The Boys in the Iceberg
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Avatar: The Alternate Series





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21 July 2012

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How it All Began

The Boys in the Iceberg is the third chapter of Avatar: The Alternate Series. This chapter takes place straight after How it All Began and is the alternate version of The Boy in The Iceberg. In this chapter, Katara and Sokka discover Aang and Kuzon in the Iceberg.


In the cold and icy waters of the Southern Water Tribe a small canoe was floating around the icebergs.

"It's not getting away from me this time." Sokka was aiming his spear into the icy water as a fish swam around the canoe. "Watch and learn, Katara. This is how you catch a fish." Katara wasn't listening to her brother, instead practicing her waterbending. She bends a large bubble out of the water, holding another fish. "Sokka, look!" She cried to her brother, excited at how well her water bending worked and also that she caught a fish!

"Sshh! Katara, you're going to scare it away." Sokka hadn't even noticed what her sister had done. "Mmmm... I can already smell it cookin'." "But Sokka, I caught one!" Sokka, still not listening, raises his spear into the air, popping the bubble making the fish fall into the water. Sokka complained to his sister that every time she plays with "magic water" he ends up wet.

The two begin arguing over waterbending until their attention is caught by dangerous rapids. The two barely escape but Katara, angry at her brother begins to yell at him, not noticing that she's cracking up a large iceberg behind her. As Sokka tries to warn her she keeps swinging her arms and yelling until she splits the iceberg in two.

The two get out of the water. The water begins to glow blue and a huge iceberg floats to the surface, Inside the iceberg are two small figures that look like children. One seems to be meditations while the other looks as if it was desperately swimming for their life. "They're alive! We have to help" Katara says as she runs up to the iceberg and begins hitting it with Sokka's spear. The Iceberg eventually splits in two. Aang stumbles out of the iceberg and then faints. Soon he wakes up in Katara's arms and seems to be alright.

"Hey, there's another kid in here and he's Fire Nation!" Sokka yells as he looks into the crater. Aang airbends himself to his feet "Kuzon!" he yells as he runs to his friend. Sokka begins to poke Kuzon with his spear. The boy wakes up and gives Sokka an awkward look "What are you doing?". Sokka jumps, "He's alive!" he screams. Kuzon and Aang introduce themselves. "We can take you back to our village if you want" said Katara, happy to help. "What!?" Sokka screams. "All we know is that one of these guys is from the Fire Nation, the Fire Nation Katara! "Relax Sokka, he's only a kid." And so the four head back to the village, unknowing of what adventure lies ahead for them.

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