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Night Life

Thursday evening

"Whereto, Miss?" San asked once Asami and Korra had made themselves comfortable on the backseat of the Rolls-Royce Ghost.

"Take us to the Estate, please."

With this, San was so surprised that he turned around, something he ordinarily never did. "I'm sorry, do you mean the Sato Estate?"

Asami nodded. "I do, and I'm very certain."

The driver decided not to question her any further and set off, the ride being as smooth as silk. Korra was too occupied with looking out the window, seeing all the amazing sights they were driving past. Asami noticed San knew this as well, as he drove over the mountain range on the outside of the city which was a slightly longer route but offered a spectacular view of Downtown Republic City below, which looked even better because of the dusk.

"What do you think?" the businesswoman asked after a while.

Korra was struggling to find the words. "It... it's amazing. I mean, I've seen it on TV and such, but I had no idea it was so big. Makes Ushuaia look like Hicksville in the middle of nowhere."

Asami chuckled. "Well, eight million people will do that to a city. Lived here all my life, and I don't quite think there's anything like it."

"Ladies, I'm sorry to interrupt, but we're here," San said as he clicked open the gates to the Sato Estate. They slowly rolled up over the long driveway of the massive estate, before the Ghost made a slow turn around the fountain, stopping halfway through when they were right in front of the doors to the mansion.

"This is your house?!" the ex-callgirl asked, completely astounded by the size of the mansion.

"Yep, it's mine." However, it made Asami feel guilty, because she'd have to cover it up with half-truths.

-Serves you right, you're lying to her.

She looks so happy, I just want to let her be like that for a while.

-The higher she climbs, the harder she falls. You're going to have to be straight with her at some point.

The door slamming shut broke Asami from her train of thoughts, as she saw that Korra had already gotten out of the car and was admiring the mansion directly. The businesswoman decided to join her, as it had been a while since she'd gone here. "What do you think?"

"It looks even bigger than Unalaq's palace, so I think we'll survive this incredible hardship just fine."

-Tell her!

"Korra..." The hesitant tone on which Asami started made the ex-callgirl look up, a hint of worry on her face. "I can't stay here. It's mine, and you can, but I live in a penthouse downtown."

She didn't seem to understand, was what Asami made of her expression. "Are you dumping me here?"

The businesswoman sighed, not really knowing how to soften the blow on this one. "No, I..." She fell silent. "Korra, I'm a public figure. If you are seen with me in my apartment the press is going to hound you, someone is going to put together who you really are, and that will make it more difficult for us to get your parents out of prison. Trust me, it's better for both of us if you keep your head down for the time being."

"So what? You're just keeping me here until I'm useful to you?"

"No, of course not!" Asami took a deep breath. "Korra, you are free to go whenever you want. I would like your input with your parents, but if you don't want to stick around, that's fine too. I'm going to get them out either way, but you need to lay low. I don't know how much Unalaq knows, but he knows something, and it's bound to be bad for both of us."

After giving it a moment's thought, Korra nodded. "Okay. I'll stick around, don't worry. It's just..." She sighed. "I don't want to fall back to my old ways, know what I mean?"

Asami nodded. "I think I do. Just promise me that you'll be patient, okay? Then it'll work out."

Korra laughed. "Not really my strongest suit, but okay."

The businesswoman laughed too. "For now, I just think it's better that we go our separate ways. How about, tomorrow afternoon, you have San take you to my office, we can get started on your parents out of prison?"

"Sounds like a plan."

Asami smiled. "Don't worry about becoming bored, there's a movie theater, a pool, a library, and a gym, though it doesn't smell like blood," she added with a chuckle.

Korra laughed too. "I think I'll manage such difficult conditions," she sarcastically commented.

The businesswoman took a deep breath. "There is one thing I will ask you, and that's not to use the master bedroom. There are a dozen bedrooms in the house, so I think you can find one that takes your fancy."

A slight smirk appeared on the ex-callgirl's face. "A dozen?" she asked while raising an eyebrow. "Boy, either you're planning for a huge family, or you're overcompensating."

"I like to be prepared," Asami smirked back. "Anyway, see you tomorrow?"

Korra leaned forward, pressing a kiss on her cheek. "Yeah, I'll see you tomorrow."

Asami finally let go of her hand, something she didn't really realize she was holding. She took her suitcase from the trunk and walked to the garage, because the only reason she went here every now and again was to swap cars. Her penthouse downtown only had a couple of parking spaces, far less than Asami had cars, so she stored quite a few of them here at the Estate.

With her code, she was in, and now came the hard choice: what car to take with her. Including, but not limited to, were parked in front of her: a Porsche 918, a Noble M600, a Lamborghini Aventador Roadster, a Pagani Huayra, a Jaguar F-Type Coupé, a BMW i8, a Tesla Model S, and last but not least, the car Asami decided on taking home: her dark red Ferrari F12 Berlinetta.

Finally being behind the wheel of a modern car again after nearly two weeks was liberating. Sure, Koda's Porsche was very special, but there was just something deeply enjoyable about having 730 horsepower under your right foot.

Korra was still waiting for her to come out of the garage, so when she rolled past the fountain, the ex-callgirl smiled at her when the red monster rolled past. Asami smiled back, gave her a quick honk, and was off, riding back home where she would finally sleep in the comfort of her own bed again.


Normally after returning from a business trip, Asami was glad that she could sleep in her own bed again. After all, there's no place like home.

-Should be noted that this is more like the building that happens to have your bed in it.

Yeah, good point.

Asami didn't really have a home anymore, not since she was 14. The double garage unit she rented downstairs that she had converted into the place where she could restore her classics felt more like home to her than this penthouse.

Today was different though. After slapping her alarm off, the businesswoman knew she had to go into the office, explain to her board how the deal with the shipyard had fallen through. Part of her was hoping that Varrick hadn't yet blabbed about it, but most of her knew that was just clutching up straws, and that she'd be fighting an uphill battle today.

She would also have to get started on Tonraq and Senna's cases, which would mean including Jinora, and it was promising to be difficult. Unalaq would do everything in his power to prevent his brother from ever breathing free air again, and Asami had lucked out when she made her escape. At best, Unalaq would try running a smear campaign, discredit her in public. Of course, that would be a long shot, but being a relatively public figure, it wouldn't be too hard a thing to do, provided he could find some proof that she ordered a callgirl.

That detective had been right, to Asami's knowledge, sex tourism was illegal in both countries involved, so there might be something to his threat.

But none of that explained the unease Asami felt right now. She liked a challenge, and talking her board into doing what she wanted was something of a specialty to her. Unalaq wouldn't want to risk exposure like her theory suggests, as it would involve getting Korra into the witness stand, which would have the same effect as giving her a soap box. That would be a last resort for him, so she was pretty well sorted there.

So why was she feeling so down? It had to be something else, something less elaborate, something...


Asami shut her eyes again, knowing that was probably true. Even though it was summertime in Republic City, she missed having those strong, tattooed arms around her, the warmth they brought with them, the comfort.

With a resigned sigh, Asami threw her sheet off and decided to think on the particulars of their, as of yet, non-existent relationship later. Right now, she had to get ready for battle.

After a quick bite of bacon and eggs (breakfast of champions) and a shower, it was time for Asami to pick her wardrobe, and she had to do it carefully. It had to be authoritative, but she couldn't just get away with a suit. It would be 26 degrees Celsius outside, for crying out loud. Also, certain sets were incomplete due to her leaving most of her luggage in Ushuaia, though those were mostly winter clothes.

Right now though, browsing through her elaborate collection of clothes was the best option she had, which was when she struck gold: white.

It had been a recent purchase, one she knew to be risky. Not so much because of the design, that was actually pretty modest. It had a high-closing neck, and while it did expose her shoulders and arms, the dress itself reached almost to her knees, so it ticked the 'conservative'-box. No, white was simply a dangerous color for her to wear because she liked getting her hands dirty, and by extension, her clothes got dirty too.

She decided against wearing any jewelry, and for that extra bit of intimidation, went for open pumps with considerable heels, making her appear even taller than she already was.

Having done her hair up in an elaborate bun, Asami looked at herself in her full-length mirror and was glad she had spent her Monday afternoon in the gym with Korra. The dress was very form-fitting, but because of its relatively modest design, wasn't improper. She was ready.

Even though it was only a short distance from her penthouse to her office, she decided to take her F12 again (the dark red paint went great with her dress), keeping the noise to a discrete level when she rolled back into the parking garage underneath the Future Industries Tower.

It was a marvel of engineering, really. Standing tall at 100 stories, it was the highest building in Republic City, and the construction had of course been done by the company itself. Hiroshi himself had actually laid the groundwork, though he never got to see the completed structure. It was a gorgeous building, staged on the outside, with an entirely glass facade.

Asami's office was on the 28th floor, for reasons she had never really been able to work out. Her predecessor had chosen it before she became of the age where she could take over the company in accordance with her father's will, and she had inherited this office as well. Not that Asami really cared, it was a beautiful office, spacious, lots of light, and it had everything she could desire, ranging from a comfortable sitting area to a beautiful matte glass desk.

"Good morning, Nikita," Asami greeted her assistant.

"Miss Sato! Welcome back. How was your trip?"

Asami smiled. "Well, it was cold, but other than that it was fine. How have things gone around here?"

Nikita sighed, obviously not looking forward to breaking bad news. "The board has heard what happened with the shipyard deal, and they are furious. You're going to have to give them a very good explanation in the review."

"Leave that part to me. How long have I got?"

"Ten minutes, they're assembling as we speak."

Asami nodded. "Alright, let me know when they're ready." She went inside her office, dropping her purse next to her chair. The stack of documents on her desk betrayed that it was probably going to be a long day, something she didn't have time for right now. Instead, she used the ten minutes she had to thumb through them, making a couple of piles sorted by varying degrees of urgency. Of course, multiple piles meant three, one of which just happen to end up in the shredder. Oh, how inconvenient.

"They're ready for you," Nikita's voice came over the phone.

"Thank you." Asami made her way over to the conference room, taking one last deep breath before throwing the double doors wide open. She was met with the sight of a dozen or so middle-aged men in grey suits, all speaking to each other in small groups. "Gentlemen," she opened, immediately commanding all attention. "Let's have a seat and be done before lunch."

Everyone complied, and Asami took her seat at the head of the table. "Now, I'm fairly certain that you will be harboring a certain degree of resentment towards me, which is understandable."

"'Resentment' would be an understatement," Loban offered up. Even though he wasn't a man the businesswoman would ever have over for dinner, he was a very effective manager. "Miss Sato, you have cost this company millions now that this deal doesn't go through. Care to explain why you blew up at Chief Unalaq? Varrick seemed fairly adamant that it was because you assumed he was a bigot."

"He didn't deny it." Asami sighed, because that argument sounded weak, even in her head. "We have already discussed this past Saturday, Unalaq was having second thoughts either way. I haven't been able to swing him back to our side."

"You didn't need to insult him along the way," someone offered up.

This was exactly the reaction she had been afraid of, because it was true. She flagged Unalaq down, definitively killing all opportunities to fix their deal. "I know. That was my mistake, which I will own up to. But rather than just sit here and let you blame me all day long, I'd rather spend our time productively. What are our options?"

It briefly stayed silent, before one of them dared to speak up. "We've been planning for possible failures, but none of those options are desirable. Varrick wants it to happen in the Southern Water Tribe."

Asami slowly nodded. "Fair enough, but what if we move it to the other side of the South Sea? The Southern Earth Kingdom states would have the added benefit of cheap labor force, and we could make a difference there."

Kao didn't seem impressed. "There's a reason labor is so cheap down there, it's because no one wants to set up projects. Terrorism isn't uncommon, so safety would be a concern. That, and many people there don't have a very positive opinion on either us or the Southern Water Tribe."

"So that's basically out of the question." The businesswoman took a moment, because she knew this was going to be the hardest part: convincing these men to let her handle this without telling them any details. "Gentlemen, I know this is hard for you. Many of you have invested time and energy in this project, but I'm afraid that until we get our approval from the Southern Water Tribe, we have to shelve this project." An audible sigh went through the room. "However, don't give up on it just yet. I have a plan, but unfortunately, I can't tell you any of the specifics."

It was Loban to speak up. "Are you being serious here? You got us into this mess, and now you expect us to trust you?"

"I expect you to trust that I am capable of pulling us out of this mess again. How many times have I let you down over the past five years?" A slight smile played over her face, because she knew the answer was 'none'. "What I am planning on requires secrecy above all else, and the fewer people are involved, the better it is for everyone. Now are you prepared to trust me to handle this, or are you going to block me, definitively stopping this project from ever seeing the light of day?"

Nobody answered, mostly because they knew they didn't really have a choice. Unalaq couldn't be swayed back, and if they would stop Asami now, it would cost them a lot of money.

-You're lucky to have a perfect track-record up until now, otherwise this would never have worked.

But since I have one of those, it did work!

-Just don't let it go to your head.

"Anyway, I suggest we drop this subject for now. How is the progress on the Fire Nation oil rig?"

That was Loban's baby, so he spoke up. "It's about four weeks from launch and perfectly on schedule. We've had some trouble with Greenpeace, but I pledged 500.000 yuans to keep them happy for now. 50.000 a week, starting last week. They've been quiet since then."


It soon hit lunchtime, and even though Asami wasn't feeling much more hopeful now than she was an hour ago, spending some time with her best friend would probably cheer her up a little bit.

She sat down at their mutually favorite restaurant, at least when it came to lunch, mostly because it was close to both Future Industries and Beifong Enterprises.

"'I'll only be gone for two weeks,' she says. 'It'll be fine,' she says." Asami turned around, seeing Opal stand there, a smirk on her face. "And here I am, left alone to pull my hair out over planning the wedding."

The businesswomen enveloped each other in a big hug, happy to see each other again. "Hmm, I did miss you, Ope."

"Yeah, I missed you too. How was the South Pole?"

Asami chuckled. "Cold. Won't be going back there anytime soon. How's the wedding coming along?"

"A bit of help would have been nice! I'm going crazy over this thing!"

"Opal, you've always been a control freak, and about this more than anything else. You could have let Bolin help you, it's also his wedding."

Opal sarcastically snorted. "Yeah right. Don't get me wrong, I love him 'till the end of the world, but you know just as well as I do that he couldn't plan game night with Mako if he wanted to."

"What about Jinora?" Asami curiously inquired. Opal and Jinora were good friends, there shouldn't be any reason she wouldn't help out.

-You mean aside from the obvious one of you hijacking all of her time?

Oops. Forgot about that one.

"Yeah, she helped me last week, but then she was suddenly really busy with work this week. Oddly vague on the details." Opal suddenly got an inquisitive look on her face. "You wouldn't happen to know anything about that, would you?"

"Sorry. Company secret."

"So you do know about it."

Asami sighed, because it became painfully apparent that she had just allowed herself to get backed into a corner. "Yeah, I do. I'll make it up to you. How about, tomorrow, we sit down, and I make up for all the lost time?"

Opal scoffed. "Well, you better get to it, because you still have to be fitted for your bridesmaid's dress. Jinora fits perfectly in hers, but we fitted her last weekend."

"You're not gonna let me live this down, are you?"

A slight smile appeared on Opal's face. "Of course not. Alright, one more thing I need to know: do you have a plus one yet?"

Asami sighed, because she kind of had one in mind. Asking Korra to come to the wedding was tempting, but that would present a whole mess of problems. Figuring out what their relationship was right now would be slightly awkward, with Korra living in her house and basically depending on Asami, but then again, not addressing the unspoken questions hanging between them wasn't a good option either. "I'm working on it," the businesswoman said non-committedly. "Keep my options open."

Opal didn't seem impressed. "That's pretty thin, but I suppose it's progress. When do I get to meet her?"

Fuuuuuck, another thing you didn't consider. "Soon, undoubtedly. I promise you, if I take her to your wedding, you'll get to meet her beforehand."

At this, Opal nodded with a vague smile. "Sounds like a plan."

Back after lunch, Asami was thumbing through the contract for the oil drilling right in Fire Nation sovereign waters when her buzzer went. "Miss Sato, there's a woman here to see you. Says her name is Korra."

A slight smile appeared on her face. "Ah yes, I'm expecting her. Send her through."

Since the line didn't disconnect straight away, she just knew that Nikita was hesitant with sending her in.

-I mean, really? Are you even surprised?

Meh, I suppose people like being judgmental.

-There you go.

When the ex-callgirl stepped into her office, Asami took a good long look at her, smiling as she did. Korra was wearing low sneakers, white hotpants with a simple brown belt, neatly off-setting her dark skintone, along with a light grey crop-top with a Southern Water Tribe-crest on it. This exposed her abs, and in turn, the guns tattooed on her waist. In the light of Asami's office, the colors on her arm stood out, even though they were covered up with the same armbands she had worn on their second encounter: white with a grey tribal design on them.

It was clear that she was fairly impressed with the office, given how wide her ice-blue eyes spread open at the sight of it.

Simply beautiful.


Shut it.

"Holy shit..." she muttered. "This place is bigger than the shed I lived in..."

Asami instantly felt a pang of guilt go through her. She hadn't even considered that when she invited Korra to come up here, mostly because she kind of took it for granted. "You like it?"

Korra chuckled. "I'll admit, Sato, you've got style."

It made the businesswoman smile too. "Thank you. How'd your first night at the Estate go?"

"Pretty smooth. Like you said, plenty of rooms to choose from and plenty of things to do. I've been going to hotels for nearly a decade, and I've never seen anything like that."

A pang of nostalgia shot through Asami. "It was my mom's baby. She basically designed it herself, part of the reason I've never sold it."

Korra smiled. "Looks like you've inherited her knack for it. This place looks great too."

"Thank you." It briefly fell silent between them, when Asami snapped her fingers. "Well, as much as I'd love to talk interior decoration all day long, we have business to take care of." She got up from behind her desk, smiling at Korra's reaction.

They went to the elevator, preparing to go see Jinora. When the doors opened, they revealed one older man already in it, facing the women. He took a look at them both, raising an eyebrow as his line of sight quickly raked over Korra's body. As the elevator went up, Asami could feel the tension between them rise, finally cut when the elevator stopped and the man got out.

"What the fuck was his problem?!" Korra fumed as soon as the doors closed. "I mean, come on! That guy was looking at me like I have a swastika tattooed on my forehead!"

"Korra, calm down, there are a lot of people here not used to much. And I don't mean to be rude here, but I think it's the guns, and even though I hate to say it, I think he's partially right."

This had the ex-callgirl flabbergasted. "I thought you liked them?"

"I do, it's just that..." Asami sighed. "Look, without wanting to get all conspiracy crazy, police here and... dark-skinned people, they aren't exactly on the best of terms right now. I think it would be best if you don't go out in public with those hanging out."

Korra thought for a moment. "That bad, huh?"

Asami gently nodded. "Look, I think they're fine, but it's true, at first glance, it looks like you're armed. People could have problems with that."

She chuckled. "Yeah, I suppose." Another chuckle came before she shook her head. "People are assholes."

"And plenty of them are inside this building," Asami agreed. The elevator slowed down again, this time on the floor of the legal department.

Jinora had a rather simple office, though it made sense for someone of her age. Hell, having your own office with actual walls, blinders in front of the windows, and her own cabinet for books and other things at 23 is pretty much unheard of. But seeing how Jinora was absolutely brilliant, Asami had endured the shouting session from her board when she had kept her on and the amount of money that had cost her.

"Hey Jinora," the businesswoman opened when she stepped in, smiling at the amount of paperwork on her desk. "Busy?"

Jinora looked up, a tired look on her face. She was wearing a simple white blouse with the sleeves rolled up to her elbows, her orange cardigan draped over her chair. "Kind of, this case of yours is driving me..." At this point, she fell silent, and Asami assumed it was because Korra had stepped into the room. "Ho-ly shit..." she mumbled.

"Korra, this is Jinora Gyatso, my resident legal expert. Jinora, this is Korra Amarok."

Jinora's mouth had literally fallen open, and even when Korra held out her hand, she was too dazed to shake it.

"You sure you didn't put something in her coffee?" Korra sarcastically asked, turning back to Asami.


"I'm sorry," Jinora said, regaining herself. "It's just a little but much to digest. Asami, you are aware that when you want to bring home a souvenir, you bring back a mug or a beach towel, not the lost heir to the fucking throne!"

Asami smiled. "What can I say, I'm one for non-conformity."

"And you two already met when you called me from Ushuaia?" Jinora continued.

"We did, that's why I asked you to do that background check. Needed to make sure her story checked out, and when it did, I brought her back with me. Now it's up to you to make sure that we get Tonraq and Senna out of prison."

At this, the ex-callgirl seemed unconvinced. "Whoa, whoa, whoa. You're gonna be trusting the fate of my parents to someone who's barely old enough to drink?"

Jinora folded her arms. "Yeah, insults have always been a great way to break the ice."

"Feeling's mutual."

Asami decided to step up. "Korra, Jinora is one of the best people in the legal field I've ever seen. I once stuck her in a room with six 1500-yuan-an-hour lawyers on an issue, and two hours later, they were fetching her coffee and sandwiches."

A vaguely impressed look appeared on the ex-callgirl's face. "Really?"

The legal expert chuckled. "Yeah, that was a good day." She held up her hand for Asami and Korra to sit down, which she did as well. "Anyway, you have bigger problems than that right now." Jinora turned her laptop around, revealing an arrest warrant for Asami.

"Well, I'll be fucked. What's the charge?"

"Obstruction of justice and evading arrest. Now I'm just gonna go out on a whim here, but I'm guessing she has something to do with it?" Jinora asked, gesturing to Korra.

Asami nodded, fairly certain the truth would surface soon enough.

"These charges are pretty vague. What'd you do?"

"Police told me to stay put, and I had to catch my flight."

"You mean the flight on your private airplane? You're evading my question, they need a reason to issue those charges."

The businesswoman sighed. "Sex tourism," she confessed.

Jinora looked up, at first a look of disbelief in her eyes, looking at Asami. She then looked over to Korra, and her expression turned to one of realization. "Ho-ly shit. You turned tricks?"

Korra nodded. "I did."

"With Asami?"

"Can we move this along?" Asami asked, feeling a blush rise through her cheeks. "Am I in trouble for this or not?"

"Depends," was Jinora's simple answer. "How old are you?" she asked Korra.


The legal expert nodded. "There you go, nothing to worry about. The United Republic only makes a fuss out of it when you go to less-than-savory places for child prostitutes. They typically don't get brought back home though, but you have nothing to worry about. What about the obstruction charge?"

"I told a detective to fuck off because he didn't have an arrest warrant."

Jinora nodded again, a content smile growing on her face. "Good, means that someone is just blowing a lot of smoke. Trying to get a conviction out of those charges would be difficult, even if they caught you red-handed on all of them. Now," she said, snapping her fingers and pointed at Korra, "you need a green card."

"A what now?"

"A green card, allows you to stay here while you don't have a passport yet. The easiest way to convince them that you need it is to tell them that you are escaping sexual labor. Telling the truth is always best."

Korra was kind of surprised. "Is that really going to work?"

Jinora leaned back in her chair, confidence radiating from her smile. "You're a good looking young woman willing to leave her life behind and start a new one here, it's not a stretch. Apply for the card and tell them poverty forced you into prostitution, that'll gather you some sympathy points."

Asami smiled, because the whole thing was coming together nicely. If Korra actually got her green card, it meant she could apply for a passport after that, making the whole thing a lot harder for Unalaq. "What about the case?"

"Ah, yes, the case." Jinora thumbed through the massive pile of papers on her desk. "I've been making progress, but I really need someone to bounce ideas off of."

"I'm all ears," Asami offered.

The legal expert smiled. "Good, can we do this after I've sorted out this whole mess?" she asked, gesturing around her desk. "I don't think you'd like to be plowing through a ton of paper."

"I already have my own ton to plow through, so that sounds like a plan. See you later in my office?"


Asami and Korra both stood up, and there came a very audible sigh from Jinora as she checked her phone. "28 unread emails... You just love making life difficult for me, don't you?"

"At least you're getting paid for it." When the legal expert gave her an 'are you kidding me'-look, Asami decided it would probably be best (and safest) to make herself scarce. "Bye," she quickly waved, before making her way to the elevator again.

"Do you really think she can do it?" Korra asked, a hint of worry in her voice.

The businesswoman nodded. "Absolutely. If anyone can, it's Jinora. She's the best in the business, and I trust her. That's a good combination."

"It is," the ex-callgirl agreed. "Alright, I guess I'll trust your judgment."

Asami nodded. "Listen, Korra, I have a lot of work to do. Why don't you go down to City Hall, and get that whole green card-thing worked out. I'll keep you updated on what progress we made later."

Korra smiled. "Okay, sounds good." She briefly paused, looking straight into Asami's eyes. "Thank you. For... for everything."

The businesswoman smiled back. "You're welcome, Korra." Her smile turned into a smirk. "Now we better get moving. Lots to be done." The ex-callgirl's smile grew, and she made for the door, and Asami was totally not looking at her ass.


There we go, and they are in Republic City, hope you like what I've done with the place. I know Asami's car park is a bit excessive, but then again, she has a lot of money, and I wanted to use them to demonstrate her style. To save you the calculations, the cars I mentioned here would combine to about three million dollars' worth.

Anyway, as always, I'm sorry for the long wait, but I hope it was worth it. Good news is that I've already started work on the next chapter, there will be a short timeskip, possibly even smut (?). No promises on that one though, but I like to keep my options open.

One of you has sent me a review I'd like to expand on a little bit: the value of a yuan on this story. I am aware that the yuan is a real life currency used in China, but that's not the same as the one used here. This one has broadly the same value as a US dollar for convenience, both mine and yours, (no, it's not laziness, my day-to-day currency is the euro) as the dollar is what values and exchange rates are typically expressed in. I only called it the yuan because that's the currency used in the United Republic in the show.

Anyway, that's all for now people, take care.

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