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"The Breach" is the second episode of Book One: Chaos of Avatar: The Metal Force and the second episode of the series.


Elyan was running in wide walking area inside a park. His forehead started sweating, he raised his hand to wipe up the sweat. Suddenly he heard a voice calling: "Flowers for lovers?"

Elyan remembered this voice, He stopped gradually and looked behind. He saw the same girl that he met few minutes later before the attempt of taking his head by the sniper in the mall two days ago. He started walking towards the girl, and looking to her white clothes which were decent so far. He didn't notice her beauty two days ago. This time she was looking gorgeous. "Oh You again??... Ah Ah I mean oh hi..... it's Ayame, isn't it?" Elyan said. "Yeah, can't remember that you told me your name?" Ayame asked. "Oh, it's Elyan. what are you doing here miss Ayame?" Elyan asked. "I got sick of selling flowers, I started working as a waitress in the restaurant, at the end of the street. I was walking to my work, and just saw you. so I liked to say hi to you," Ayame said. "This is kind of you. But don't you think that you still young for working? you are about my sister's age. isn't early for taking responsibilities, where is your family," Elyan asked. Ayame laughed and said, "Don't worry about me. But don't you see yourself young for this also?" Elyan answered immediately, "For what?" "For what happened two days," she replied. "You were like a fighter, and they were trying to kill you. Don't you think that those problems are not for your age? Are you keeping a secret?" she continued.

Elyan puzzled over and started looking around him. "In fact, I know nothing about who are they or what do they want from me. The cops still inquiring them. and about me, My father was a soldier and he has been training me and my sister since we were kids. And who helped us were a part of Zaofu's security forces." She looked like she is not believing him and asked, "Security forces that includes a waterbender and a firebender? here, in Zaofu?" Elyan got bored of the conversation and said, "Don't know, they could be a secret agency that is following those criminals. Anyway, I should go home to get ready to the training in the night. you know, training get harder in the summer vacation." Ayame smiled and said, "Okay, see you later Elyan." "Okay, bye," Elyan said.

Each one walked in his way few steps then Ayame stopped and looked at Elyan again. "Elyan, I want to tell you something," she said. Elyan stopped. "What?" he asked. "Since I moved here, I had no friends and the life became boring. can we meet between whiles?" Ayame asked. "I don't know. Maybe," Elyan replied. "Then can you meet me in that restaurant tomorrow night? Haha I don't know if you call it a date?" Ayame asked. "I really don't know, going for a date is not in our traditions. in the family I mean. But I will see what I can do," Elyan replied. They both walked away.

Few kilometers away from the city. A guy was standing behind his car, near Su river. Waiting for the sun to go down. His mobile rang. "Zan, your men failed us all the previous time. I wish they are not repeating the same mistake again," Kira - the caller- said. "Mrs. Kira, My men used to smash the target directly not to scare him and kidnap him while he is a good fighter. And it's no easy to runaway from Zaofu's cops. This time no chance for mistakes. The breach will be a condition of chaos that Zaofu never experienced before."

The sunset came to Zaofu. The darkness covered the city and it's metal domes were closed. Then the only source of light became the slight light of the moon which is coming through a small slot in the top of the dome, and the lights of the city. Elyan was heading to the huge training center. it's better to learn firebending in morning but for a secret training, the night is better. Elyan entered the training hall. he saw master Hong talking with a guy who is about his age. Hong saw Elyan approaching. "Good to see you Elyan, I want to introduce you to your new mate, Yong. Yong is my nephew. He liked to visit Zaofu, so it was a good chance. So he came here to continue his training with you," Hong said. "It's nice to meet you, Yong," Elyan said. "It's great to meet you too Avatar Elyan," Yon said. "We should start our training then," Master Hong said.

Elyan and Yong stood on two circles while Hong was behind them. "Take a deep breath, try to collect all the energy and heat inside your hands. The key of getting the power to firebend is by controlling your breath." A fireball appeared inside Yong's hands, but nothing happened with Elyan. "Keep going even if nothing is happening Elyan. Concentration and patience is important."

At the same moment, The firebenders who were targeting Elyan, were imprisoned inside a cold room where they can't firebend and there hands were chained. Officer Hachirou walked towards them while he tightening the jacket which keeps him warm in this cold room. He sat in front of them. The lights went off, except for a small stone up them. "What brought you here, firebenders?" Officer Hachirou asked. The criminal laughed a malicious laugh and said, "Fun." The officer became angry after this answer. "Do you think I'm kidding? Answer the question," the officer shouted. "We are a part of the Black seal gang. came here for particular operations," the criminal said. "So you are hired. But how did you breach the security system?" the officer said. "We've been given a hand from sky birds," the criminal said. He had a slap from a metal sheet bent by the officer. "I'm not kidding," the criminal said. "Officer he is not lying. His heart pulse are not changing," an assistant told the officer from the microphone. The officer was stunned. "What are you talking about exactly?" the officer asked the criminals. "You'll know soon," the criminal said.

On the roof of a nearby building. A man was holding a rocket launcher. A rocket hit the cops building were the prisoners are in. The shot was followed by a couple of shots from diverse sides. The shooters jump by parachute on the roof. The security alarm ran and the cops are trying to stop the gang from saving their friends. Suddenly a flying guy came from the sky, landed on the rood and broke into the building. He created sonic waves which caused a strong headache and concentration loss for the cops.

In the training center, Elyan was avoiding fireballs shoot by Yong. "Learning how to deal with fire can help more in feeling about it and getting the ability to use it," Master Hong said. "I think I used to do this exercise frequently but nothing is happening," Elyan said while avoiding the shots and taking his breath. "Okay, it's done now. This is enough for today," Hong said. They stopped the training, then Elyan said while taking his breath, "Yeah, this is good. I need a rest now." "Avatar, you should know that you need to stop thinking about the failure of getting to your target. Always think about successes. One day you will be able to firebend, and master firebending," Master Hong said.

"Hey guys, wish you had a good training," Kaede said. "Kaede, good to see you again. Yong, this is Kaede, the guy who saved my back that night," Elyan said. "It's great to meet you," Yong said. "It's my pleasure to see three of our young warriors together. I think you will be good friends," Hong said. "We think so, uncle," Yong said. "Guys, you look tired, need to try the new ice cream machine," Kaede said. "They brought one?" Elyan asked. "Yeah, I wish it's good," Kaede.

Yong and Elyan were done of collecting their bags. Elyan checked his mobile while Yong was leaving, he stood near the door and said, "Come on, the ice cream is waiting." Elyan laughed and said, "Okay, I'll be there in few minutes." Elyan received a message from a stranger. "The city of Zaofu is under an attack of The black seal gang. Check Zaofu's newspaper website if you don't believe." Elyan was freaked out. He replied, "Who are you?" Instead of answering Elyans question, the reply was, "Meet me on Su creek's bridge. Be alone, don't try to be smart and bring cops with you. Or you will regret it."

"I used to use ice cream machines by filling ice cream in a cup. Not getting a small can like soda," Yong said. "This is Zaofu, everything is different," Kaede said. Lily was walking in the passage looking for her brothe. She saw Kaede and Yong, she approached to ask them. Yong saw her, He was stunned of her bright beautiful green eyes. "Hey guys, did you see my brother? Elyan?" Lily asked. "In the hall maybe," Kaede said. "Wait, is this an ice cream machine? Didn't know that they've brought one," Lily said. "Yeah, they just brought it today," Kaede said. "I'm gonna get two, one for me and one for my bro," Lily said. Lily went to find her brother. Kaede looked at Yong who looked like he liked Lily. "Very lovely, am I right?" Kaede asked. "Oh yeah, wait what are you talking about exactly?" Yong asked. "The ice cream," Kaede said. Lily entered the room looking for Elyan, but she didn't find him. She didn't find him anywhere. She came back to Kaede and Yong. "Guys, I can't find him. Do you know where did he go?" Lily asked.

Elyan reached the bridge. He walked towards the guy who was standing next to his car. It was Zan, the leader of the group that is causing chaos in the city. Elyan approached. " Is it you?" He asked. "Yes, Mr. Elyan," Zan said. "What do you want?" Elyan asked. "I want nothing. But Chun Han's government wants you," Zan said. "It's called Chun Han's occupation on Omashu," Elyan said. Zan giggled. "How softhearted are you people of Zaofu. Still dreaming about the unity of the Earth Kingdom. Sorry it became something from the past. Even the people of what you call it Omashu are happy with their life in ChunHan. There is no more Omashu," Zan said. Elyan started getting angry. "And do they want from me?" he asked. "They wanted me to kidnap you and bring you to Chun Han. They are giving me good cash. It deserves, right? Be kind, put your hands up, move to the car. And don't try to metalbend the gun nor the car, because they are made of platinum."

Elyan started raising his hand gradually. Suddenly he bent the side of the bridge where Zan was standing. Zan was falling down towards the river. He pulled his chains gun and caught a metal bar of the bridge. Elyan ran away and jumped on a nearby building. Then he landed on the street. Zan saved himself from the fall and drove his car towards Elyan. Elyan noticed the car landing on the street. He made an earth shield to protect himself from the smash. Unfortunately The shield wasn't enough. The car smashed the shield, Elyan was thrown on the street. A miserable, The sound of the cops cars approaching while another hit from Zan's car is getting closer. But Elyan can't fall in this easy way. He got up. The car approached fast, but it hit by sudden earth line. It went up side down. Elyan launched himself to the top of a small building, then to a higher one. He stopped for a while, He sent a seismic wave to his loyal oxhorse "Zhong" who was sleeping in the stable in their house yard. Zhong's sensitivity towards seismic waves waked him up. He got the message, Elyan needs help. He left the stable and started searching for Elyan.

Zan is in a problem, Elyan is running away and the cops are approaching. He broke the window of his car and crawled out of it. He took a couple of smoke bombs and threw them at the cops, Then suddenly disappeared. Zan saw Elyan jumping on the roofs of buildings. Zan broke into a building and started running its stairs. "I need reinforcements, I repeat, I need reinforcements," Zan called.

"We couldn't find him," Yong said about Elyan. "I'm afraid that he left the building for a reason. We should find him," Kaede said. "Guys, I heard a sound of many cops and emergency cars. I'm afraid that Elyan is having a problem outside like what happened two days ago. He didn't answer my calls," Lily said. "My car is out, let's find him," Kaede said.

Zan reached the roof of the building, he saw Elyan walking on a roof of a lower building. He took of his handgun and aimed on Elyan. The sense of Elyan informed him of where Zan is aiming on him. He surprised him with a huge block thrown towards him. A bullet was fired of Zan's pistol while he was avoiding the block. Elyan launched him on the same roof. Zan was pushed by another block shoot by Elyan. The pistol fell of his hand. He pounced on Elyan and chi-blocked his arm. Then attacked the rest of his body. Elyan couldn't move, he just watched Zan bringing out an anesthetic needle and getting closer to Elyan. "Don't worry, it is not a venom, it's just an anesthetic," Zan said. When Zan almost got Elyan, The roof was broken down. They fell down in a storage room. "How? Your body should be chi-blocked," Zan shouted. "Forgot my head," Elyan said. He threw a couple of metal lockers on Zan who couldn't avoid them all. A hit made Zan lose his consciousness.

Kaede, Lily and Yong where in Kaede's car looking for Elyan. They saw Zhong running. "It's Zhong," Lily yelled. "Who?" Yong, asked. "Our oxhorse and Elyan's animal guide," Lily said. "What brought him here?" Kaede asked. "He has a strong sense of seismic waves. Elyan should've called. We should follow him," Lily said. The car turned to follow Zhong.

Elyan restored his ability to move. He got up and left the room, but he found three cops on his way. "Wait, I'm friendly, I'm the victim here," Elyan said. "Put your hands in the air," a cop said. He raised his hands up. "I'm related to the White Lotus. I can show you the badge," Elyan said. Zan heard the conversation so he waked up and realized that there is cops in the place. He moved quietly towards the door of the room. "Show the badge, but don't try to do anything funny," said the cop to Elyan. Elyan showed them the badge." Sr.... a guy related to the White Lotus is in the building and he is saying that he is the victim," the cop called on the radio. Zan appeared suddenly and threw and smoke bomb. He attacked Elyan again, But Elyan avoided his punched, then caught his arm and threw him. A cops got out of the smoke. Zan threw a knife on the cop's leg and disappeared in the smoke. He took down the cops and took their guns. Elyan used his sense to see Zan in the smoke and took one of the guns. Zan ran away threw the alley and hid in a room. Elyan followed him. Zan blew up the door of the room after entering it. Elyan Entered the room. He found Zan throwing another smoke bomb. Elyan threw a block towards Zan and jumped from the window. While Zan avoided the block and followed him. Elyan landed on a diagonal roof and slid on it. Zan followed him and tried to shoot him with two guns, but no shot good get to Elyan. They landed on the street. Zan lost the guns, Elyan caught him in a makeshift prison. "Nowhere to go," Elyan said. An airbender was flying using his flight suit. He reached the place of Elyan and Zan. The airbender attacked Elyan with a sonic wave and landed on the street. "Yating, you came in the best time. need to get out of here," Zan said. "You'll get support now, they'll get you out," Yating said. "An airbender!" Elyan said while he was trying to get up. "And not a simple airbender," Yating said. He's Sonic waves caused headache to Elyan. Suddenly Zhong attacked Yating. Yating tried to protect himself by an air shield, but the push was enough to threw him away. Elyan threw a couple of rocks towards Yating and hopped on Zhong. Zhong ran with Elyan on him getting away. "buddy, you saved me. And you brought my armor, good boy," Elyan said. Elyan used his metalbending to put on the metal armor. He found Yating following them. He used a metal whip to tear Yating's suit. Yating tried to control himself, instead he landed. Elyan and Zhong turned and headed towards Yating. Elyan attacked him with earth lines. An earth line hit Yating and knocked him out.

The group in the car saw Elyan and Zhong. They moved towards them. "Elyan , over here," Lily yelled. Elyan hopped off Zhong. "Sister," Elyan yelled. Lily left the car and ran towards Elyan. She hugged him. "Buddy, you got to go home," Elyan to Zhong. "Where were you?" Yong asked. " A gang member was hired to catch me. I'll tell you the full story on the way," Elyan said.

"Downtown Zaofu witnessed a status of chaos on account of an attack of The Black Seal gang on a police station to free two of their mates. The cops of Zaofu caught the gang members except for their leader and few members who helped them get away. Although the security agencies are confirming that it's a terrorist act only, some people think that there is a secret reason for the attack." (The news)

Elyan turned off the TV. He leaned on the sofa. Then he said, "It's funny to be the one who is keeping the secret." His father looked at him. "Because of that, you shouldn't listen to the message. It's obvious that he was dragging you to a trap. If your secret is shown to the world early. It will be a threat. The world is depending on you, you mustn't fail them."

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