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September 5th, 2016

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2 two weeks later, Friday, 10 am

Asami felt like a zombie, taking a sip from her third coffee this morning. With this much caffeine in her system, she should be buzzing, but the opposite was true. She was tired, and no matter how hard she had tried that morning, just hadn't felt like she got it quite right.

Of course, she didn't really have any ugly clothes, at least, not ones that she would ever wear out in public. Instead, she had gone for an elaborate black top and a burgundy skirt, which kind of matched, but her fashion sense just hadn't been firing on all cylinders these past few days.

Not a surprise, really, given how busy she had been. She had to devote some of her work time to the case of Korra's parents, otherwise she might arouse suspicion of spending a disproportionate amount of time with Jinora outside of work. Add to that the fact that Opal was chewing her ears off over the wedding every free moment that she wasn't busy, that didn't really help.

On top of all that, she still had a company to run, which was more than a 9 to 5 job to begin with, so bottom line, Asami was tired.

She was so goddamn tired, it felt like once everything would settle down, she wouldn't go for a nice long weekend of tinkering on her Aston Martin, she would probably spend it in bed, alternating between sleeping in and marathoning Orange is the New Black.

"Miss Sato," Nikita's voice came over the intercom, louder than usual. It was enough to shake Asami out of her daydream of a relaxing weekend.


"Are you alright? I've been buzzing you."

Asami shook her head. "Sorry, I was a little distracted. What is it?"

"Miss Amarok is here to see you."

A slight smile appeared on her face. "Good, send her through."

Seeing Korra walk through the double doors of her office was something Asami always enjoyed. It had a way of making an air of tranquility walk in here, even if the purpose of her being here was to stir things up back in the Southern Water Tribe. The businesswoman had noticed how Korra had started dressing differently. It always used to be very skimpy, using the absolute minimal amount of fabric to be considered clothed, but now though, she was starting to dress a little more conservatively. The ex-callgirl was wearing a simple grey bermuda and a loose blue tank top over it, since she wasn't so keen on wearing the hip-hugging hotpants or skintight crop-tops anymore.

"Hey there," she greeted, taking a seat opposite of Asami, but her grin turned around when she saw the state the businesswoman was in. "Are you okay? You don't look so hot, and that's saying something in your case."

Asami gave her a weary smile. "Yeah... I mean, I'm just really tired from being so busy. It'll blow over eventually. But what brings you by so early, for your sake at least?"

Korra chuckled. "Well, yes, I cut my morning workout short. I got a message, and I wanted to tell you in person: my asylum application went through. First step to becoming a United Republic citizen."

It had her surprised that it went so quickly. These things could take years sometimes. Perhaps the name 'Amarok' wasn't entirely worthless after all. "Congratulations, Korra. This is good news."

"Definitely. Anyway, I wanted to ask you if..." She didn't to finish her sentence, as Loban barged into the office unannounced.

"Sir, you can't just storm through here!" Nikita still tried to stop him.

"Loban, what is this?" Asami demanded. "I have company."

He took a deep breath. "I'm sorry, Miss Sato, but this takes precedence. I just got a call from Greenpeace that they have the oil rig occupied, and that they want us to stop the drilling."

Asami perked up. "What do you mean?"

Loban sighed. "Two dozen or so people forced their way onto the docks, knocked out one guard to gain access to the rig, and chained themselves to it. They won't let go unless we make promises about not towing the rig across the Mo Ce Sea."

The businesswoman sat back in her chair and started kneading her stress ball.

-If you can handle this quietly and quickly, you'll have back the full control over your board, not to mention that Loban will owe you again.

Worth the risk.

"Knocked him out?"

He looked at the paper in his hand. "Cold. He was working the graveyard shift, he woke up a few hours later with a concussion and one hell of a bump."

"And you said they forced their way onto the grounds? How?"

"Cut a hole in the fence."

Asami smiled, knowing that this was going to be a walk in the park. "Call the Greenpeace hippie back, tell them to send someone down there who knows what they're talking about. These people who chained themselves to the rig are a bunch of Boy Scouts."

Loban looked confused at Asami's smile. "Uhh, she's already there. Nari Morasha, branch manager for Republic City, she wants the press there, as much as she can convince this is an important issue."

"Perfect. Tell her to wait for me in the parking lot, I'll be there in five minutes."

The confusion on his face only grew. "Miss Sato, even with your utter disregard for speed limits, it's going to take at least 10 minutes, if there wasn't any traffic. It's the middle of the day, it's busy."

Asami smiled. "I know, it's going to take me at least 20 minutes. But she doesn't know that." She turned to Korra. "I'm very sorry, but I have to deal with this first. It's probably not gonna take long, so I should be back here within the hour. Can you hold out here for that long?"

The ex-callgirl looked just as confused as Loban. "Uhh, sure?"

"Good, I'll see you later." Asami made her way to the hall, but before she left, turned around one more time. "I got this, Loban." She quickly winked and finally made her way down to her Ferrari.

The freeway Asami took was clear enough to give it a few bursts of speed, and when she finally arrived at the yard where the oil rig was being constructed, the businesswoman pushed a button to open up a set of butterfly valves in the exhaust system, making the F12 extra loud.

The scene at the docks was precisely what Asami was hoping for: a bunch of workers who couldn't work, police to keep them in line, and lots of press around a woman who looked very pissed.

To emphasize her arrival, the businesswoman parked right in front of her, revving the V12 one more time to draw everyone's attention to them. "Miss Morasha," Asami opened, holding out her hand, which the protester didn't shake.

"You're late. I have been waiting here for fifteen minutes."

"You've kept 200 of my employees from their work for three hours, I think it's a fair trade. Now, I'd first like to visit the guard your people assaulted." The cameras were there, and they were recording everything. With large paces, Asami and Morasha made their way over to the ambulance, followed by the press.

With her best impression of a caring mother, she asked how he was doing and assured him that he could take some time off. She'd square everything over with his boss. Once she had made sure every camera there had got some good footage, Asami made for the gate, Morasha in tow. "Would you be so kind to let us in?"

The policeman took a good, long look at them. "No one in or out until this is resolved. You might want to harm those protestors."

"You mean to tell me that I'm not allowed to enter my own property?"

He looked puzzled at first, but then the light went on. "Asami Sato?"

"That would be me."

He doubted but ultimately did step aside. "My apologies, Miss Sato."

Asami and Morasha walked onto the yard, making their way to a skywalk to cross the dry-dock. In it, Asami was pleased to see the oil rig nearly complete. It consisted of a platform, four pillars, and two massive pontoons to keep it afloat. "84.000 tons of steel," the businesswoman said. "One of the largest oil rigs in the world. When we get it into place, it'll supply the Fire Nation with 300.000 barrels of oil every day." She took a closer look, seeing a load of people who had chained themselves to one of the pillars, using PVC pipes to shield their arms and the chains connecting them. There was a banner strung up on it, and it said: "Stop drilling now!"

"That's if we let you get it into place," Morasha said bitterly.

Asami smiled. "Yes, that's what you like to think. Tell me, how did you get here?"

She looked confused. "By car, why?"

"So the same way I got here."

She snorted. "We did not get here in the same way. I don't drive a mad sports car that does five kilometers to a liter of fuel."

"Actually, it'll do one kilometer to a liter if I cane it," Asami smirked, but Morasha wasn't the least bit amused.

"Can we stop faffing about and get to the point? You want to drill for oil in a very important part of nature and could badly damage the ecosystem."

The businesswoman dropped into a more defensive stance. "The place we've selected for drilling was actually appointed to us by the Fire Nation's Ministries of Environment and Economic Affairs together. We've made sure to avoid the shallows where there are many more fragile ecosystems," she rattled off on auto-pilot. It was a pre-made speech she had memorized in case questions like these popped up at press conferences, which they always did.

"You don't take me very seriously, do you?"

"No, I don't. I think you're a hypocrite. If you truly cared about oil drilling, you'd have come by bike, used aquarelle paint on your banner and not acrylic, and something other than PVC to tie up your lackeys. All possible because of oil. What's more, this rig cost 5.5 billion yuans, and yet it's profitable because of people like you."

"And more so because of people like you, with your fancy sports cars. We don't need any more oil rigs, we need to be more conservative with the resources we have now."

Asami sighed. "Look, we can go back and forth on ideals all day long, but the fact is, your protest is going to end and we're going to drill for oil with this rig anyway, so you might as well save us some time and tell those people to unhook themselves now."

"Not until you've given in to our demands."

"Right, so now you expect me to scrap a 5.5 billion yuan rig that took nearly three years to complete so that you can make your organization look good?" Asami paused for a moment, during which a small smile grew on her face. "Fortunately for me, you have given me all the leverage I need to totally ignore you. First of all, your people aren't allowed to protest here."

Morasha raised an eyebrow. "We're allowed to protest, it's a constitutional right."

"True, but not on private property, which is trespassing. And given that they forced their entry, all of them would face at least half a decade in prison. Then there is destruction of property with the fence you cut through, and last but not least, assault of one of my employees." Asami moved very close to her. "You think you're taking on me, and that I made it easy for you by coming here in my big fancy sports car, but you're not. By knocking him out, you're taking on a father of three young children who makes 35.000 a year and has to work the graveyard shift for that. That's an opponent who can easily gather a lot more sympathy than me. On top of that, with the list of charges I just mentioned, you're in for one expensive lawsuit. Right now, you've given me everything I need to bury your organization under a mountain of damages and reimbursements."

At this, Morasha fell silent for a bit. She backed away from Asami, knowing that the businesswoman had a point and a stronger position than she had. "You can't win all of those cases," she hesitantly said.

"Watch me. On top of that, the 500.000 yuans we pledged to you was meant as a sign of good faith, which you just threw back in our face. We can still requisition the money we already donated, and of course, the rest of the money is out of the question now." Asami paused, loving the look of defeat on her adversary's face. "However, I'm not a vindictive person, so I'll cut you a deal: you end the protest right now, pay a small damage fee to the guard you assaulted, you keep the money we already pledged, we stop the other 350.000, and we all go home happy."

"You mean you go home happy and I go home with my tail between my legs."

"Well, it's either that or face millions of yuans of damages. As an added bonus, I won't publicly deride you." Asami paused for a moment, while Morasha was thinking it over. "Make your choice but make it quick. If your people aren't gone within the hour, we take it to trial."

With this, Asami turned around and walked off, leaving an amazed protester in her wake.

"Hold up!"

The businesswoman turned around, seeing Morasha behind them. "I'll end the protest. You win."

Asami smiled. "Good, then hopefully we'll never have to see each other again." She continued walking towards the exit and the 200 angry men waiting at the gate. "Gentlemen," she started, but it was drowned out by their yelling. With a sigh, Asami realized she had to use a skill that was so un-ladylike that she kind of hated having it. She stuck her thumb and index finger in her mouth, whistling loud enough to silence everyone there. "Gentlemen, thank you for your patience. I've had a productive conversation with the leader of this demonstration, and she has agreed to end the protest on certain terms. You'll be able to resume your work within the hour." An appreciative murmur went through the crowd, and it made the businesswoman smile.

You have this one in the bag.

She made her way back to the Ferrari, ignoring all questions from the media, and it wasn't until she was back in the safety of the car that Asami allowed herself to laugh out loud. This whole thing was probably going to solve itself from here on out. Not to mention, it definitely made her feel good about herself and even a touch less tired.

She made her way back to the Future Industries tower and found Korra on her couch, watching the news. Much to her surprise, it was footage of Morasha explaining their earlier discussion. "You enjoyed the show?"

The ex-callgirl chuckled and muted the television. "Yeah, though I get a feeling I missed some of it. What happened after you disappeared from the cameras?"

Asami chuckled. "Threatened with lawsuits that would virtually render them bankrupt and would probably get her people thrown in jail, but we're probably just going to settle this quietly. Better for everyone."

So... When you're doing business, are you always..." She hesitated, and it made Asami curious.

"Always what?"

"Always a bitch," Korra finished. "I mean, if that's what you threatened her with, that's pretty harsh."

Asami sighed. "Look, Korra, I'm a businesswoman. I have to be hard when doing business, especially when there are people involved who don't like to reason. She forced my hand, because I have to kill protests like these with force. There are 300.000 people depending on me to be hard enough to do that. If I start giving in to every hippie that has a problem with what I'm doing, all of those people will be out of a job by tomorrow."

It fell silent for a while between them, Korra mulling it over. "Asami?"


"Are you stressed?"

This caught the businesswoman off guard. "What do you mean with that?"

"Well, you've been very busy with my parents' case, your deal with Unalaq, Opal's wedding, and now this, so it seems like a reasonable question."

Asami thought for a moment and realized that Korra was right. She had spent the last two weeks flying up and down the city trying to make all sorts of things happen, and she hadn't really had any downtime. "Yeah, I suppose I am a little bit. Part of the job, really."

"Hmm," Korra hummed, thoughtfully rubbing her chin. "You need to relax. Fortunately for you, I know a few good ways."

This had Asami surprised. "I thought you were going to leave that life behind you."

The ex-callgirl laughed. "Not talking about sex, though that is a good way to relax. I was simply thinking that tonight, we go out into town, have a few drinks, make out with strangers, and then go home again, fresh and relaxed for the coming time."

Asami thought about it, because the idea was kind of appealing. Well, most of it was, because the 'making out with strangers'-part most definitely wasn't. The problem was, saying that would mean admitting certain things that she didn't quite know whether or not she wanted to be out in the open. "I dunno, Korra, I am more partial to taking an early night in and staying there for the rest of my weekend. I'm pretty tired."

Korra smiled. "Look, we won't make it too late, and when you're tired, you just snap your fingers and leave with a lovely lady on either arm."

"It's not the ladies who respond like that."

"You get the point."

Asami sighed, because Korra was right, and what's worse, there was no way she could really talk her way out of this without seeming like a bitch who ditches her friends. "Okay," she finally agreed. "I know a place we can go, should be a target-rich environment."

"Alright," Korra said, drumming her fingers on the table a few times. "How do we go about it?"

"Well, I have a few things to do today, so I'm not going to be free until later. Business dinners and everything, the kind that makes me want to take the steak knives to my wrists." There was a morbid chuckle from Korra.

"I know the feeling," she said.

"Anyway," Asami continued. "How about you and San take the car from the Estate, pick me up at my building around ten?"

"Sounds like a plan."

And that's roughly how it went. Asami spent most of her day as she predicted, bouncing from meeting to checking blueprints to more meetings and ultimately to a dinner for a deal that went nowhere. All of it made her more tired, but strangely enough, made her look forward to her night out with Korra as well.

There were a few texts back and forth, mostly from Korra trying to pry the information of where out of her. All Asami said though was that she'd best dress in easy clothes, preferably not too modest. Of course, that she wanted to enjoy that part of it herself as well was something she kept on the down low.

Picking her own outfit, was, as ever, the tricky bit. Too little of the good stuff, and she won't even notice you. Too much, and you might scare her off. She had ultimately settled for a red cocktail dress, relatively simple in its design, but elegant nonetheless. It had straps that went over the shoulders and a circular neckline that didn't cut too deep. However, there was a V-shaped notch that did, making it slightly more exciting than it would have otherwise been. Her shoes were simple black flats, can't go wrong with those.

The Rolls-Royce Ghost was waiting for her outside, and Asami couldn't help but feel a tad bit nervous. Normally if she went out to do this, she was on her own, had a whole host of bad pick-up lines prepared, and typically managed to snag some floozy within the hour.

However, when she stepped in, Korra was already sitting on the back seat. "Hi," she opened again, a hint of awkwardness shining through. "You look good. Hell, dare I say it, you look great."

Asami smiled, feeling a slight blush rise in her cheeks. "Thanks. You're looking very good yourself." It was true, Korra looked great. She was wearing a turtleneck crop-top, exposing more of her shoulders, but to follow Asami's advice to cover up the guns, she was wearing extra high jeans shorts, cut off high on her thighs. To finish it off, she was wearing black armbands around her forearms, leaving most of her ink exposed. "You look ready to party," the businesswoman smirked.

"Speaking of which," Korra started, "where are we going?"

"Well... I know a great place that I typically go to when I'm in need of a one-night stand."

The ex-callgirl raised a mischievous eyebrow. "You mean a dyke bar?"

"Kind of." Korra stayed silent, only looking at her with that raised eyebrow. "Pretty much," Asami tried, but it had no effect. "Fine, it is. It's called Swingers, and I know the owner. Originally, she wanted to call it either Lickers or The Hornless Bull, neither of which were approved by her backers."

Korra chuckled. "Shame, I think those two would have been perfect for drawing the right crowd inside."

Asami laughed too. "Yeah, I guess it would be, but people with money are always afraid of bad press." The rest of the relatively short drive there was filled with more meaningless conversation (Korra told the story of how she once was forced to go to a lesbian bar in Usuhaia named The Nimble Fingers to meet a client who wanted to be fingered in public, kind of appropriate) until they arrived at the club.

This was Asami's cue to make a beeline for the bar and order them both a drink. "So," Korra said. "To a relaxing night out?"

"I could do with some de-stressing," Asami chuckled, and they drank to that.

Slamming their glasses down on the bar, Korra took a look around. "So... Any potential targets?"

The businesswoman laughed again. "Nah, but give it some time. We've only been here for a few minutes."

"Fair enough, but know that patience isn't my strong suit."

Asami chuckled. "Yeah, I know."

-Either you say it and she'll take you up on it or you don't and just feel guilty about it.

I hate you.

"Don't let me hold you back," Asami said. "If you want to scope out the possibilities, be my guest. I'm just gonna get started with a wine."

Korra smiled. "Alright, I'll send some your way."

She kept her word, and Asami... didn't. She stuck to the bar, feeling more and more miserable as the night drew on. Drinking wine by herself was one thing, but then having to fend off the advances of women made it extra depressing. The reason was simple, she didn't want them, she wanted Korra.

At one point, she looked up to see the ex-callgirl making out in the middle of the dancefloor with some teenager who she hadn't been dancing with five minutes earlier. It took every ounce of her self-control not to walk out there and slap the teen in the face, so instead, Asami ordered another drink to try and calm herself down.

This was the pattern of the night, until the bartender decided it had been enough.

"Give me another."

Kya came over to her. "Are you sure you haven't had enough for now?"

"It's Friday night, and I don't have to drive. I think I can do with another drink," Asami replied.

The bartender cautiously eyed her up. "All women in this bar are single, desperate, and horny, and yet you're sitting here alone, talking to the bartender. Now I have a pretty good idea why." Kya looked up, spotting Korra in the crowd, dancing with some other woman. "Girl with the tattoos. What is she to you?"

Asami followed Kya's gaze, feeling a pang of jealousy go through her as the ex-callgirl pressed a quick kiss on the woman's lips. "I have no idea."

"You went green with jealousy when she kissed someone, but when she got slapped in the face, you smiled. That makes me wonder: what do you want her to be?"

Every possible version of that question had been roaming through her head for the past two weeks, and it was also exactly the question she was afraid of right now. Really, that could be anything, ranging from a friend to a heater to keep her warm during the night.

Unfortunately, there was only one answer to that question.


"I want her. All of her." Because of the alcohol, the inhibitor between her brain and her mouth had gone, and it wasn't until she said it that she really realized what she just said.

"That's what I thought."

Mother. Fucker.

-Now you've done it. Kya is going to make a fool out of you, and you just handed her all the ammunition she'd ever need.

Spare me the lectures, please.

"Kya, please don't embarrass me..." Asami groaned, but a smile had already appeared on the bartender's face.

"Of course I'm going to do that, what else am I for?"

With another groan, Asami let her head fall on her arm, resting on the bar. She could already feel the heat rise through her face, and from the corner of her eye, saw Kya walking towards the end of the bar closest to the dancefloor. The older woman called out something, and Korra came soon enough, walking over to Asami. "What's up?"

Kya smiled. "Apparently, Asami is a bit bummed that she isn't the one you're fooling around with. Here's what you're going to do: you're going to kiss, then I give you both a shot, and we'll see what happens from there. Deal?"

Both women on the other side of the bar were staring at Kya with their mouths hanging open, albeit for different reasons. Asami wanted to protest but couldn't think up a solid defense that would both be sensible and not completely shatter every possibility for something to happen between them in the future.

Meanwhile, the bartender stoically continued, pouring two shots and placing them on the shelf behind her. "These are yours after I've seen you kiss. Your call." With that, she was off to help other patrons.

Asami stared after her, but it was Korra who shifted her gaze from Kya to the businesswoman. She hesitated but ultimately did speak up. "Is it true?"

Damn. Asami sighed, knowing that it was all or nothing now. "Yes. I want to be with you, but how, I have no fucking clue."

Korra covered both of Asami's hands with her own and pressed a gentle kiss on them. "And you've been here all night, being miserable while you were watching me fuck around with everyone here?" She leaned in, letting her forehead rest against Asami's. "You know, you're by far the smartest person I've ever met, but that was really stupid."

-She's right, you know.

Right now, Asami's heart was pounding in her throat. Their breaths mingled, and if their current position was to be any indication, Korra wasn't about to shy away from it unless the businesswoman was the one to pull back. Korra's hands went from Asami's hands to her shoulders, before slowly moving over from the fabric of her dress to the bare skin of her neck. She gave Asami every possibility to pull back, but she wasn't going to do that for the world.

Their noses brushed together, only adding to the anticipation. Asami didn't know if she should make the first move, or let Korra do it, because frankly, the tension building between them since the left Ushuaia had been almost unbearable, and now it was about to break. Ultimately, it was Asami who leaned in first, finally capturing Korra's lips with her own again, and boy, was it glorious.

Even though they had kissed before in Ushuaia, and that was a pretty good kiss, it had nothing on this. This one started out a little uncertain, like they were both getting a feel for the other, while earlier, Korra had been so assertive to make Asami feel at home that she just did what she knew. Now though, it marked the beginning of what they probably both knew to be their relationship, so it was kind of important to both of them not to let this devolve into pure lust and carnal desire.

Korra's hands slipped further up, cupping Asami's face, while she herself wrapped her arms around the ex-callgirl's neck, pulling them closer together. The businesswoman slightly parted her lips, as she not only wanted to feel Korra right now, she wanted to taste her as well. She let her tongue trace over Korra's lips, who responded in kind, opening up her lips to let Asami have all the access she could ever want.

In truth, Asami didn't have any idea how much she needed this. It felt like every nerve ending was on fire, and with every fiber of her being, she wanted to press herself closer to the ex-callgirl. Never had she felt like this before, not this need in her life to be with someone, not just physically, but emotionally as well. She poured in every bit of lust, desire, love, and frustration that she had, all in service of making this a night they would both remember forever.

Reality had a way of being a buzzkill though, because soon, they were out of breath. Asami was the one to pull away first, panting from the strain, but a huge smile appearing on both of their faces. "Whoa..." Was the first thing the businesswoman uttered.

"You can say that again," Korra replied, equally out of breath.

It was at about that moment that Asami started noticing that they were drawing quite a few glaring people. It was kind of a faux pas in a club, not to make out in busy areas, but meh, it could have been worse. They had still kept it relatively PG, so what the heck?

Suddenly, a slow clapping came from behind the bar. "Now that's what I call a kiss," Kya smirked. She took the two small glasses from the shelf behind her and placed them in front of the women. "Bottoms up, and then you should go and get yourself a room."

Asami chugged the shot before Korra could say anything, who simply raised an eyebrow. "Do you really think that's a good idea?" she asked.

"Who gives a fuck if it isn't?" the businesswoman replied. She took out her phone, quickly shooting San a text to get the car out front. "Come on," Asami said, taking Korra's hand. She dragged her through the crowd, loving the feeling of those tattooed fingers intertwine with her own. Before she really knew it, they were standing outside again, and the Ghost almost soundlessly pulled up in front of them. "Take us back to my place, San," she said.

San took a close look at them, their intertwined hands, and raised an eyebrow. "Very well, Miss Sato." He held the suicide door open for them, upon which they climbed into the back.

Korra was immediately on her again, resting her head in the crook of Asami's neck. "This feels really nice. Can't believe it took us two weeks to figure it out."

The businesswoman pressed a sweet kiss on Korra's hair in response. "Yeah. Guess I have been pretty stupid about it."

At this, the ex-callgirl looked up. "'Sami, you're not the only one to blame for this. If anything, I was even more dense about the whole thing than you were, given how I was acting around you. You know, dropping my clothes at virtually every turn."

Asami chuckled when she remembered it. "Well, I guess that's just what happens when you pay someone to come over."

"Something like that," Korra chuckled back. She leaned in, pressing a slow kiss on Asami's lips. "But I don't want that anymore. Back then, it was just business, now it's something I want."

Asami looked up, pushing the ex-callgirl away a little bit. "Korra..." she hesitantly begun, as she knew this was probably going to be a touchy conversation. "Have you ever... made love to someone?"

She looked dumbfounded. "What are you talking about? I was a hooker, that's what I did for a living for nearly ten years."

"That's not what I'm talking about." Asami sighed. "What I mean is, were you ever invested in it, that you actually wanted to be close to someone else?" She was whispering, as they were still in the car with someone else, even though Asami knew that San wouldn't spill the things he heard if he was being waterboarded.

Korra hesitated as well. "I..." she started but didn't finish. It was pretty clear to Asami that she was thinking things over, but that answers weren't coming to her, at least, not the ones that she was hoping for. "No," she ultimately said. "I don't think I have."

Asami let it fall silent between them for a few moments, before a faint smile crept over her face. "How about I show you..." she whispered, pulling Korra very close to her, lips ghosting over hers. "Show you what it really feels like..." Asami leaned in the final little bit, pressing her own lips against Korra's again. The ex-callgirl completely surrendered herself to Asami, letting her take control of the kiss.

She ran her tongue past Korra's lips, who opened up, allowing her full access, and it was amazing. The businesswoman knew what was coming, and she was determined to make it memorable. She tasted like cheap alcohol and artificial flavoring, but it didn't matter. They both allowed themselves to get lost in the kiss, so much so that neither of them noticed they had arrived.

"Ahem," San coughed behind them as soon as they finally broke apart for a moment. Naturally, this made both of the women go bright red in embarrassment, even though he had probably seen the whole thing in his rear view mirror. Asami took a quick look around and saw that they were in the parking garage underneath her building.

They got out of the car, a little indignantly, and Korra made for the elevator, pressing the button to call it as often as she could.

"Why don't you take tomorrow off?" Asami said to her driver, smiling at Korra's antics. "I don't think we'll be going anywhere."

San smiled. "Thank you," he said, a genuine smile on his face. "Good night, Miss Sato." He got back into the Ghost and drove off into the night.

"As for you," Asami said, wrapping an arm around Korra's waist, softly pressing a kiss on her neck. "Well, I have plans for you," she seductively whispered into her ear. The ex-callgirl turned around in her arms, just as Asami saw the doors of the elevator open up. She pushed Korra inside, kissing her passionately as she did.

The ride up was over in the blink of an eye, or at least, it seemed that way. Making out with Korra was a brilliant way to make any amount of time seem shorter, and something as dull as an elevator ride would go by extra fast.

Well, there you have it. I'm sorry about the long wait, and the fact that you're still reading this right now proves that you are nothing if not patient. Yay for you.

In all seriousness though, I'm not really surprised it took me this long, mostly because of the smutscene at the end. I started writing the first chapter more than three months before I finally published it, so... yeah, I kind of expected this. Also, it made me realize that for a story called The Callgirl, it has surprisingly little smut in it. Lastly, in my defense, this is the longest chapter I've written outside of The Avatar's Mistress, so there is that.

Well guys, I hope you enjoyed it, because I have no idea when the next part is coming. Take care!

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