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Waking up wrapped in those arms was nothing short of amazing, as far as Asami was concerned. She let out a very content sigh, trying to succeed where she had failed last time around: not waking up Korra.

It went a lot better this time, as the businesswoman nearly dozed off again herself, pressing herself against Korra's warm body. Letting the warmth of the southerner run through her was a sort of treat, one that only comes by every once in a while, which was exactly why Asami was trying to savor the moment.

Even though she was doing her utmost not to disturb Korra, it didn't matter because she woke up anyway. She stretched the arm under Asami, making her elbow joint pop. "Aahhh," she contently sighed, but the businesswoman cringed.

"Must you do that?"

"Nope, it's purely voluntary," she sarcastically threw back. Asami once again snuggled in a little closer into the callgirl's arms, hoping she could stay all day long, even if she knew better than that.

To calm her mind though, she decided to check her phone for the time. 8:30. Perfect. You have roughly an hour and a half left for your conference call with your board. Benefits of the two hours you have over them.

Korra wasn't in a rush either, so Asami relaxed into her grip a little bit longer. She was a little bit curious about her tattoos, so she took the time to closely examine the full sleeve on her left arm. At least, the exposed parts, as it seemed that water and earth were mostly covered up by her armband.

She traced her finger gently over the Chinese characters on the callgirl's left hand, which made her chuckle. "You like those, don't you?"

"Just wondering what it means. I'm pretty certain it has something to do with the elements on your arm."

Korra rolled away, and Asami followed suit. As it turned out, she wasn't planning on getting out of bed, she just wanted to give the businesswoman a better view of the characters. "It all ties back to the legend of the Avatar, another one from Southern mythology. Supposedly the master of the four elements, and he was meant to guide the world towards balance. That's what the characters on my hand mean. It's an old verse of sorts, meant to capture it all." She traced her finger over the symbols, reading aloud as she did.


"Powers divided in four, and all under heaven is guided by one, the divine being who has descended upon the mortal world." She smiled. "Beautiful, don't you think?"

Asami couldn't help but feel the air of grandeur as Korra solemnly read those words. There was a reverence to it, something that made her feel like it was more than just an old wives tale. "Yes it is. Do you think it's true?"

"I don't know. But what I do know is that it left traces on the world. The Air Nation, Earth Kingdom, etcetera. That's where the marks on my fingers come in."

水 土 火 气
善 強 烈 和

They were neatly spread out, the top four marks on the middle row of phalanges on each finger, the bottom four on the first row. "Water is benevolent, earth is strong, fire is fierce, and air is peaceful." She paused for a moment. "No, I don't think there was a guy who could shoot fire from his fingertips and summon a tsunami with a flick of his wrist, but I do think there is something to this legend that people are overlooking." She chuckled again. "Plus, makes me feel like the Avatar. Every time I punch someone with my left hand, I can say: 'All four elements, bitch'."

Asami laughed too, and realized it felt very comfortable to be like this at the moment. Even though they were both topless, it didn't feel weird, she didn't feel exposed.

More to the point, she realized that in the light of day (the curtains could be operated with a few buttons on the nightstand, talk about decadence) Korra was not only sexy, she was gorgeous. Not flat-out beautiful, but there was a rogue-ish handsomeness to her that Asami had rarely seen in women.

-Except of course, for... her.

Shut up, took me long enough to get over that.

-If you're over her already, you know more than I do.

Asami sighed, and Korra picked up on that. "What are you thinking about?"

"Nothing you'd want to hear about."

"Sure I do, otherwise I wouldn't have asked."

It made the businesswoman break out into a slightly caddish smirk. "Well, if you insist, you remind me of one of my ex-girlfriends."

The callgirl raised a cocky eyebrow. "Good or bad?"

"Well, you have the same body type as her, and she was good in bed, so you tell me."

Korra pushed Asami onto her side, wrapping her arms around her again. "Hmm, I'll take it as a compliment then. From what I hear, you pick and choose your lovers."

"You trust the gossip magazines?"

"Hard-pressed to do so, but there's always a core of truth in them, even if it is far-fetched."

"You being here kind of proves the opposite, wouldn't you say?"

Korra chuckled. "Good point." She was silent for a brief moment, during which Asami relaxed into her comfortable grip a little more. She knew that she'd have to get up at some point, letting go of her very pleasant source of warmth, but she sure wasn't making any efforts to speed that process up. "So what happened between you?" the callgirl asked.

Asami sighed again. "Well, at one point, I overheard her on the phone, and what it basically amounted to was that she was with me for my money, not for me. That's why I'm single, it's very difficult for me to tell which is which. It's been very hard for me to trust people ever since then." It briefly fell silent between them, and the businesswoman decided to make herself do something useful. "Right, time to take a shower."

"I could join you, if you want me to," Korra offered.

Asami raised a cocky eyebrow. "I suppose that's extra?"

"Depends on how thoroughly you want me to help you clean yourself," she threw back, her usual smug smirk on her face.

The businesswoman chuckled. "I think it's better if I don't take you up on that offer. Do feel free to order some breakfast though, it's on me." With that, she took one last breath while she was still under the warm covers, before throwing them off, and immediately regretted that. She had momentarily forgotten that she was topless, and it didn't take long before she felt it. It wasn't so much the fact that she was naked around the callgirl that bothered her, it really was the cold.

She quickly reached over to her pajama top that was lying on the floor and slipped it on, helping a little bit as she shivered again. One look over to the smirk on Korra's face, who was clearly enjoying the show, and she got quasi-angry. "Not. A word."

She raised her hands, pretending to be innocence itself. "I didn't say anything."

"I can hear you think it."

Korra laughed out loud at this. "Touché, Sato. So what do you want, French toast or bacon and eggs?"

The businesswoman shrugged. "I trust your judgment, you choose." And with that, she was off to actually take a shower. Trying to undress was slightly difficult, as both her panties and her pajama bottoms were sticking to her legs like crazy glue. Holy hell Korra. Next time you decide to make me come like a howler monkey, remind me to take my damn pants off.

By the time she was done again, the callgirl had ordered a big breakfast. All she was wearing was a towel wrapped around her hair, a hotel bathrobe, and a pair of fluffy slippers, yet Asami was really looking forward to sharing another breakfast with Korra. She had taken the liberty of slipping into the silk blouse the businesswoman had worn last night, only half bothering with buttoning it up, exposing the tattoo on her chest again.

-You do realize you're staring at her boobs, right?

Shut up, I wasn't... Asami mentally slapped herself back into reality, and sighed. Fine...

-Cue the David Glen Eisley: "And it's sweet, sweet, sweet victory."

The callgirl had noticed, and her smirk returned. "You know I can do a rundown with you of all of them if you want to, just say the word."

A slight blush appeared on Asami's cheeks. "I... Thanks, but I think I'd rather do breakfast first." Wrong, you'd rather do her again, but I guess we'll gloss over that. Before she could find more ways to embarrass herself, the businesswoman sat down to pour them both a cup of tea, and started peeling an egg. After a brief silence, another clever question popped into her head. "Say Korra, how come you're not freezing? You're wearing next to nothing, and it's not exactly toasty in here."

"What can I say? I've lived here all my life, you learn to live with the cold. If you can't walk around without pants indoors, you won't last long here in the South Pole. You're proving my point."

"Because I'm from a temperate climate?"


Asami rolled her eyes, making Korra chuckle again. The rest of the breakfast followed a similar pattern, most sassy one-liners being countered with passive-aggressive remarks, but it was good fun for the both of them. By the time they were both done, it was 9:30, which meant there was only half an hour left before Asami's conference calls would begin. She'd had the common sense to pack her clothes in pre-picked sets, as she had already foreseen that it would be cold, and cold would play parts in getting her out of bed. Or rather, not getting out of bed.

"Fuck," came a muted swear from Korra, who was checking the contents of her purse.

"What is it?"

"I switched purses yesterday, and forgot to switch my make-up with it. Could I borrow a little bit from you?"

Asami smiled. "Of course you can, it's on the counter in the bathroom."

A sincere smile broke across Korra's face. "Thanks Asami." She quickly gathered her clothes, and slipped into the bathroom, and before long, the businesswoman could hear the shower. Now would be a good time to call her assistant to see if she forgot anything. "Nikita, could you pull up the agenda for the upcoming conference call?"

"Sure thing, Miss Sato." There was a bit of rustling on the other side of the line, before she came back again. "First off, Kao has requested a bit of time to make the last of the emergency repairs to the foreman situation, the participation in the off-shore oil drilling near the Fire Nation, the board is very curious to hear about your progress in the Southern Water Tribe, particularly about the contract with Varrick and the shipyard, and lastly, there are the pre-ambles to the quarterly filings."

That all sounds riveting. Asami flicked through her inbox, but much to her frustration, couldn't find any of the documents she was looking for. "Nikita, did you mail me the paperwork of those quarterly filings?"

It was briefly silent on the other end of the line. "It's entirely possible they are waiting for you on your desk."

The businesswoman sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose. "Alright, swearing isn't going to solve this. How big is the file?"

"Pretty big. I can try to summarize, but in 20 minutes, that's extremely ambitious."

"Do it anyway, I need those documents, and fast. I'll buy you as much time as I can, the other topics need some attention as well." Nikita was invaluable to her, even if she could be a little clumsy at times, but she was such a sweetheart that Asami wouldn't dare fire her for something small like this, even if this was very inconvenient.

A sigh of relief came from the other side. "Yes Miss Sato, I'll get on it right away. I'm so sorry about this."

Asami missed the last of what she said, because Korra had come walking out of the bathroom again, fully dressed up. Contrary to last night, she wasn't wearing a lot of make-up, and instead had only opted for a little bit of eye-liner.

And boy, did it look good on her. Her naturally dark skin tone looked absolutely fantastic, being brought out all the more by a very distinct lack of blush. The lack of eyeshadow also meant that her very blue eyes looked even brighter than normal, and the end result left Asami flabbergasted.

"Earth to Asami," the callgirl said, waving her hand around, while the smirk on her face grew. "Liking what you see again?"

"I... uhh..." she stammered, and then finally regained herself. "I mean, you look really good when you only have a little bit of make-up on. Caught me a bit by surprise, that's all." Uh-huh, of course it did, Dr. Lightman.

"Thanks. But I think you should get back to your secretary, she's getting impatient," Korra said, pointing to the businesswoman's phone, which she had dropped. Now that Asami focused back on her phone, she could indeed hear Nikita trying to get her attention again.

She quickly picked it back up, almost dropped it a second time, making Korra's smirk grow once again. "Is everything alright with you?" her secretary asked.

"Yeah, I had company for the night." You. Fucking. Idiot. You couldn't just have said you were still getting dressed or something?!

Yes, thank you for that very helpful commentary, Captain Hindsight.

"That sounds very tempting. Do I need to move your meeting up an hour so that you can have a little bit more time?"

Asami loudly sighed, fighting off the urge to chew her secretary out. "Just get me the damn documents," she simply said, before promptly hanging up and turning to Korra again. "Alright, let me get you your money."

She walked over to her purse to get the callgirl's fee, once again throwing in a handsome tip. The businesswoman handed over the wad of money, and Korra quickly counted it. "You gave me too much again."

"It's not half enough Korra, thanks for coming over." She leaned in to open up the door, and then everything happened very quickly.

Korra leaned in too, quickly pecking Asami on the lips, much to both of their surprise. The businesswoman immediately pulled back, staring at the callgirl with wide-open eyes. Her expression of sheer surprise, she imagined, was quite similar to her own. A furious blush raced over Korra's face, who only stood frozen in place for a few more seconds, before racing out the door. "Bye Asami, see you later!" she yelled back over her shoulder, while making double-time towards the elevator.

Asami just stood there, completely shut down from what had just happened. Sure, there had been plenty of kisses between them earlier on, but this... This was different in every single way. It was affectionate, and despite it only being very short, there was actual feeling in there. It wasn't staged, something like that would be impossible to act out, especially given Korra's reaction.

It wasn't until a particularly cold gust blew past her that she was snapped out of it again. Right. Conference call. She quickly made her way back through her room, and sat down at the desk, opening up her secure video line on her iPad. Asami didn't have the feed from Republic City yet, so that gave her a few moments to check the angle of her own camera, which turned out to be a good thing.

Something that stood out was a faint bruise on her neck, which on closer inspection turned out to be a hickey. Asami sighed loudly, because the worst part was, she didn't really mind all that much, mostly because it was Korra who put it there.

-Are you fucking kidding me?! Falling for a hooker?!

No I'm not!

-Oh please, don't be stupid. Why else would that last kiss feel so special to you?

Because it was very nice?

-For fucks' sake.

Since she only had a split-second to decide, she paced back to her suitcase, pulling out a scarf she had intended for in-door use. Who says three suitcases is too much for a two-week stay?

With the hickey brilliantly covered up, she went back to her iPad to make her final check of her camera when her iPad started ringing, and she started the meeting. "Gentlemen, good to see you all."

"Welcome Miss Sato, how is your stay?" one of them opened.

"It's chilly, but I hope it'll all be worth it. Kao, did you manage to smooth things over after yesterday?"

He cleared his throat. "Yes, I mostly did, a few last kinks to works out, nothing serious. The foreman in question has been detained by the federal police, so we definitely know it's serious. We'll be able to take it to trial shortly."

Great. Courtrooms and lawyers. Christmas in fucking July. "Alright, this does bring me to something I have been meaning to discuss with you: I need to replenish the emergency fund I used for this yesterday, I nearly drained it in the process. It would take about a million yuans to get it back up to strength."

There was an audible groan over her audio feed, and Asami had a hard time not rolling her eyes. This is going to be one long meeting.

Lunch soon rolled by, and they scheduled an hour-long break for everyone. The businesswoman went down to the restaurant, where a familiar face was waiting for her. "Varrick," she greeted him coldly, raising a discerning eyebrow. "What brings you to the Plaza?"

"I'm having lunch with my assistant," he innocently replied. "They have the best crab cakes here." Asami glanced over to Zhu Li, but she didn't say anything, and stoically took a sip of her wine. "Anyway, why don't you join us? We ordered too much anyway."

She reluctantly took a seat, knowing it would probably be in her best interest. "Alright, spill it. You wouldn't be here if you didn't have some ulterior motive."

"Asami, how suspicious of you. Why do you assume malicious intent?"

"Because you have a reputation."

Varrick laughed at this. "Yes, I suppose I do, but I can honestly say I have no evil scheme planned with this." Much to Asami's surprise, he pulled up a more serious face, and leaned in slightly closer. "The Chief's office contacted me. He's having second thoughts about the shipyard."

Son of a bitch. "Of course he does, you think this is a stalling tactic?"

"No, I think he is genuinely leaning towards saying no, so we have to do something about winning him back."

Asami sighed. "Alright, tell you what, I'm currently on break from a meeting with my board. Next point on the agenda was the shipyard, so why don't you come up with me so that we can inform them together? You have a better idea of what's what in that case."

"How long do we have before the meeting resumes?"

"Little under an hour."

Varrick hit the table. "Zhu Li! Cancel everything I have planned for the next two hours, I've got a deal to work on. Now!" he suddenly continued, pushing a plate of food her way. "Crab cakes, like I said, best in the Southern Water Tribe. Dig in!"

The businesswoman hesitantly took a bite, and she had to hand it to the eccentric Southerner: this was one damn good crab cake.

Once Varrick and Zhu Li had patiently waited for Asami to finish her lunch and paid the bill, they went back to the suite, and Varrick joined her in explaining the exact situation of the shipyard to her board. What it basically amounted to was that Unalaq wasn't looking forward anymore to selling the land, and they didn't have any contractual obligations to make him do that just yet. It also meant that Asami would have to pull all the plugs, and probably go to their next meeting, which was on Monday, with a Queen Anne-neckline on a form-fitting dress. Sexist bastards.

-Hey, if it gets results, it should be worth it.

Remind me why I indulge you?

The board meeting took up most of the afternoon, and since Varrick was involved with two of three points still on the table, he stayed for the majority of them. By the time the quarterly filings rolled by, Asami asked him politely but firmly to fuck off, and stop getting on her nerves. Just not in that exact wording, that would be rude.

-You think?

Nikita had managed to summarize the report everyone had received rather well, as the businesswoman didn't miss anything major. It was mostly preparing work, but it would save them a lot of hassle later on.

Of course, that didn't mean it wasn't more boring that watching paint dry, but that's beside the point for the moment.

In the end though, they did make some good progress, and Asami was fairly pleased with how the day turned out. It had been a useful meeting with the board, and it hadn't been as horrible as she'd expected.

But then, the worst part of the day began again: the evening. Cold, dark, and miserable. The only thing Asami had to cheer herself up was a far too luxurious dinner on the company, and she hadn't finished the 32 year-old bottle of whiskey she had bought a few days ago. The fireplace still hadn't been fixed, much to her grievance.

By the time Asami was sick of everything, she found herself in her bed, once again missing the callgirl's warm grip.

Was it just her grip, though? It was so... comfortable around her, even if it was just because she had someone to share breakfast with. There was a mystery to her that Asami couldn't quite put her finger on. Even when Korra was naked or next-to-naked, she had armor on, and was set on not letting anyone in.

But that wasn't how Asami worked. She always wanted to get to the bottom of things, and the way to do that in this instance was to get to know her better. If she'd call her over again, she should really try a lot harder to resist her, but that was hard. Between the tattoos, her amazing body, and playful personality, it wasn't easy to say no, especially when she was incessant as well.

Lastly, there was the kiss. That last kiss, right before she left. Over in the blink of an eye, but there was something in there, something more than just a woman doing this for a big paycheck. Perhaps she was feeling the same way? That would almost be an ideal situation, but there was only one way to find out. I have to call her again.

-Gee, that's a sacrifice. No idea how you're going to manage.

Shut up.

Right now though, all of that was out of the question, most obviously because she wasn't here. This meant a cold night and a lonely morning.

Asami sighed. Fuck my life.


-You're never going to get used to this cold-thing, are you?

The shiver running down her spine made Asami realize she completely and utterly agreed with this. To make matters worse, it was Sunday. Normally, Sunday was Asami's day off, meaning she got to do some tinkering on the Aston Martin DB Mark III she was currently restoring, but not while she was on the other side of the planet. Rising groggily out of her bed was not the most pleasant way to wake up, no matter the temperature, but she knew that Korra not being there definitely didn't help.

-You fucking idiot. Five seconds from waking up, that's got to be some sort of record for thinking of a prostitute that's been by twice.

Shut. Up.

-Aggression implies that you know you're defensive, and therefore losing.

Oh come on, Commander Spock, you're supposed to be on my side.

-I'm your voice of reason, something that you sorely need.

Asami sighed. She knew it was true, even if she didn't like it. Thinking about Korra so much wasn't good for anything, least of all her psyche. What she really needed was something to distract herself with. Something... mechanical.

After a few seconds, it hit her like a ton of bricks. The perfect solution to keep her distracted, at least for the time being. Sure, it would be embarrassing for a few people, but that would be the least of her concerns. They had all the time in the world to do something about it, and instead chose to stand around with their dicks in their hands. Go get 'em tiger.

It was one of the quickest showers Asami had ever taken, and her outfit wasn't exactly going to win any elegance awards either, not to mention the absolute minimum of make-up that she forced herself to wear when going out in public or the ponytail that screamed 'I'm only doing this because it's practical.'

The elevator would be too slow in this case, so the stairs would do, it was only four floors. Good exercise.

Throwing all caution to the wind, she stepped to the front desk clerk. "Say, is your fireplace still broken?"

The guy there sighed. "Miss Sato, it was shut down because of understaffing, not because it's broken."

"I have a Master's in mechanical engineering, I know when something is broken, and that thing is broken. So I'm here to ask you this: have you got a toolbox?"

Asami was fairly certain that if the clerk's eyes weren't held in place by the optic nerve, they would have rolled out of their sockets from surprise. "Miss Sato, I... I can't let you..."

"Can it. I've been freezing my ass off in this hell-hole for the past week, I am dying to fix something, and the closest thing in my direct vicinity that is broken is your fireplace, so you either give me a toolbox so that I can work on that thing, or I go down to the nearest hardware store to buy a multitool and fix it with that. Now can we do this the easy way?"

He stared at her in disbelief for a few more seconds, but then he gave in. "Alright. Please wait here, I'll be right back." Indeed, he was, bringing a basic set of tools with him, but it would do the trick. Asami followed him through a door that said 'Staff only', and led her to the back of the gas-powered fireplace.

"Miss Sato, I'm going to inform my superior of this."

"Good man," Asami replied. "If he gives you any trouble, just send him to me." With that, the clerk walked off, leaving the businesswoman to play with the mechanics of the fireplace.

She first took off the casing, exposing the mechanical work below. A little to her disappointment, it wasn't as complicated as she'd hoped, but it would still take her a while to go through it all. Mostly because, well, it wasn't as complicated as the 2.9L straight six of her beloved Aston Martin.

Let's get crackin'.

Asami tinkered heavily with valves, trying to find out what was broken. It turned out to be the gas regulator, and for safety, she knew it to be designed to shut off completely if it was broken, hence the lack of gas flow into the fireplace.

"Excuse me, Miss Sato, but what are you doing?" a man's voice sounded in the room, but Asami was tucked under the lines, hands playing with the pipes covered in soot.

"Working on your fireplace, it's broken. Could you be so kind to turn the red valve to your left counter-clockwise as far as it will go?"

The creaking indicated that he did, and the businesswoman smiled. "Is it shut all the way?"

"I think it is," came the timid reply.

The bolt that was holding the valve on was tightened very well, but Asami wasn't a wimp, so with a very big wrench, she managed to pry it loose, and slid out from under the contraption. There, a very disheartened hotel manager was waiting for her. "Morning," she cheerfully greeted him. "I'd shake your hand, but I don't want to get your fancy suit dirty."

"Why are you doing this?"

"Because I'm bored senseless. Oh, if you were planning on yelling at the clerk who let me in here and gave me tools, please don't, I'm the one who pressured him into letting me do this. Now, could you point me to the nearest hardware store? I need a regulator valve just like this one," she said, holding up the broken component. "Should be for sale at any semi-decent store, but I have no idea where to look for one."

"I take it you're insisting on this?" Asami threw him a confirming nod and a patronizing look, upon which he bit back a sigh, she could just tell. "Alright, then I have to insist that you use the hotel car service. Our driver is skilled in the deep snow, and knows where to get the component you're looking for on a Sunday."

"Thank you. Now I'll go wash my hands, and then I'm pretty much good to go."

She quickly ran back up four floors, washed her hands so that she wouldn't get soot over the fancy hotel car and her coat, slipped back into said coat, her gloves, scarf, and hat, before she was on her way.

Turns out the hardware store was on the other end of Ushuaia, and because of the snowfall of that night, it took them quite a while to get to the store, but not as long as it took her to get someone to help her find the part she needed. Three spotty teenagers and a store manager later, she finally had a valve identical to the one that was broken.

As soon as the Bentley Bentayga 4x4 pulled back into the hotel parking lot, she was met by the manager, humbly opening the door for her. "Miss Sato, if you'll allow me to do so, let me at least serve you lunch on the house."

She dryly chuckled. Well, at least he's making an effort to keep you in his good graces. "That sounds fantastic," she said, knowing that refusing his offer would only insult him further. Instead of going back to the fireplace, he led her to the restaurant, where it only took minutes for her orders to be delivered. Some poor schmuck is waiting extra long for his food, it seems.

Another look around told her that she was the only one there not dressed to perfection. It's not like she was hopelessly underdressed, but when held against men showing up in three-piece suits and women in hideously expensive silk blouses, her woolen slip-over and black jeans did seem a little... simple.

Not that the businesswoman was one to care right now. She knew that it was all because she was doing useful shit, not just gobbing away at food that's far too expensive, when take-out Chinese would do the trick as well. For all her fine tastes, a refined palate was never something she could quite get the hang of. She always got compliments about her excellent sense of fashion, taste for interior decoration, even her choice of cars, but then surprised the world when she was spotted going through the drive-through at a Burger King.

-In hindsight, it probably wasn't the best idea to do that in an yellow-flaked McLaren convertible.

Meh, I was hungry. Besides, it's not as bad as a McDonalds.

-Good point.

Before long, she had finished her lunch, and got back in the mindset for tinkering with the fireplace. Attaching the valve again wasn't very hard, and within about fifteen minutes, she called the hotel clerk to try it out again.

It was next to impossible to suppress a slightly smug smirk as the fireplace came to life again on the first attempt. "There you go, now you know who to ask first," she said, upon which the clerk turned bright red. "Now I just have to put the tools back in place. Could you point me to the garage?"

"Certainly, Miss Sato, if you'd please follow me," he said, bowing like a straight razor. As it turned out, it was a toolbox from the maintenance area of the hotel cars, which wasn't really a surprise. What was a surprise though, was what was in it. Sure, the businesswoman had expected to see three Rolls-Royce Phantoms, a Bentley Mulsanne, and two Bentaygas that had taken her to the store earlier, but there was one car in particular that drew her attention.

Tucked away in the corner, there was a bright red classic Porsche 911, one of the most beautiful and best sportscars ever made, in Asami's not-so-humble engineering opinion. Much to her delight, the man that had driven her earlier was bent over the open engine bay.

"Now that's a thing of beauty," she said, approaching the classic.

He looked up, a smile on his face. "You think so?"

"1965 Porsche 911, six cylinder air-cooled boxer-engine. If it doesn't sound like there's a box of nails in the carburetor, you've got it tuned wrong."

"Then I've got it wrong, because it doesn't sound at all," he said, walking to the cockpit to demonstrate this. When he turned it over, it spluttered immensely, gave an occasional bang, but nothing noteworthy.

Asami raised her hand, urging him to stop. "Kill it, I've got four ideas of what can be wrong with it. Has it got clean fuel in it?"

"Yes it does, just filled it up, but it won't fire."

"Got the H-T leads in the correct order?"


"No dirt in the carburetor?"

"Cleaned it with a Q-tip."

"Alright, that leaves us with the timing," Asami said, bending over the engine bay as well. When she looked up at her fellow engineer, she smiled, as his face scrunched up. Clearly, he had forgotten about that.

"Damn," he swore under his breath. "Let me get the proper tools."

Before he could move, Asami stopped him. "Let's introduce first. Asami Sato," she said, holding out a soot-covered hand.

He looked at it and smiled, grabbing it firmly with a grease-covered hand. "Koda Nasak, pleasure to meet you."

Together, they toiled away at the car for the remainder of the afternoon. Koda informed her of how he was allowed to work on his little pet-project during his free time, which he had a lot of now, during the winter months. A lot of roads weren't sprinkled with salt, so when the 911 would be done, he could drive it around without any dangers of corrosion. He would have to pay close attention that it wouldn't be slippery though, but that was a sacrifice worth making.

"Alright, let's try this puppy again," Asami ultimately said when she was reasonably convinced the engine was now tuned properly.

When he did turn it over, it took a few goes, but in the end, the engine spluttered to life. Just as she had predicted, it sounded like there was a box of nails rattling away in it somewhere, but that was the whole idea of an air-cooled engine. They simply don't make them like that anymore.

"You know, you're not at all like what I expected," Koda said.

"And what would that be like?" she asked, raising a cocky eyebrow.

He grew a little uncomfortable at this. "Well, you know, spa days, massages, that sort of thing."

She chuckled. "That's for beauty queens, I like being buried up to my elbows in greasy engines as much as you do. I'm restoring a 1957 Aston Martin in my free time."

He smiled. "You have certainly proven that, Miss Sato. My apologies."

"Asami for you," she said, holding up her hand. "We've worked on a true classic together, we can go by first names."

"Alright, Asami. Well, no disrespect, but it's knocking-off time for me, and we probably both smell like we need a shower. Thank you for all your help."

She laughed again. "It was my pleasure. I would have spent my day bored senseless anyway." With that, she walked back to the elevator, this time with a real sense of accomplishment. Working on the 911 was thoroughly satisfying and kind of therapeutic, plus, Koda being very kind certainly helped.

That being said, she was also fairly tired. Mechanical work like that required a lot of focus, and she'd hate to make sloppy mistakes on somebody else's classic.

When she stepped back into her room though, she got the shock of her life.

"Hey Asami."

The businesswoman's heart almost burst out of her chest from the shock, most certainly not expecting Korra to be waiting for her in my own suite! "Christ in heaven Korra, you scared the life out of me! What the fuck are you doing here?!"

"I had the night off, so I decided to keep you company for now," was her bone-dry response.

Asami's mouth was still in the metaphorical process of closing. "How the hell did you get into my room?"

The callgirl chuckled. "Well, I've been in this business for over ten years, there isn't a front-desk clerk in Ushuaia I'm not on a first-name basis with. Plus, men are idiots. Show enough cleavage, and when you say 'jump', they say 'how high?'. I also brought pizza," she said, as if it was the most normal thing in the world. Korra stepped aside, revealing two large boxes sitting on the table.

"Is this some sort of company policy I missed? The 'bring pizza to lucrative clients'-policy?"

"Something like that." Korra chuckled. "No, that's not really the reason. It is really my day off, and I'm here out of my own volition, as you might be able to tell by my wardrobe." Asami glanced down, seeing that the callgirl wasn't dressed in a typical short skirt and low-cut top, but instead in a pair of sweatpants and a slightly faded Southern Tiger Seals shirt (the local ice hockey team).

How the hell did you not notice that?

-Maybe it's the fact that she just showed up in your hotel room out of the blue.

Good point.

Korra took a deep breath. "There is another reason. Asami, I've been in this business longer than I should have, and in all my time doing this, do you know how many times someone refused to believe my stage name? Never. I mean, there were nice clients, sure, but even to them, I was an object. I was just the means to an end, a tool to bring pleasure." She took another deep breath. "And then you showed up. Like I said, you were the first client I actively had to persuade to have sex with me, as that is sort of a company policy. But no, what really stuck with me, was that you treated me like a human being. You refused to accept Sapphire as my name, you insisted on finishing me off as well, you offered me breakfast, and you actually tried to have a real conversation with me. It's just so unusual for me to be with someone who is nice simply because they think of me as a person."

Asami couldn't help but soften up at the confession. "Look, Korra, I don't see what I did as special. I guess... I don't know, I don't see why I would treat you like anything else than a person."

The callgirl smiled. "And how depressing is it to realize that you are one-of-a-kind with that?"


"Exactly. And that is why I'm here, because you're the first client I had that I genuinely liked, and I figured that you would probably be cold again by now."

The businesswoman raised a suspicious eyebrow. "What, like the last time you came over here to be my cuddle-buddy?"

Korra gave her a 'fair enough'-nod and chuckled. "No, though I see your point. I promise you, I won't seduce you tonight." The odd phrasing of that sentence made Asami smile. "Now," she continued, snapping her fingers. "You get to choose."

This took her by surprise. "Between what?"

"The Walking Dead or Orange is the New Black," she said, holding up a DVD-copy of the first seasons of either show.

"Walking Dead," Asami decisively answered, a big smile appearing on her face. She moved to a chair to take off her coat and shoes, while Korra prepared the television. "I'm gonna go shower, since I stink like engines and grease, and change into something a little less dirty, be right back," she said, taking her leisure clothes with her into the bathroom.

-You mean the only clothes you have with you that make you look like a trailer-park fashion queen?

Yes, they're comfortable.

-They're ridiculous. How the hell are you ever gonna get someone hot for you when you're dressed like a redneck who is okay with marrying her brother?

Because that is not what I'm trying to accomplish here.

-Uh-huh, of course you're not.

Asami decided not to entertain thoughts like those any longer, as she was genuinely looking forward to what Korra had in store for her. When she stepped out of the bathroom again, this time dressed more or less like the callgirl, only with a very warm and comfortable hoodie over it, Asami found her lounging on the couch.

"Ah, perfect timing, I just set everything up. Now I didn't know what kind of pizza you like, so I brought one with tuna and one with mozzarella and pesto."

The businesswoman chuckled again. "Both sound fine." She sat down on the far end of the couch, but Korra had other plans.

"Nuh-uh, you come sit over here," she demanded, patting the spot on the couch next to her. Suddenly, Asami had her doubts about this. If Korra really wanted to keep her promise about not seducing her tonight, why was she acting like her girlfriend? On the other hand, the prospect of cuddling up against the warm girl was extremely appealing.

Ultimately, her love for all things warm won out, and the businesswoman walked over to Korra, cautiously leaning against her side, and she instantly wrapped an arm around her waist. "Trust me Sato, you're going to love this." The callgirl hit play, and pulled the boxes of pizza closer, opening one up.

For some reason, Asami had zero reason to doubt that statement.

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