This fanon is a sequel to Cabbage Merchant's Cabbages

20 years after the events of the war between the Cabbage and Watermelon Merchants, their children continued the war.

Gyatso and Bumi Meet Suma and Katar

Gyatso and Bumi, both are ten, were cruising the Omashan Market searching for some sales for their cabbage cart. They had just sold ten pounds of ripe cabbages to a rich adviser to King Bumi. But then, they spotted it. Their fathers worst enemy, but his children! They were selling watermelons to a tall brooding soldier. The soldier left with two watermelons and a wave of gratitude at the children.

Gyatso bumped Bumi and said, "Watch this."

Gyatso took a large cabbage and chucked it at the head of one of the boys. The momentum of the cabbage knocked the boy to the floor. His brother helped him up and scanned the area for a cabbage thrower. Then saw two boys laughing histeracly with a cabbage cart. He took his brother and charged at Gyatso and Bumi.

The one who wasn't hit said, "Why did you throw a cabbage at my brother Katar! Wait! Your the children of that filth merchant who drove my father out of Omashu! Well I'm Suma and you will be destroyed!"

With that Suma and Katar bumped the cabbage cart onto the floor and left Gyatso and Bumi to pick it up. But Bumi bumped his brother with a chuckle and threw a big fat watermelon at Katar. There was a great outburst of laughter by Gyasto and Bumi.

Katar's Revenge

Katar was on top of Omashu's mail system. While his brother was selling watermelons he readied his assault on the filthy cabbage boys with a great knockout. He sat in a cart and laughed evily. "Mwahahahahaha!"

But then a mail worker noticed and said, "Wait wha?"

With great amusement Katar pushed his cart down a mail chute. Wildly waiting for his revenge on the cabbage kids.

Gyasto and Bumi were scuttling with their cart down the market. They had made 10 silver coins and 7 gold coins, their best this week. But Bumi was distracted by a faint yell.

He asked his brother, "What's tha-" KABUUUSHHHH'

The cabbage cart EXPLODED as the hilarious Katar's revenge (Mail cart). Plowed through the cabbage cart. Sending furies of wood and (Somewhat bouncy and squishy) cabbages a frenzy in the market! The citizens wasted no time collecting the cabbages and running like a senior citizen on bingo night to their houses.

In the mail cart, the furious Gyatso found a hysterically laughing Katar. He was angry as hell. He took a cabbage and leaped into the cart with his arm outstretched.

The Real War

Katar was in his hospital bed, nurses tending his cabbage inflicted wounds. The original Watermelon Merchant was furious at the original Cabbage Merchant and had told his son Suma to get revenge.

Suma was trudging through the market spying on the fully repaired cabbage cart controlled by Gyasto and Bumi. They were obliviously marching through the market selling cabbages to make up for the stolen ones. Suma had a mastermind plan. He had put a bomb in the furnace of the blacksmith next to them that would explode and kill Gyasto and Bumi. If they survived he had unlocked the cages of the zoo animals too violent to be shown in the zoo, so they would bound on Gyasto and Bumi. He knew it would cause many deaths but it was worth it!

Suma saw the blacksmith heading towards the furnace. Suma fled a few blocks back so he wouldn't be killed. KABUUUSHHH! The explosion ruptured through the market, killing many. He saw Gyatso and Bumi, they were shot into the neighboring tea shop by the explosion. Suma was mad they didn't die but on que, the animals charged into Omashu. His mastermind plot was working! But, his pants were soon stolen by a rabid monkey. So he was shuffling through the market with no pants.

Gyasto couldn't move his legs, and a monkey had stole his shoes and socks. Bumi couldn't move either, he lost his shirt to the same monkey. But the real danger came when a platypus bear trudged into the tea shop. It noticed the pinned boys, but took more interest when it saw a pantless Suma silently creeping through the market. The Platypus Bear pursued the pantless Suma down the market, to the great amusement of Omashans and animals who joined in with harmony. Pursuing the pantless boy.

30 Years Later

The original Cabbage Merchant passed away, and a cabbage crushing a watermelon was carved on his tombstone. As for Gyasto and Bumi, they became rich generals of King Bumi's army. Suma was sentenced to 70 years in jail and Katar became a very famous comedian. Suma's pursuit became a phrase representing how the law will catch up with you.

Authors Note

This is the last installation of the two part fanon I made about the Cabbage Merchant. In this one I tried to show seriousness like the bomb and comedy like the throwing of the cabbages. Hope you like it! This will probably be my last fanon as I have went inactive.

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