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This story is just a different take on Korra Alone. Many things are different, but some plot elements are the same. I wrote this because I've been overwhelmed by the sensation that is Korrasami!

Two days after Day One.

"Dear Korra,

I miss you. Republic City isn't the same without you. I've gotten a job offer from Kuvira to work alongside her fiancé to help rebuild the Earth Kingdom. I'll be leaving tomorrow, so if you're planning a trip to Republic City, I won't be there. If you could swing by Chin village, that would be great! I'm excited to see Bolin again, but not as excited as seeing you will be. I hope you feel better soon.

Love, Asami"

Day One.

As she paces, wondering if her Avatar is doing better, an assistant walks in. Assistant: "Ms. Sato, there is someone on the radio calling for you. His name is Bolin." Asami: "Oh! Bolin!" Asami grins happily at the thought of her friend's name.

Bolin: "Testing! One, two, three, one tw-" Asami: "Hey Bolin! What's up?" Bolin: "Oh... hello Ms. Sato! The Great Uniter, Kuvira, has asked of your engineering skills to better the Earth Kingdom!" Asami: "Um...Bolin, why are you talking so weird?" Bolin: "Oh, well, Kuvira says it makes me very professional sounding to use Ms. and bettering the Earth Kingdom and all. So! You wanna help build a better future for all of the Earth Kingdom?" Asami: "I thought you guys had an excellent engineer, one of Lin's nephews, right?" Bolin: "Yes! Baatar! But he specifically asked for your assistance. Two engineers are better than one!" Asami: "Okay Bolin. Do you know how long this will last; I can't leave Future Industries for too long." Bolin: "Three weeks max beginning tomorrow. Baatar really wants help with building a railway from Chin village to Kyoshi Island without tearing up the land and making sure to persevere the culture." Asami: "Interesting...ok I'll help. Normally I'd go over this and make sure there are no upcoming projects, but it would be nice seeing you again and I would love to spread Future Industries to the Earth Kingdom!" Bolin: "Great! I'll let Kuvira and Baatar know! Were on a train headed your way; I'll see you tomorrow morning!" Asami: "Okay, see you tomorrow!"

As she stands up, Asami is approached by her assistant. Assistant: "Thankfully we don't have any plans for the next month. Good luck restoring the Earth Kingdom, Ms. Sato. The Avatar would be proud." The last statement causes the young engineer to blush uncontrollably. However, she quickly gathers herself and begins to pack for her upcoming business trip. Before packing, Asami begins writing a letter to Korra, wishing to let her know where she'll be.

Day Two.

Asami walks up to the platform, waiting for the upcoming train. She pauses and thinks to herself, "I hope Korra is doing well, I should use the time I have off to visit her. No, she would want me to help rebuild the Earth Kingdom while she recovers...right?" She is, all of a sudden, embraced by Bolin. Bolin: "Ms. Satoooo! It's so good to see you." Asami: "You too Bolin, you too." The two friends board the train and approach Kuvira.

Bolin: "This is Future Industries' Ms. Sato." Kuvira: "It's a pleasure to meet you. Bolin has told me so much about you." Asami: "It's a pleasure to meet you as well...uh, Great Uniter." Kuvira: "Please, call me Kuvira. Baatar and I have been so impressed by your works that we couldn't resist asking for your assistance." Asami: "I'm flattered. Where is Baatar? I'd like to start working right away, so I can keep up with my projects at Future Industries." Kuvira: "Of course. He is right this way." They proceed to the back of the train. Kuvira: "You will be compensated generously for your works and the entire Earth Kingdom will know of your works, Ms. Sato." Asami: "Thank you. You can just call me Asami." Suddenly, Varrick and Zhu Li appear. Varrick: "Asamiiiiii, so how's Future Industries? It's been quite some time since I tried to take over!" Asami: *Snidely* "It's doing great Varrick. Thanks." Kuvira: "Varrick also told me many things about you. Your ability to prevent him from taking over Future Industries while rebuilding it yourself is also why my fiancé and I are interested in your services." They reach a much bigger room in the back of the train where Baatar Jr. is.

Kuvira: "And here is my husband to be." Baatar Jr.: "It is very nice meeting an engineer of your caliber, Ms. Sato." Asami: "Likewise and Asami's just fine." Kuvira: "We'll arrive in Chin village in four days. Until then, please relax and make yourself at home here, Asami." Asami: "Thank you very much!" Kuvira: "Come Bolin. Let us leave the engineers to brain storm." Bolin: "Yes Kuvira. See you later Asami!" Asami: "Later Bolin." Baatar Jr.: "I've already drawn up a few plans if you like to go over them." Asami: "Yes, of course."

Day Three.

As she reads another letter sent to her by the one she misses the most, Korra once again tries to write a letter back. Korra: "Ugh! I can't do this! I don't know what to say to her!" Her polar-bear dog, Naga, comes to comfort her owner. Korra: "Naga...what should I write to Asami....oh! That's a great idea Naga!" Naga look inquisitively at her owner. Korra: "Sorry Naga, pretending you can talk helps me think." The young, recovering Avatar finally begins doing what she's wanted to do for three years.

"Dear Asami,

I'm sorry I haven't written to you sooner, but every time I've tried I never know what to say. The past three years have been the hardest of my life. Even though I can get around fine now, I still can't go into the Avatar state. I keep having visions of Zaheer and what happened that day. Katara thinks a lot of this is in my head, so I've been meditating a lot, but sometimes I worry I'll never fully recover. I'm glad you're helping restore balance to the Earth Kingdom; it means a lot to me. Please don't tell Mako and Bolin I wrote to you and not them; I don't want to hurt their feelings, but it's easier to tell you about this stuff. I don't think they'd understand.

Love, Korra"

A few hours after writing and sending her letter, Korra realizes that Asami won't read it until her business trip is over in three weeks. During lunch with her parents, Korra merely fiddles with her food. Senna: "What's wrong Korra?" Korra: "I've been thinking...I'm going to go to the Spirit World and try to reconnect with Raava. Then I'll head to Republic City from the North since its closer." Tonraq: "Are you sure about traveling alone?" Korra: "Yes." Tonraq and Senna glance at one another. Tonraq: "Alright sweetie, you can go, but please be safe." Korra: "I will." Senna: "Your father and I love you very much Korra." Korra: "I love you both too." Korra packs and is given some money by her parents. She then heads off towards the Spirit Portal within the Southern Water Tribe. Not long after her departure, Korra reaches the Tree of Time within the Spirit World and begins meditating inside of it. She is approached by several Light spirits who are excited to see her. However, a snail-like spirit states that it cannot sense Raava's energy within Korra. Korra: "That's why I came to the Tree of Time, hoping to reconnect with Raava but I can't." Kind Light Spirit: "I'll help you!" Korra: "Thanks, but everyone keeps telling me that they'll help me. I need to do this on my own".

Korra then exits the Spirit World into the Northern Water Tribe. She wonders if she should visit Desna and Eska, her cousins and co-chiefs of the North. She decides against this and heads towards the Spirit Oasis. At the Oasis she looks at Tui and La. Korra: "Aang saved you both seventy-five years ago. La, you even combined your energy with Aang. Do you know of any way that I can reconnect with him and Raava?" A bright light appears before Korra and forms into a beautiful woman. Korra: "...Princess Yue?" Yue: "Yes. Korra, in order to reconnect with your past lives you must overcome your mental trauma." Korra: "How do I do that?" Yue: "There is someone that your heart is connected to. Meet with that person, open your heart and your chakras will be unlocked." Korra: "Wait, what? Chakras, opening my heart, Yue can't you just tell me what I need to do?" Yue: "No. I don't even know who it is that you need to meet with... but your reflection within the water tells me what you need to do." The Moon spirit then instantly fades away. Korra: "Yue!"

Korra thinks about what Yue has said. She looks into the water to see her reflection, however, it isn't there. Instead, she sees herself in the Avatar State with a platinum chain wrapped around her right arm! Korra: "But that was three years ago!" She hysterically slaps the water of the Spirit Oasis in fright of the image she just saw. Korra: "Oh no! The spirits!" Korra frantically makes sure that Tui and La are unharmed by her waterbending. Both of them are fine, still encircling one another. Korra: *Sigh* "Good. I'm surprised my uncle didn't try corrupting you both with his waterbending. Good thing huh?" She pulls out of her backpack the most recent letter that Asami wrote her. Korra: "Chin village...ok lets go." Korra proceeds to the formal entrance to the North and buys food and a small boat. As she begins sailing towards the Earth Kingdom, night falls.

Day Four.

Asami is going over the current plans for the railway with Baatar Jr. Asami: "So, if we build the railway here, we won't have to demolish any existing buildings or any landmarks regarding Avatar Kyoshi. We will have to carve a bit of the mountainside out of the island but the locals should be okay with that, right?" Baatar Jr.: "This is brilliant. Yes, the locals shouldn't have a problem. It's mainly the Governor, Koko who isn't keen on us Undoing Avatar Kyoshi's work by reconnecting the island to the mainland." Asami: "Oh, I thought that almost everyone was happy that Kuvira was bringing the Earth Kingdom out of chaos." Baatar Jr.: "Unfortunately, some have grown accustom to running their own states, not wanting to rejoin, worrying we'll take away their resources. Obviously, this is preposterous and there are numerous rumors regarding Kuvira's leadership but, I assure you that none are true."

Asami: "Well, hopefully everything will go smoothly. I was wondering, how are we going to get everything done in time? It takes four days to and from Chin village and Republic city. That gives us only thirteen days." Baatar Jr.: "Not to worry Asami, we have all the materials needed and a workforce consisting of the most skilled metalbenders in the entire Earth Kingdom. With our brilliant ideas coupled with readied workers, the railway should take no more than ten days to build. It will also have the insignia of Future Industries across most of it so that you contribution doesn't go unnoticed." Asami: "Okay, thank you very much Baatar for answering my concerns." Baatar Jr.: "Not a problem."

Around the same time, Korra awakes, realizing that she sleep more than she wanted and has veered off course a bit. She looks up to see the completely destroyed Northern Air Temple. It's completely covered in ash, only recognized only by the, somehow, undamaged blue roof sitting atop the cooled magma. A tear begins to roll down Korra's face. Korra: "Aang's culture...I let it get destroyed." However, Korra's somber moment is interrupted by something she sees on the magma. Korra: "What is that...who, is that me!?" Atop the fallen temple is Korra as she appeared during her battle against Zaheer. Korra: "Am I going crazy?" What appears to be a hallucination, disappears. Korra then continues her journey and by using her various bending abilities, quickly travels through the mountains.

Day Five.

Late into day five, Kuvira's train arrives at the coast looking towards Kyoshi Island. Kuvira: "We have reached our destination. I will go and introduce our plans to the citizens of Chin and Kyoshi, then brief the workers." Baatar Jr.: "Great and with this plan we can immediately get started." Asami: "I'm glad we can start soon. Not only so I can return to Republic city but, I also want to help the people of Kyoshi as quickly as possible." As everyone begins departing the train, Asami notices many people from both Chin and Kyoshi scowling at them.

Asami: "Bolin, why does everyone seem upset that we're here? I thought we were helping them." Bolin: "They're not upset, they always look this way. Don't worry Asami, once we have that railway going, everyone will be smiling...maybe." Varrick: "There just tired. Most of these people came from Kyoshi just to greet us. The people from Chin...well, there always like this. Isn't that right Zhu Li?" Zhu Li: "No, sir." Varrick: "Zhu Li, DO THE THING!" Zhu Li: "I meant to say, yes sir." Asami: "I'm pretty sure they came here to tell us to leave, not greet us." Bolin: "Come on Asami, you heard Varrick, they're just tired. Okay now go up there and stand to Kuvira's left. Baatar will be standing to her right." Asami: "Alright. I hope this doesn't end badly." Bolin: "Stop worrying. Kuvira is gonna introduce the bridge project to the people and get the workers rallied. You'll see. Everyone's gonna be so excited! They'll cheer, they'll scream, someone might flail and start foaming at the mouth! Yeah, watch out for that last one." Asami: "Haha, okay."

Kuvira: "Thank you to those who came from Kyoshi Island to support the building of this great railway. I wou-" Kuvira's speech is interrupted by numerous crowd's people booing and yelling. "Support? We want you to leave Kyoshi alone!" one local screams. "Yeah, get out of Chin!" another screams. The first local walks towards Kuvira, ranting and raving about her ruining everything. Suddenly, Kuvira moves her arm, quickly metalbending a plate holstered to her back onto the mouth of the protester, effectively silencing him and causing him to fall to the ground. The entire crowd goes silent as does Asami.

Kuvira: "Now, are there any other objections to me generously building a railway to Kyoshi as to provide the citizens there with more food and water among other supplies?" No one says anything. Kuvira: "Good. To my right is my fiancé Baatar. He is a very skilled engineer, the first grandchild of Toph Beifong, and the second in command of my army. To my left is Asami Sato. Her company, Future Industries, has faced everything, from her father's terrorist actions to having every piece of equipment stolen. Through her perseverance, Asami has made Future Industries the most successful company in all of the United Republic. Together with my workforce, we will build this railway and properly reunite Kyoshi Island to the Earth Kingdom." The crowd begins to cheer, but only slightly.

Kuvira then leads Baatar Jr. and Asami to the workers. Kuvira: "I trust that you were paying attention." Worker: "Yes, everyone's ready." Kuvira: "Excellent. Baatar and Asami will now go over their plans with you. If you have any questions, ask them not me." Worker: "Yes Kuvira." Baatar: "Naturally, Asami was the one who came up with the fix in regards to where on the island the railway will go." Asami: "Yes, but if it wasn't for your great plans that were drawn out beforehand, I might not of thought of it." Baatar Jr.: "No need to be so modest, Asami. Alright, let's get to work." Asami: "Right." She ponders to herself, many things at once. "The citizens are clearly upset. But Bolin wants my help. What about Korra?" However, Asami gathers herself and begins working with Baatar Jr. and the workers on the railway.

As night falls, Korra arrives at the Serpent's Pass. Exhausted, she quickly sits down to eat the last of her food. Korra: "I've got to get to a town soon and get some more food." She looks over the vast body of water and spots something! Korra: "...Is that the same serpent the Aang and his friends ran into?" Indeed, this is the same serpent that was encountered seventy-four years ago. However, there's something else...something on the serpent! Korra: Not again! Once more, the nightmarish Korra appears. This time, she is riding the back of the serpent, staring back at herself like a mirror. Korra, panicked, looks at the full moon. She remembers what Yue said to her and when she looks back at the serpent, the hallucination is gone. Mentally and physically drained, she uses earthbending to soften the ground and goes to sleep.

Day Six

After Korra finally bought some food from a small town, she tries to distance herself from it. Korra: *To herself* "Oh look it's the Avatar! Yes I'm the Avatar but I'm kinda in the middle of a journey to find myself. What do you mean? Well, I can't connect with the Avatar spirit or anything! The moon told me I have to tell someone something about my Chakras or whatever. Oh, and I keep seeing myself from three years ago and it's freaking me out! Then they all looked at me like I'm the crazy one. Whatever!" She reaches a spot far away enough from the town so that no one bothers her. She uses firebending to heat her food and begins eating.

Back at Chin village, Asami meets up with Baatar Jr. and Bolin to see the progress made on the railway. Asami: "Wow! The metalbenders have made a lot of progress! They're only two-thirds away from the island." Baatar Jr.: "I told you that they are the most skilled metalbenders in all of the Earth Kingdom." Bolin: "Yeah and Kuvira's about to take out the Unagi! It's gonna be crazy." Asami: "I remember reading about that in one of Jinora's books. Is it the same one?" Bolin: "Yeah, apparently there like ancient creatures, not as ancient as Lion turtles and Dragons, but pretty ancient. Also, they're the first waterbenders. People saw them spewing out water and mimicked them. Thankfully, waterbending has become much more refined." Asami: "Hahaha! Bolin! You know that waterbenders learned from the moon."

Kuvira walks to the end of the progressing railway. The territorial serpent, the Unagi, rises from the sea. Kuvira immediately propels herself into the air onto the Unagi by launching herself from the railway with metalbending. She uses several of her metal plates to grab onto the Unagi's whiskers. The enraged Unagi unleashes water from its gaping mouth. Kuvira, however, is in complete control, preventing it from damaging the railway. Eventually, the Unagi gives way to Kuvira's great strength and it allows her to steer it towards the railway. Kuvira leaps from the Unagi back onto the railway. Kuvira: "The ocean is vast, leave this area and allow me to build the railway or you will certainly perish." The Unagi, seemingly understanding Kuvira's words, departs. Everyone is in shock and awe at Kuvira's abilities. Bolin: *Gasp* "She speaks parseltongue!"

Much later, Korra arrives at the Great Divide. Korra: "Great, I finally have food and now I'm going to be attacked by canyon crawlers for it. Ugh!" She continues to a high point within the canyon and bends an earth structure. Korra: "This should keep them and her out." She sits down and decides on how much she should eat. Korra: "Well, I should reach Omashu tomorrow. The only problem is people recognizing me. I guess I'll buy new clothes there too." She then looks to see how much money she has left. Korra: *Sigh* "I can only afford a few more meals. Chin village isn't that much farther away. I just hope that I get to see Asami soon."

Day Seven

Baatar Jr. discusses how the rail station should be built with Asami. Baatar Jr.: "Alright, we've almost reached the mountainside. I need to go over the rail station plans with you." Asami: "Right. Because of the forest, I suggest that we carve even more of the mountains out to accommodate the station. It shouldn't take much out of the mountains, correct?" Baatar Jr.: "Correct, our metalbenders are also elite earthbenders. They can efficiently cut into the mountain without harming the ecosystem. I would suggest building stairs up from the rail station, into the forest, and down into the town. It will be a bit of walk, but no cultural elements will be touched." Asami: "Good idea. Well, we've gotten all of our plans complete so let's go take a look at the progress being made." The engineers walk from the train they've been living in to the end of the railway.

Asami: "Wow! I'm still so impressed by your workers. We are so close to Kyoshi Island...who's that angry woman yelling at us?" Baatar Jr.: *Sigh* "That's the governor of Kyoshi Island, Koko." Koko: "I told you people that this island will not be reconnected to the mainland by ANYTHING!" Baatar Jr.: "I'll go get Kuvira to speak to her." As Koko continues to scream angrily, Baatar Jr. goes and gets his fiancé to speak to the governor. Baatar Jr.: "Honey, I'm sorry to bother you but, Koko is at it again." Kuvira: "If I have to feed that ungrateful woman to the Unagi to complete this railway, I will!"

Kuvira walks to the end of the railway and propels herself with metalbending onto the mountainside. With earthbending, she bends a platform carrying her to the part of the mountain where Koko is. Koko: "How dare you step foot on MY island?! I've been living here long before you and the Earth Queen were even born!" Before Koko can continue, Kuvira silences her with her metal plate. Kuvira: "You signed a contract that states the exchange of my protection and supplies, for your island. If you'd like, I could go find the Unagi and offer you to him as a meal." The plate falls from Koko's mouth. Koko: *Gasping for breath* "No! The rumors about you were true. You offer food, water, and protection from bandits, but then you destroy everything! The Unagi despises you for scaring off the Elephant Koi with all of this construction! It will be back and if it's going to eat anyone, it'll eat YOU!" Kuvira handcuffs Koko with her plates.

Kuvira: "You are under arrest for breaching the contract that you signed. I will be taking you to the prison in Chin village, the same one your precious Avatar went to so long ago." Once more, Kuvira metalbends a plate over Koko's mouth. Asami: "Do you think everything's going okay up there? Kuvira and Koko have been out of sight for awhile now." Baatar Jr. doesn't answer his colleagues' question, knowing exactly what's been happening and what's to follow. Kuvira propels herself, while metalbending her prisoner, over to the railway with earthbending. Asami: "Oh my gosh! What happened?" Kuvira: "The governor has breached her contract and will be dealt with accordingly. It does not concern you." Asami looks at Koko, an old battered woman. She then glances at Baatar and notices the cold expression on his face. Asami: "Um...I'm going to go see what Bolin's up to okay." She walks away, hoping that Bolin will help her end Kuvira's evil ways.

However, when Asami finds Bolin, she immediately changes her mind, and decides against telling him about Kuvira. Asami does this because she sees how happy this job makes Bolin. She sees him lavabending the earth around the metal, heating it while the metalbenders reshape it. He has such a huge smile on his face. He's using his lavabending and helping people, his favorite things to do. Asami, worriedly walks back to her room on Kuvira's train.

Meanwhile, Korra has reached Omashu. Korra: "Alright, I'll buy clothes first then food." Her stomach begins growling. Korra: "I know, but I don't want to be mobbed for being the Avatar." She quickly maneuvers through the city, making sure that no one recognizes her. Korra: "Hey, I'd like to by some Earth Kingdom clothes." The clerk gasps at amazement and asks if Korra is the Avatar. Korra: "...Um, no. I get that a lot." The clerk asks for her name. Korra: "Oh, my name. Um...ugh, it's a bit embarrassing. It's...June Pippinpaddleopsicopolis the Third." After finally securing new clothes Korra spends the very last of her money on food. People still continue to recognize her. Korra: "Okay, it's time to go." She runs out of the city and into a nearby cave.

Korra: "Where am I?" She uses firebending to see. Korra: *Gasp* "I'm not really here am I!?" She holds her flame up to a sculpture of Oma and Shu, the first earthbenders, kissing. Korra: "I'm in the Cave of Two Lovers! I remember Kya telling me that she loved some wacky song about this place. ...I really wish Asami was here to see this with me." Korra's flame is suddenly put out. She turns to see glowing white eyes...her glowing white eyes! Korra earthbends her way out of the cave and begins running. She comes to a stream and looks at her reflection. She once again encounters the hallucination within the water. She waterbends some water onto her hand and freezes it into a blade of ice. She cuts her hair with this blade and places her cut hair on the hallucination within the water. The hallucination dissipates as Korra's hair floats down the stream. She looks up to see the sun setting Korra: "I've just gotta keep going."

Day Eight

After a traveling all night, Korra reaches Chin village. Korra: "Yes! Now I just need to find Asami." As the sun begins to rise, Korra remembers the last time she saw Asami. She was about to board a boat headed for the South. Asami put her tender, warm hands on the young Avatar's shoulders and said, "I'd be happy to come with you." Korra: "Why did I say no?"

A few miles away from Korra, Varrick and Zhu Li have some worrisome news for Kuvira. Varrick: "Kuvira, are you and Baatar awake? I have horrible news!" Opening the door to her room, Kuvira: "Yes, I am awake. What is so troubling Varrick?" Varrick: "Zhu Li, DO THE THING!" Zhu Li: "We've received word that the governor of Yi has become unruly and is beginning to rally the citizens against us." Kuvira:*Sigh* Must every governor question my authority? Varrick and Zhu Li, come with me to handle this situation. Baatar, stay here and finish this project. Also, watch Asami, she helped the Avatar save the world numerous times. She might defy us." Baatar Jr.: "Don't worry, Bolin will keep her in check. I love you." Kuvira: "I love you to, honey." The engaged couple shares a passionate kiss before Kuvira prepares to depart.

Kuvira: "Boiln! Asami!" The members of Team Avatar scramble exhaustedly out of their rooms. Asami: "Have the citizens finally set the train on fire?" Bolin: "Opal, I promise you that you, me, Kuvira, and Baatar will not have a double wedding. No, I'm not scared of commitment, Eska and I broke up cause she's crazy, not because she proposed." Kuvira: "I can see that you both are still extremely tired, there is a nice inn on Kyoshi Island that Baatar will be taking you to. I must go settle a few things in the state of Yi. Asami, do not worry; I will be back in time for you to return to Republic City as planned." Asami: *Yawns* "Are you sure?" Kuvira: "Yes, I am a very punctual person."

Baatar Jr. then leads Asami and Bolin into the newly built rail station. Baatar Jr.: "I apologize. It's going to be a bit of a walk until we reach the inn." Asami and Bolin groan, but continue following Baatar Jr. until they reach the inn. Baatar Jr.: "Three separate rooms please." Innkeeper: "Of course." Bolin: "You're not a crazy bloodbender are you?" Asami: "Stop Bolin. Plus if she was, would she tell us?" Bolin: "Hama told Katara." Asami: "Forget it, we both need sleep." Innkeeper: "I did kiss a girl that was born here, mistaking her for the boy I had a crush on." Everyone pauses. Baatar Jr.: "It's really early, isn't it? Thank you for the rooms."

Korra arrives at the track to the railway leading to Kyoshi Island. Korra: "I've seen these tracks several times coming here." Then, the train suddenly passes by her. Korra: "...Wait! I just got here! Asami!" Korra suddenly feels something calling her from Kyoshi Island. Korra: "Is that Avatar Kyoshi calling me?" She runs across the railway and metalbends and worker who asks who she is out of the way. She then airbends directly into the forest residing in the mountain.

Korra: "Avatar Kyoshi! She looks around and encounters her nightmare again. Korra: "I'm ending this now!" She firebends a huge fireball towards her counterpart who quickly dodges it. The hallucination bends water, earth, fire, and air in that order towards Korra. Korra redirects the water into the earth projectile. She dodges the fire but is hit by the air blast. She gets up and creates many earth pillars from the ground. The hallucination cuts them down with her platinum chain, and kicks fire at Korra. Korra diffuses the fire around her and creates an air spout from underneath her. She follows up by launching all of the elements at her foe. The hallucination defends itself by twirling the chain around, deflecting all incoming projectiles. Korra rides her spout over to a nearby stream.

Korra: "Maybe if I can get her over there, I can vanquish her." The hallucination attempts to grab Korra with her chain, but Korra grabs the chain with water from the stream. She then thrusts her arm, sending her opponent into the stream. Korra lands in the steam and begins spiritually healing what she believes to be dark energy. The water, encircling the hallucination, begins to glow yellow. Korra: "Go in peace." However, the hallucination begins moving her arms, corrupting the water Korra is bending. It goes from a bright yellow, to a calming turquoise, to finally, a dark purple. The water then falls back into the stream. Korra: "What? Why didn't that work?" The hallucination looks into Korra eyes. Korra: "You're real!?" Fear stricken, Korra runs as fast as she can from this monster she's been fighting for so long. All of the elements are thrown at Korra and eventually, she's hit. Korra rolls down a hill and hits a tree that looks out to the town within Kyoshi Island.

From here she can see the statue of Avatar Kyoshi that Aang had refurbished. Korra: " ...Aang...Kyoshi." The unending nightmare comes and thrusts her platinum chain towards Korra's face. Korra thinks to herself, "Is this the end?" Right before the chain makes contact...someone speaks.

Asami: "Korra?" The engineer, who has taken a stroll to get breakfast, is utterly shocked at seeing her Avatar. Korra gasps at the sight of Asami and the Hallucination is now gone again. Asami: "Oh my gosh, Korra!" The frantic Avatar doesn't know what to do. She finally found the one who she's been looking for but, can she tell her how she truly feels? Can she even tell her about the hallucination? The hysterical Avatar runs away from the engineer. Asami: "Korra, wait!" Korra realizes that her agile friend will catch up so she bends the water out of the nearby trees and plants around herself. Asami: "Korra, please." Korra instantly turns the water into steam, vanishing. Asami: "Korra! Korra! *Crying* Kooorrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaa!" Asami, now deeply upset at the horrible time she's been having, decides to go back to Republic City. Asami: *Crying* "First, I just stand there and watch as Kuvira torments the citizens and now I see Korra and she runs away from me! That's it! I'm going back to Republic City!"

Later that evening, Bolin goes to Asami's room to see how she's doing. Bolin: "Hey Ms. Sato, Asami, Asami Sato, Sato Asami." Asami turns to see Bolin, with tears in her eyes and her bags packed. Bolin: "Asami what's wrong?" Asami: "Kuvira has been terrorizing the citizens! She threw an old lady who's trying to save Kyoshi Island into prison!" Bolin: "Asami, you saw Koko break her contract. She was rightfully arrested." Asami: "Bolin...ugh! I know you see what I'm talking about." Bolin: "I do, but Kuvira really helped my family. I'm grateful to her for that." Asami:*Crying* "Oh...then I understand. I'm sorry." Bolin: "You don't need to apologize to me. What else is wrong? I've never seen you so upset before; it can't all be about Kuvira can it?" Asami: "No." Bolin: "Then please tell me, what is it?" Asami: "I...thought, I saw...I'm not saying." Bolin: "Come on Asami. Hey! How about I try to treat you to dinner? I owe you for this whole trip I've put you through." Asami: *Sigh* "Okay." The two arrive at a small restaurant.

Asami: "Bolin, this is so nice. Thank you. I'm sorry for snapping earlier." Bolin: "No problem and I'm the one who should be sorry. I know that Kuvira's actions can be questionable and I shouldn't have expected you to understand them. Now, please tell me what else happened to make you so upset." Asami: "I think I saw Korra." Bolin: "Wait, you think you saw Korra or did you actually see Korra?" Asami: "I actually saw her...I think." Bolin: "Well, if you saw Korra why are you so upset? You miss her the most." Asami: "She kinda ran away from me and disappeared into some waterbending trick." Bolin: "What?!" Asami*Tearing up* "I just...don't why she'd run." Bolin: "Hey Asami." When we wake up tomorrow, the first thing we'll do is search for Korra. I'll tell Baatar that you wanna go sightseeing since the railway is going so smoothly. We'll find her, I promise." Asami: "Okay, thank you so much Bolin. You're such a good friend." Bolin: "Haha, I try. You're a pretty amazing friend too, Asami."

Day Nine

Early into the morning Bolin and Asami get ready to find Korra. Bolin: "Alright Asami! Are you ready to pretend to be Zuko and *Voice goes deeper* capture the Avatar and restore HONOR?!" Asami: "Haha, yes I am. Let's go to where I last saw her." The duo proceeds to the outskrits of the woods. Asami: "This is where I first saw her. She looked so scared." Bolin: "Suyin told Kuvira that the poison used on Korra was mercury. She said it harms the body physically and mentally." Asami: "We have to find her and help her." The members of Team Avatar spend most of the day thoroughly searching the woods.

Bolin: "Find anything yet?" Asami: "No and I'm beginning to think we won't." Bolin: "Yes we will. I'll go up the mountain. Do you think you could go down and check the coast?" Asami: "Yes, and your right. I need to be positive if I want to find Korra." Bolin earthbends up the mountain while Asami travels downwards to the coast, both searching for their friend. Asami sees someone collapsed onto the beach. Asami: *Gasp* "Is that!? It is, Korra!" Asami has finally found her Avatar, her best friend, lying unconscious on the coast of Kyoshi Island. Asami: "Bolin, I found her!" Bolin earthbends back down the mountain. Bolin: "Good, how is she?" Asami: "She's unconscious. Could you help me take her to the inn?" Bolin: "Yeah, of course."

After arriving in Asami's room at the inn, Asami and Bolin place the unconscious Avatar in Asami's bed, when a voice from outside is heard. Baatar Jr: "Bolin, I need to heat up more metal with your lavabending." Bolin: "Oh, uh...yes sir! I'm coming!" Bolin looks worriedly at Asami. Asami: "It's okay. You can go, we found her." Bolin hurries out of the room. Asami reaches for, grabs, and squeezes Korra's hand. Asami: "I know I said this three years ago, but I want you to know that I'll always be here for you Korra. If you ever need anything, anything at all, I will always be here." She leans in and whispers into the unconscious Avatar's ears. Asami: "I love you."

Day Ten

The sun rises, shining its light over Asami's eyes. Asami: "...Oh no!" Asami awakes from the floor that she slept on to see that Korra has left. She runs down the inn looking for Korra and Bolin. Asami: "Bolin! Korra's gone! Bolin!" Innkeeper: "Quit yelling! Do you want to wake up everyone and put me out of business? Your friend went with my grandson to continue working on that hunk of metal." Asami: "What, grandson? Ugh... I don't have time for this." Asami runs out of the inn. Asami: "Korra!" Meanwhile, at the forest.

Korra: "Come on, I'm ready for round two." The hallucination appears to Korra. Korra: "I'm not letting you near Asami!" She releases a furry of air and fire attacks towards her nightmare. The hallucination launches upward with an earth pillar, dodging the attacks, and throws the pillar at Korra. Korra slices the pillar with a blade of water. She then freezes the vast amount of water around her and launches ice spears at her opponent. However, the chain wielded by her foe continues to be great for attack and defense. It is swung around its wielder, easily breaking the icicles. The hallucination does what it has never done before, it flees! It launches itself with firebending and begins flying away through the woods.

Korra: No you don't! Korra lifts herself with an air spout and cloaks her arms with water. The nightmare, the monster, the whatever it is that has been tormenting Korra hasn't given up yet. It launches a boulder, a flame, an air slice, and several water bullets. Korra cuts the boulder and shields herself from the flame with her watery arm extensions. After running out of water, Korra propels herself so that only her air spout is cut by the opposition's air slice. She lands on the ground and send a fistful of fire into the oncoming water bullets, evaporating them. However, through the steam, the hallucination has seemingly gotten away. Korra, however, catches up and encounters it at the edge of the woods. Korra: "Argh!" But a critical mistake is made.

Asami: "Korra, it's me Asami!" The words come from the hallucination mouth, but it's too late for Korra to think. She has already sent a massive fireball in its direction. Korra: *Gasp* "No!" The hallucination fades from Korra's view and is replaced by Asami. Asami is pushed back several feet and is severely burned by Korra's flaming attack. Asami: *In extreme pain* "...Korra...?" Korra: "Asami!" Everything goes black. Korra suddenly finds herself looking into her cosmic energy. However, it is different than last time. Korra's inner self has changed appearances to match her current one. Also, it isn't holding an orb of energy anymore. Instead, it's holding an orb of poison.

Korra: "The poison!" Korra runs up to the orb that is made entirely out of mercury. Korra: "Get out of me!" She metalbends the poison to the sides and finds a light. Korra: "Raava?" Raava: "Yes, Korra. I am here." The mercury encircles Korra into the same imprisonment as Raava. Korra: "What's going on? Why are you trapped Raava?" Raava: "Because you are trapped as well. You had your bending taken away and your past lives taken away. I have been taken away twice and your life was almost lost three times. You have mentally trapped yourself as a result. Your mind is trying to protect your body from further harm." Korra: "Raava...I already know this! What about you? What about the nonsense Yue told me? What about Asami?" Raava: "Korra, all of this is connected. You have such a huge support system consisting of your family and friends. You are the Avatar and your duty is to bring balance to the world. However, you cannot do this alone. Aang would not have saved the entire world if his friends had not helped him. If it was not for Katara, Aang and I would still be in that iceberg while Firelord Ozai would have burnt the entire world into the ground."

Korra: "So, you're telling me I need to accept my friends' help to save the world? That I shouldn't put everything on myself?" Raava: "Correct, Avatar Korra." Korra: "But how do my chakras and Asami affect this so much." Raava: "You have been disregarding your needs for your friends. Even worse, you disregarded your love for Asami, blocking all of your chakras." Korra: "But, I love her! I want nothing more than to be with her! I want to see Bolin, Mako, Jinora, Tenzin, Ikki, Melo, Pema, Beifong, Su, Opal, Kai, Zuko, Katara, my dad, my mom and everyone again!" Raava: "Good, then you know what you must do next." The mercury begins to slide off the energy orb and Raava fades into Korra. Korra feels not only Raava's presence, but also the presence of Aang, Roku, Kyoshi, Kuruk, Yangchen, Wan and all the other past lives of the Avatar again!

Back on Kyoshi Island, Bolin comes running to Asami. Bolin: "Asami! Korra what did you do!?" The mysterious Innkeeper comes out to see what all the commotion is about. A huge crowd forms around the injured Asami and the Avatar. Before Bolin can reach Asami, Korra enters the Avatar State! She bends Asami's blood back into her circulatory system. She then draws water from the air and presses her hands on Asami's charred body. Korra: *Crying* "I love you!" She begins healing Asami, using her Avatar empowered waterbending to catalyze Asami's cells so rapidly that the wounds are instantly sealed.

She then heals the burns. Korra: "Come on Asami! I love you. I love you!" Asami:*Cough* "I love you too." Korra: "You're alive? You're alive!" Korra lifts Asami off of the ground. Korra: "I'm so sorry, are you okay?" Asami: "Of course I'm okay; you're finally here with me. I should have told you three years ago how I felt about you, Korra." Korra: "I should have told you how I felt. I guess we should make up for lost time huh?" Asami: "Haha. You're the most beautiful person in the world." Korra: "No, you are." The two girls finally do what's three years overdue, kiss! The crowd applauds at this spectacle, with one man in particular foaming at the mouth and fainting. Bolin claps and begins to cry. He hopes to have a loving moment like this with Opal and he is very happy for his friends. The Innkeeper doesn't clap nor does she even look directly at Asami and Korra. She merely mumbles a few words to herself. Innkeeper: "Always the lady killer, huh twinkle toes? Well, you, thankfully, didn't kill me." Asami and Korra end their kiss to hug one another. Asami: "Promise me that you'll never leave me again." Korra: "I promise. Promise me that if I go somewhere, you'll be right next to me." Asami: "Of course I'll be right next to." Korra: "Let's never leave each other again." The two girls kiss once more, solidifying their relationship.

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