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The Bunker
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May 7, 2010

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The Bunker is the twenty seventh chapter of Avatar: Guardian.


Long Feng attempts to escape from the underground base, but he encounters some problems.


With Toph leading the way, the Team continues down the maze of halls.

"Toph, do you know where you're going?" Sokka asked, breathing heavily from the constant running.

"I'm sorry Sokka, would you prefer to lead us through a perilous Dai Li base?" Toph says back.

"I was just checking... you could have just said yes..." Sokka mumbles.

As they continue down the hall, a group of agents surrounds them. Zuko is the first to be able to attack, and he strikes quickly. The agent is able to block the fire ball with an earth wall, but it is crushed. Another agent arrives by his side and attacks Zuko with a combined earth wave. Toph quickly spins and stops it, sending another earth wave towards the agents. They jump backwards and seal off the way back with an earth wall in front of them.

The other agents do the same on the other side, but Aang crushes through their wall.

"Where is the mayor?!" Aang screams at the agents, but they ignore him. They fire their earth bullets at Aang, who disintegrates them with Earthbending. He sends an arc of fire at their feet, causing them to jump into the air. While there, Aang sends an air jet at them, knocking them off balance and making them crash down to the ground. As they attempt to get up, they are stopped, each by a different thing. One was stopped by a fire ball hovering in front of his face, controlled by the Fire Lord himself. The other had a black sword against his throat, pinning him to the ground. Toph runs into the distance and returns with metal, which she uses to wrap the agents up in.

"That is so convenient!" Sokka screams as the agents are rendered immobile. The Team runs back towards where Toph got the metal from, what used to be a door, and looks down the hall way.

"There's nothing here" Aang notes, looking for any way to continue on. The team walks down the hallway, looking for some passageway that they couldn't see from where they were originally standing.

The Team searches the hallway, but is unable to find anything. On their way to check the previous hallways, Sokka trips. On his way down, he knocks into Toph. Toph is knocked into the wall, hitting it hard and falling to the ground.

"I'm so sorry Toph!" says Sokka, apologetically.

"Don't be." As the Team looks at her, confused, she begins explaining. "That passage we're looking for, it's behind this wall!" She gets up and turns towards the wall, thrusting her palm into the wall. The rock is pushed back, revealing another pathway. "You found it Sokka!"

"I did?" Sokka scratches his head in confusion. Katara pulls him along as the team runs down the hallway.


Long Feng paces in front of his agents. "The Avatar, the Fire Lord, and their friends are on their way here. Since they are looking for the mayor, and I have gotten all of the information that he has out of him, they can have him. Our priority is to get us all out so that we may make use of the information I have gained from him. Now, everyone; go out the secret passage!" At the sound of his echoing voice, the agents leave by rows towards the exit of the base. This base he had found was perfect, it had a maze of tunnels than anyone could get lost in and it had secret passages that no one could find. Nothing can ruin my plans. he thought. Many of the agents, including him, spun around when they heard a crash from the far side of the room.

The Avatar and his friends arrived in the room at the worst possible time. "Long Feng! Where is the mayor?" Aang yells, causing the remaining agents to turn around.

"You can have him. He's of no use to me anymore. I would also ask you to leave."

"Not on your life." Zuko says, coming forward. "You've been causing too much chaos, we're here to take you down."

"What a shame." Long Feng says as he brushes off Zuko's threats. "Now you won't leave. Ever. Agents, get these children out of my sight!"

"I don't even have sight and I want you out of mine!" Toph screams, launching the first attack. Her torrent of land was met by an equally powerful attack launched by Long Feng.

Agents began falling from their posts on the ceiling, encircling the team. "I should have expected that..." Toph says as she slides in between the agents to continue her attack on Long Feng.

"Thanks Toph!" Sokka yells, sarcastically.

"You're welcome!" Toph yells back, while launching a large boulder at Long Feng. He jumps out of the way and causes a rock to emerge from the ground where Toph stood only moments before. Long Feng couldn't keep up with her; it was just like before.

Aang and Zuko sent spiraling arcs of fire at the agents, causing them to disperse. As the agents moved out of the way, the Team spread out, giving Zuko room to create a ring of fire around him. Zuko condensed the fire in the ring into a ball and shot it at Long Feng, who barely dodged it after noticing the incoming blast at the last second. The blast continues on past Long Feng, creating a large hole in the far wall of the room.

Zuko abandons attacking Long Feng and turns to fight more agents. He creates fire daggers and starts attacking the agents close up. One agent is burnt on the face and flees the battle scene.

Aang's battle was of a similar difficulty. His agents keep attacking him, no matter how many times he knocks them away. He recalled fighting the Firefighters, and created a large air sphere to repel the agents nearing him. He sees an agent coming up from behind Katara and sends a large boulder to knock him away. The agent is knocked down, and Aang creates an air stream and blows Katara's agent away.

Toph continued her assault, with Long Feng on the defensive. Everything he tried was repelled, and he couldn't keep up with her power. She launched a boulder at him, which he caught and broke into two pieces. He threw the pieces at her and she dodged easily. Long Feng then pulled the boulders from in the air back at Toph, who was about to launch another attack at Long Feng. The rocks hit he back and knock her over.

"So, the Blind Bandit falls. How pathetic." Long Feng says with a sneer. Toph sinks into the ground, emerging behind Long Feng and sending a pillar of earth to strike his back.

As Long Feng recovers from her attack, Toph yells back "What goes around, comes around!"

Long Feng jumps into the air and lands, creating a pillar of earth under Toph. She jumps into the air, preparing to counterattack. She is caught by an agent's gloves, and hangs in mid air. "Someone! Help!"

Aang sends a huge jet of air at the agent suspending Toph in the air and crushes the gloves holding her in the air. As she falls, he creates an air cushion beneath her, allowing her to land on her feet gently.

"Alright, where's that Long Feng!?" Toph yells, not sensing any one in the room besides the Team.

"They're gone!" Zuko screams. The Team runs down the hall the agents were trying to escape out of, but the hall is caved in.

"Well, that didn't exactly go as planned." Sokka says as they walk back through the large room where they fought.

"Quiet down Sokka, I think I hear something!" Toph runs through the doorway and down the hall, finding a wall in her way. She smashes through it, and finds an old man held to an earthen chair by rocks. Toph crushes the bonds, and helps the man up.

"Who are you?" the man says, and upon Aang's arrival, realizes it. "You're the Avatar, aren't you? Thank you for saving me! Is my village okay?"

"They're fine. They were scared something happened to you, but now we can take you back."

Katara says while calming him down. "Let's go." The Team helps the man leave and get through all the tunnels and helps him on to Appa.

"Yip-Yip!" Aang says to Appa, who flies towards Torung.


  • Up to date, this is the longest chapter of Book 2.

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