't be going to them, they'd be coming to you.

That's a technicality!

-You are an engineer, you embrace technicality.

Shut up, you're not helping!

Asami groaned and fell back into her chair, and shivered again when she felt the cold leather on her neck. That's it, you're calling them. She unlocked her phone, rapidly typing in the number displayed on her tablet.

"Wushu's Escort Service," a man on the far end of the line said, though in a surprisingly cheery tone, considering his business.

"Umm... Hello, I was wondering if..." Asami hesitated, not sure how to continue. Does she just 'order' a girl, like it's a pair of sunglasses over Amazon?

Wushu cut her off, though. "You were wondering if we also send guys over?"

"No, I... No, I'm into women," she continued, trying to sound more determined than she actually was.

The man just laughed. "Well, nothing to worry about, it's a more or less free country here. Did you have a specific girl in mind for tonight?"

"Not really, but... would it be possible for her to... you know, stay the night?"

Asami swore he was snickering on the other end of the line, but was keeping up his composure. At least, he sounded like it. "I got just the girl for you. Sexy as hell, and she can stay there 'till morning. Where do you want me to send her?"

"The Plaza. Room 1206."

"Say no more. I'll send her on her way, and she should be there in half an hour."

"Okay, umm... Thank you, I guess." Okay, that guy is having the night of a lifetime, by the sound of things. D'oh well. It's not the first time you made a fool of yourself, and it probably won't even be the last time tonight.

Fast forward half an hour

This was a bad fucking idea.

Asami was nervously pacing up and down her hotel room. What the fuck were you thinking? Were you even thinking at all? Not that it mattered so much, the damage had already been done. Right, as soon as she gets here, you are going to tell her to go home. That's it. That's the best way to handle this mess you have gotten yourself in.

Someone knocked on the door a couple of times, and Asami was yanked back into reality.


She took a deep breath, and opened the door.

Oh, wow, he wasn't kidding.

The girl, or woman, if we're honest, and hopefully not doing anything illegal, in front of her was gorgeous. Asami was met with a pair of ice-blue eyes, tanned skin, and a stylish short bob haircut. She was wearing a short skirt and stockings, naturally, and was walking around on a pair of high heels in the snow. Speaking as someone who pretty much learned to walk in high heels, that's impressive. Her blue tank top didn't do anything to conceal a cleavage deep enough to hold up a Christmas tree, which was also richly adorned with a tattoo in the shape of an ornate locked heart. She couldn't even see all of it, as parts of it were covered by the fabric, kind of to Asami's disappointment. To keep the outside world from noticing, she had a coat with her, that she had already wrapped over her arms, which were folded in front of her. Her very muscular, tattooed arms, the businesswoman thought, noticing the band on her right upper arm and the full sleeve with what Asami assumed to be the four ancient elements on her left, because her forearms were covered with blue armbands, one on either arm. There was also a string of Chinese characters on her left hand. To even out the picture, she had four earrings in her right ear, while she only had one in her left.

"Evening," the girl said, raising a cocky eyebrow. "I take it you were the one who called Wushu?" Asami was too dazed to say anything, so she just nodded and stepped aside, letting the woman in. She took a look around, shaking her head. "Nope, hasn't changed a thing since I last came here. They should really consider redecorating every once in a while, don't you think?"

"I... It's fine, I suppose?" Asami said, not used to dealing with people so forward. Though to be fair, it was a nice change of pace. Most people she dealt with always tip-toed around her, trying their utmost not to get on her bad side, usually because they want something from her. Not this one.

"What's your name, sweetheart? Wushu didn't tell me who I was visiting."

The businesswoman snickered. "I'm Asami," she said, hoping she wouldn't recognize her by her last name. She nodded, so Asami just took it she didn't. "What's your name?"

"Sapphire," she said, not even batting an eyelash.

"I asked for your name, not your birthstone," the businesswoman replied, mildly annoyed. She hated it when people concealed who they truly were, and since Asami was putting her cards down on the table, she figured that the callgirl should too.

This took her out of it a little bit. Her hard, confident shell cracked, Asami could just see it. "Korra," she hesitatingly said.

Asami approvingly nodded. "That's more like it." Korra. Hmm. Has a nice ring to it.

Korra casually threw her jacket and bag into a chair next to the bed, giving Asami a quick glance at her back. In her neck, she could see the top of another tattoo, only this one was a blue tribal design of sorts. Wouldn't it be interesting to find out what? Even though she would never admit it out loud, Asami had always had a thing for girls with tattoos.

But then there was the flip side. Here she was, on the far side of the planet, ogling a girl she was paying to be here. This is not you. She felt kind of bad for her.

"You've got it all figured out, haven't you?" Korra asked, of course unaware of these thoughts running rampant through Asami's mind and walked back to the businesswoman, putting a sexy sway in her step. Oh snap. It sent a small burst of heat coming from her core. The callgirl reached out to Asami, putting her hands on her hips and gently pulling her close.

Suddenly, Asami felt much more nervous about this than she had ten minutes earlier and nudged Korra away. "Okay, I've changed my mind, I think you should go. I'll pay you for the effort, but..."

Korra cut her off. "Hey, that's really not necessary. Discretion is rule number one in my line of work, no need to worry." She eyed Asami up carefully. "Besides, you wouldn't have called me over if it wasn't for a reason. So spill it."

Asami shot her a quizzical look, not sure what she was really implying.

"Let me explain: I'm no stranger to requests, but they usually vary from 'dress up in this or that outfit' to 'bring a bottle of champagne and a strap-on'. People rarely ask me to stay the night. So what's really going on?"

The businesswoman sighed. "I just... I'm not from around here, and I'm tired of being cold all the time. That's why I called, and that's why I asked for you to stay the night."

This brought a slight smile to Korra's face. "Cold, you say? 'Cause I think you're pretty hot," she smirked. Asami felt herself flush, knowing that she was probably beet-red by now. It only served to widen the smile on the callgirl's lips. She took Asami by the shoulders this time and subtly let her hand trace over her chest, undoing the top button of her vest. "But don't worry, I know a few ways to warm you up..." she whispered seductively, sliding her hand down Asami's abdomen to the second button. The vest slid off her shoulders with ease over the silk blouse, and Korra took this as an invitation to start playing with the buttons on that as well.

Even though Asami had her doubts about Korra doing this, the callgirl leaned in, catching her lips with her own, and boy was it nice. She seemed to know exactly what she liked and how she liked it. Asami felt Korra's warm hand cup her cheek, and the already hot lips sent a surge of heat through her body. Her resolve melted away, and the businesswoman parted her lips slightly, granting Korra access, which she greedily took.

Her hot, wet tongue made Asami feel like a teenager again, kissing the daughter of her father's coworker in his office. It was almost like that first kiss all over again, only now with a perfect stranger who she was paying an absurd amount of money to be here.

However, this didn't deter Korra, who promptly moved down to the second button, undoing it, revealing the white tank top underneath. After that, everything took a turn for the fast. Korra pulled her blouse over Asami's head, quickly discarding it and proceeded to do the same for her own tank top. When the callgirl gave her a shove so that she stumbled backwards onto the bed, it gave the businesswoman a good look at Korra's body, which was pretty much the definition of the phrase 'a sight to behold'.

First off, the abs. Jesus Christ on a sandwich, those abs. Korra was fit in every sense of the word, and her abs were the ultimate proof of that. Not only that, but the newly exposed skin also gave way to more tattoos, namely on the underside of her chest, in the form of a flowerbed for the locked heart, and two Colt .45's which were placed on the front of her hips, giving the illusion of being tucked into her waistband. Damn. She definitely comes prepared. To top it all off, she also had her belly button pierced, with a small sapphire in the button itself. The businesswoman sighed at the realization. Christ in heaven, if that's not the pinnacle of confidence, I don't know what is.

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