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Asami and Korra holding hands
The Caller
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Andi Cruz




Andi Cruz


Andi Cruz


The Legend of Korra


After the moments Korra beating Kuvira and the party being over, Asami and Korra visit the new spirit portal.


  • Korra-The Avatar. She is the one who bought balance to the world by creating a spirit portal to the Spirit World. She is also one of the main characters.
  • Asami-She is the executive of Future Industries. She accompanies Korra in the journey.
  • Jinora-Jinora accompanies Korra and Asami.


Book 1: Spirit World

No. Ep. Episode Title Airdate
1 1 "Welcome To The Spirit World" January 23, 2015
Asami and Korra travel to the Spirit World and Asami likes it. Korra tells Asami to go to Iroh's Cafe in the Spirit World and Asami agrees. With the journey a long way, Raava's lost evil brother awakens from Asami touching a valuable Spirit Necklace. The evil brother takes over Korra. Asami goes back into Republic City to get help that a new spirit has come. Tenzin and Jinora tell Asami to go with Korra to Koh's Place so Koh can take Raava's brother's face.
2 2 "Journey To Koh's Place" January 24, 2015
After the girls reach Koh's Place, Koh mistakes that they have no emotion and steals both Asami and Korra's face.
3 3 "Wild Wonders" January 24, 2015
[[Fanon:Tenzin (The

Caller)|Tenzin]] finds out that Korra and Asami's face have been stolen.

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