Second Cold Shiver
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December 27, 2015

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For the first time since she arrived in the Southern Water Tribe, Asami wasn't freezing. Instead, she woke up wrapped securely in a pair of tanned arms, pulling her tightly against a warm body. Next time, tell common sense to go fuck itself. This is great. The businesswoman took a deep breath and tried not to disturb her stove.

She realized she was pretty much unable to move, as Korra did a great job last night. 500 yuans might be a lot of money for a night of company, but most certainly worth it in this case.

The callgirl stirred in her sleep too. She let out a soft yet very un-ladylike snore, which made Asami giggle. "Good morning," the business woman opened.

"Morning," Korra groggily replied, pressing a soft kiss on Asami's neck. She contently shut her eyes again, exceedingly comfortable as the little spoon in the callgirl's strong arms. Closing her eyes one more time was something Asami pretty much hadn't done since she was a college student. Being CEO meant she had to get up every morning bright and early, if not for meetings, then it was because she had some sort of contract to sign or something like that. This time however, was different. Her board would take care of the contracts for now, and her first meeting wasn't until eleven.

But Korra just had to ruin the moment. "Mind if I use your shower?" she asked, her voice completely innocent, ironically enough, given her profession.

"Sure, go nuts," Asami dryly answered, understanding her reasoning, but also slightly bummed that her stove would be getting up. She understood, though. Not everyone has the luxury of sleeping in.

The callgirl let her go, wriggled her arm free, and this was Asami's cue to roll over as well. Korra walked stark naked through the room, not even bothering to throw on a robe or something, giving the businesswoman a perfect view of her richly tattooed back. The tattoo was massive, running all the way from her neck down to her buttcheeks. The best Asami could make of it was a blue tribal design, with something that remarkably resembled a diamond-shaped eye in the middle.

Her perfect view was sadly spoiled when Korra closed the door of the bathroom, so Asami let out a loud sigh and rolled onto her back, slowly feeling the cold creep over her again. She huddled up all the blankets and reached over to the hotel phone, calling room service, ordering pretty much everything they served for breakfast.

Korra came out of the shower again at just the right time: room service had just left a trolley with breakfast essentials in front of her.

"Great timing. Want some breakfast?" Asami asked, as innocently as possible, trying to cover up the fact that Korra made her breathing hitch by walking out of the bathroom, wrapped only in a towel, and yet she still wore those damn armbands.

The callgirl raised a cocky eyebrow. "That's not exactly standard practice, and it won't get anything off the price."

Asami laughed. "Are you kidding me? I call you over to the Presidential Suite of The Plaza, and you think I have to worry about cost?"

The callgirl's smirk grew. "Alright, you're on." She sat down on the foot of the bed next to Asami and pulled the cart a little closer to her. The businesswoman felt strangely comforted by having someone to share breakfast with for the first time in quite a while.

"So..." Asami opened, not quite sure what to make mealtime small talk over with a perfect stranger. "What are your plans for the day?"

"You know you don't have to fill the time with awkward talk, right?" she asked and started munching down on a croissant with jam.

The simple reminder made her smile. "I suppose..." She sighed. "I guess it's just something I always try to do: make small talk until an actually interesting topic pops up."

Korra nearly choked on her croissant when a gush of laughter escaped her. "Asami, you're a businesswoman, and I'm a hooker. I highly doubt we have a lot of mutual interests."

Well, you can at least think of one thing. Asami sighed. "Alright, then let me start simple: what is the tattoo on you back? It's gotta mean something if you cover your entire back with it."

It got the callgirl smiling. "Very good. It's Raava, a deity from Southern mythology. She is the Spirit of Light, guiding people through dark times. I wasn't very religious before, but then..." She hesitated, and Asami saw another crack appear in her confident shell. "Then everything changed for me, and she appeared to me. It was one of the most important moments of my life, and that's why I decided to make her a permanent part of me."

The businesswoman was torn. Part of her was extremely curious about what had happened to Korra, but common sense told her not to ask about it. It had obviously been a traumatic experience, and it wasn't her place to ask about it. They didn't know each other, and she still owed the callgirl 500 yuans for her company. That's kind of depressing. The first person you genuinely like and you owe her a preposterous sum of money.

Korra stood up and quickly gathered her clothes. She dropped the towel again, throwing another glance over her shoulder before disappearing into the bathroom to get dressed, giving the businesswoman one last view of the massive tattoo on the gorgeously muscled and tanned back. Now that's what I call service. The callgirl's shell was back in place. Asami sighed again, before walking over to her purse to so that she could grab the money she needed.

When Korra had put on her coat again, Asami felt a pang of sadness go through her. It was a weird feeling, considering that she only hired her for the night, and that she would probably never see her again. Still, it was so... comfortable to have someone around to hold her, and to keep her warm in the South Pole's brutal winter. The businesswoman handed Korra her fee, plus a generous tip. "Thanks, Korra. It was really nice having you around."

She took the money and smiled. "Well, just doing the job you paid me for. Take care, Asami," she said, and with that, she walked off. Asami stared after her until she had to make the corner to the elevators, and then went back into her once again empty room. She decided to take a hot shower, prepare her for the rest of the day.

Once she was fully dressed up, Zhu Li and Varrick came by to pick her up again, because they would try and organize a three-way co-venture with the City of Usuhaia. This time though, they weren't in his old Land Cruiser, but in a Range Rover, and judging by the interior, it was the top-of-the-range model. They drove down to City Hall, where Asami and Varrick would make an attempt at getting the city to allow them to build a new shipyard. It would allow Varrick to build ships for his company close to home, and it would give Asami another big project.

"So, you seem very relaxed," Varrick opened. "If I didn't know any better, and I don't, I'd say you got laid."

A massive surge of heat raced over Asami's face, and she didn't need a mirror to realize that she was probably red as a tomato. Dammit past me, why didn't you wear more make-up today? "I, uhh..." she stammered, most certainly not prepared to deal with the issue, at least not this bluntly.

"Nah, you worry too much, it's perfectly normal," Varrick continued. "So tell me, who's the lucky guy?"

Asami was still stammering trying to get over the fact that Varrick was asking her this so bluntly. "It-emm... It wasn't... really a guy..."

It made Varrick laugh hard. "Really? You're batting for the other team? Who knew?!"

Mostly embarrassed, Asami looked down and nodded, hoping that her make-up would help cover up most of the furious blush racing across her face.

He clapped her on the back, unable to hide a massive grin under his thin mustache, clearly finding this whole thing hugely entertaining. "Kid, there's nothing to worry about, this is mostly a free country anyway." Varrick suddenly turned away, a disapproving scowl appearing on his face. "Wouldn't hurt of the chief didn't know about this, but we'll just have to keep this under wraps for a few more hours. Anyway!" he continued, back on his loud and excited tone. "We are going to make some huge waves over at the Palace, trust me on that. Just let me do the introduction, and they'll be eating out of your hand!"

You'd rather have someone else eating you out. Pictures of the gorgeously tattooed and muscled back flashed through Asami's mind, but she quickly shooed those thoughts away, and forced herself to focus on her upcoming meeting. It did have her slightly worried, though. Why was Korra still on her mind, even now that she was back into her 'CEO Sato'-mode?

She decided to dismiss the idea in its entirety, as they were coming up to the Southern Water Tribe's Governmental Palace. This is where Asami and Varrick would try and get permission for their shipyard, which shouldn't be very hard. If all went according to plan, it should mean a healthy influx of new job openings, and that would be something the Southern Water Tribe sorely needed. They arrived at the Palace, where Varrick and Asami were led inside, fortunately only having to take a few steps through the bitter cold of the Southern winter. When they came up to the office of the Chief, the businesswoman couldn't help but feel a little bit nervous. This, second only to the contract she signed with Varrick, was pretty much the biggest deal she could make here during her visit to the South Pole.

Once inside, Asami saw that the Chief of the Tribe was a rather slender man, looking a lot older than she knew him to be. His long hair already had quite a few streaks of gray pulling through it, which definitely didn't help that. She didn't really know what it was, but there was something about this man she didn't trust, as there was just an air of discomfort hanging in the room. "Unalaq Amarok," he said, holding out a slender hand.

"Asami Sato," she replied, trying not to flinch as his handshake was flimsy and clammy.

The discussion turned out to be tougher than she thought. She had early plans from her R&D and planning departments, but the chief wanted to see more than that before he would consider selling large swaths of land on the coast, especially since they could only sail out during the summer months.

In the end though, he did agree to a reasonable price, and they could do the rest of the paperwork at a later time. A look at her watch revealed that it was nearly five in the afternoon.

"What do you say, kid? Want to grab some dinner with me later on?" Varrick asked her once they pulled up to the hotel again.

Oh fuck no, you can't take any more of this guy for today. "No thank you, I appreciate the offer, but I'm just going in for an early night today," the business replied, trying to keep the disdain out of her voice as much as she could.

"That's alright. Guess I'll see you later!" With that, he sped off again, leaving Asami alone again. When she came back up to her room, there was a small pang of disappointment going through her at the realization that it was empty again. She sighed, and threw her surprisingly heavy bag stuffed with all sorts of contracts and documents in a chair, before letting herself fall onto her bed, sighing loudly before kicking her mighty uncomfortable heels off.

-Why do you even wear those stupid things? You have a million pair of heels that don't kill your feet after three hours, and you choose to wear those!

But they look so nice!

-Oh, just be practical for once.

Shut up, they did help in setting up a deal where the profits have eight zeros.

Since it was still early, Asami decided not to go down for dinner just yet, and instead treated herself to a hot bath. She undressed herself in the bathroom while the tub was filling up, and smiled as she saw the faint traces of a hickey on her collarbone, left there by Korra. It was also when she realized that she hadn't been cold all day long. Who would have known, calling in a hooker actually worked.

Reaffirming to herself that, against all odds and what she would have said last night, she made the right decision, Asami contently smiled, and cautiously stepped into the bathtub. It was slightly on the hot side, but that was kind of the way she liked it. Her lineage led back the Fire Nation, which might explain her fondness of all things warm. Feeling the hot water on her skin was massively relaxing, and it didn't take long for Asami to let herself slip into something of a content nap.

It took quite a while before she woke up again, because whereas it was only dusk when she went into the bath, it was well and truly dark when she woke up again. A quick glance of the clock confirmed this, as well as the skin of her fingers, which looked like it could be peeled off with no effort whatsoever.

A cold shiver ran over Asami's spine when she stepped out of the bathtub again, so she made quick work of drying and dressing, before she ventured down to the restaurant to have some dinner.

It was boring as hell. Having dinner by yourself is passable if you have something passive to do, like read a contract or watch some Netflix, but neither one was an option in a three-star restaurant. In all honesty, you'd prefer the croissant dressed in a bathrobe sitting across from Korra.

Her mind briefly shut down for a moment.

What. The. Fuck. You did not just think that.

-What? At least she was nice.

Because she was a hooker you paid a ridiculous sum of money, you fucking idiot!

Asami sighed. That was the second time today Korra popped into her mind, which was not a good sign. All of a sudden, she also wasn't feeling very hungry anymore, despite the fact that she still had a side dish and dessert left. She asked the waiter if she could skip the former, and instead went straight to the warm chocolate cake with liquid chocolate center.

The businesswoman dragged herself back to the elevator and into her suite, where she felt another cold shiver go down her spine. She was alone again, and hated every second of it. Asami changed out of her day clothes and into her extra warm pajamas, before crawling under multiple layers of blankets, and popped the TV on. It was on the sports channel, and of course, they were playing ice hockey.

Her timing also couldn't have been better, as one player was lying on his stomach, and another put his skates sideways to avoid hitting him head on, sending a flurry of ice into his face and collar. Asami rolled her eyes. What the fuck were you expecting them to play, beach volleyball?

She sighed and changed the channel, where a movie was playing. It took her a while to realize, but it was Inception, and she dropped in near the end. "Couldn't someone have dreamt up a goddamn beach?!" Fischer yelled, as he was half-buried by an avalanche. Are you kidding me?

Next channel was playing Top Gear. And la tee freakin' daa, it was the Arctic Special. Oh for fuck's sake.

The businesswoman decided to give the TV one more chance, but everything seemed to conspire against her at the moment. It was playing Frozen Planet, normally a gorgeous nature documentary, but now, it only worked on her nerves. I must have pissed off a god or two, because this is bordering the ridiculous. Asami sighed, and shut off the TV again, rolling over in her bed to see if she could try to catch an early night sleep.

But try as she might, she missed the relaxing feel of the strong, tanned arms around her, and the warm body pressed up behind her... God. Fucking. Dammit. Three times in one day. This isn't good for you, so knock it off. She sighed again, as it was promising to be another long night.


Asami woke up with a shiver, as a cold breeze ran down her back. A bed the size of a fucking football field, and you still sleep at the very edge of the blanket. It was an old habit Asami had been unable to shake: she tended to work her way to the side of the bed during the night, and sometimes she would end up with her back exposed to the cold air of the room around her. 'Cold' applying all the more here in the Southern Water Tribe.

Damn, I wish Korra was here. Asami resolutely closed her eyes again, desperately willing herself to forget she had ever thought that.

She was only moderately successful with that, as that damningly handsome smirk appeared in her thoughts again. Okay, maybe not even moderately successful. Thankfully, her phone started ringing, finally pulling her thoughts away from the callgirl.

"Miss Sato, I'm very sorry to disturb you so early, but I'm afraid it's urgent." It was one of her board members, and he did sound serious.

"Don't worry about it Kao, I needed the distraction anyway. What is it?"

He spent the best part of the next hour trying to explain that one of the production lines of cars had fallen out because one of the chief maintenance engineers had been filling his own pockets instead of fixing the assembly line. Asami patiently listened, happy that her thoughts weren't constantly drifting off to the callgirl.

"I assume you already fired him and pressed charges for embezzlement and fraud?" She asked when Kao was finally done talking.

"Of course we did, but there is only so much I can do on such a short notice, especially without you here."

Asami pinched the bridge of her nose. I wouldn't be here if it hadn't been for you, asshole. She repressed the bitter thought, and instead tried to give constructive advice. "Alright, here's what you're going to do. I want you to send the workers of that line home for the day, paid leave of course. There is a small stash of company funds I keep locked away precisely for contingencies like these. You make the necessary calls, and do whatever it is you need to get that line back up, you hear me?"

Kao thought for a moment. Either that, or he was just too stunned to reply. "Did you say paid leave?"

"Yes I did, I will not have my workers pay for the mistakes of someone else. I want the maintenance crew to have all the room they need, and if the workers aren't going to do anything but sit around and drink coffee, they might as well go home. Now I'm still in my nightwear, so you get started, while I get ready for the day, and I'll call you back in an hour for an update. You can send any bills that need to be paid immediately to me, I'll take care of them for now from the stash I just told you about."

He sighed very audibly. "Alright. I better get to it then." With that, Kao hung up. Greedy fucker. This was exactly why Asami didn't like him, or most of her board, come to think of it. Most of them were worth figures with seven zeros, if not more. The businesswoman insisted on paying over minimum wage, taking care of healthcare, dental, and retirement benefits. The board didn't seem to realize that it was not only for the good of their employees, but also a lot of good PR. Future Industries was often mentioned as a sort of model company, structured like how other companies should aspire to be. If they would cut the wages and benefits, they would have to spend triple the savings on avoiding a PR disaster.

Asami quickly dressed herself, and started making phone calls to various people, some of whom needed a good earful, some of whom just needed a few words of encouragement. She also called her secretary, telling her to cancel everything. The bills for advances of technicians and delivery companies started to trickle in, and she broke into the emergency fund, just like she said she would.

After a while though, the numbers she saw pass in front of her, were starting to worry her. Christ, this is going to be expensive. Her phone calls started to become more frantic, shorter, snappier, and Asami ultimately caught herself lashing out at a different board member.

She threw the phone down on her bed, trying to take a moment for herself in order to build her patience back up again. To say that today had been stressful would be a massive understatement. By the time the clock struck five, the businesswoman was at the end of her tether. She ordered room service, or more specifically, a bottle of 32 year old scotch, because fuck no, I'm not going to drink the swill they have in the minibar.

The stress slowly subsided, as the alcohol started making its way through her veins. Once again however, the cold caught up to her. Even with the scotch giving her the false idea of warming up, Asami could feel the freeze creep its way up through her toes.

The situation was mostly handled for now, but it still didn't sit well with Asami. With the stress this day had brought her, she felt more and more like just giving up for the rest of the day, and just do nothing for a bit.

Dinner was another dull affair, and worst of all, they hadn't lit the fireplace tonight. Understaffing, was the excuse they gave her. Bullshit, my room costs the company 2000 yuans a night, understaffing my ass. That thing is either broken or didn't pass an inspection. Still, the fact was that there wasn't a fire lit, meaning it was all the colder for her.

-You know what would help with that?

Shut. The fuck. Up. I spent all day pushing thoughts of her out of my mind.

-You mean thoughts of her strong, tanned arms, securely wrapped around you, pulling you into her soft breasts, with a gorgeous and a very, very, pleasantly warm body attached?

Asami's mouth nearly started watering at the realization that the side which was urging her to call her again was actually on to something there. She abruptly stood up, walking back to her room, dropping herself in the leather armchair again. Despite wearing three layers, the cold radiating from the leather seeped through her clothes, sending another shiver down her spine.

She sighed again, internally berating herself for even letting those thoughts race through her. It was a one-time thing.

-Hm-hmm, sure it was.

I'm not calling her again.

-Of course you're not.

Shut up.

A second cold shiver pushed her over the edge again. Well, shit. She unlocked her tablet, once again looking up Wushu's Escort Service.

Fast forward 45 minutes

"I see you enjoyed it a lot," Korra said upon stepping inside again. "Would have thought your resolve would last longer than two days, but there you go." She dropped her purse and coat in the same chair she did last time around. "Guess I made a lasting impression," the callgirl smirked, looking exceedingly pleased with herself. Asami eyed her up cautiously, once again seeing that the callgirl had taken her time for her wardrobe. This time around, she was wearing a pair of very skinny black skinny jeans, a different pair of heels from the last time around, and another low-cut top, only instead of blue, it was white, making a gorgeous contrast with her tan skin tone. The other thing she noticed was that Korra was now wearing a different pair of armbands, this one a gray and white tribal design, but of roughly the same size as the ones she wore last time around. Hot damn, she did it again. You're probably drooling on the spot.

"Don't flatter yourself," Asami threw back, trying to match Korra's smirk.

"I don't have to, the fact that I'm here does that for me." That's kind of true, you know. "Anyhoo," she continued, once again walking back to the businesswoman, wrapping her arms around her waist.

Asami sighed, putting her fingers on the callgirl's lips, stopping her before they could kiss again. "Korra, stop. I... I didn't call you to have sex again. I mean, it was great last time you were here, but... that's not why I wanted you to come again."

She pulled back, raising a cocky eyebrow, and a supremely smug grin crept over her face. "Let me guess: you're still cold as a fucking popsicle?" Asami nodded in response, only making the grin grow. "Oh, this is just too good. You would actually be willing to pay 500 yuans just for a cuddle-buddy?"

"Well, when you put it like that... Yeah, I suppose."

Korra threw her head back, bursting out into a roaring laugh. "Alright, I think you should know this: you are the first client I have ever had who is reluctant to have sex with me. After all, that is kind of what I do."

"Glad you're so pleased, Korra," Asami smirked, unwilling to give her all the satisfaction. "Look, I really enjoyed your company, and not just because you made me come like a howler-monkey and kept me warm through the night. It was really nice to have someone who is blunt and direct to me and with whom I can have a conversation that doesn't involve the signing of a contract at some point."

This seemed to soften the callgirl up a bit. Her smile changed from cocky to genuine, and she fell silent for a moment. Her carefully constructed armor was down for the moment. "So..." she ultimately continued. "Cuddle-time?"

Asami smiled and nodded. "You get comfortable, I just gotta go get ready." She walked off into the bathroom, taking her silk pajamas with her, where she quickly changed and brushed her teeth. By the time she stepped back into the main room, Korra had already worked her way under the covers at the far side of the bed, and she folded the blanket open, inviting the businesswoman in, still wearing her armbands. She complied, and the callgirl wasted no time wrapping her arms around Asami, making that familiar wave of warmth rush through her.

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