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The Boy of Asahi
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The Boy of Asahi is the first chapter of Avatar: The Legacy of Fire. It is also the first chapter in the Phoenix Saga.


Book: 1 of the new legend begins with the Onslaught in Ba Sing Se. A ruthless guild known as the Black Scorchers attacks Ba Sing Se leaving the Earth King to suspect that Fire Lord Zuko is the one behind it. In the Fire Nation Capital, Takeshi finds out about what happened in Ba Sing Se and is infuriated. Later, Fire Lord Zuko and The Earth King argue about Ba Sing Se's Onslaught and decided to take action. After walking with Setsuna, Takeshi arrives at his home, only to find out that his grandfather is missing.


Ba Sing Se, 9 O'Clock

A group of Earthbenders are out on patrol in the upper ring when they discover an attack taking place in the middle ring. When they arrive, they come face to face with firebenders wearing ninja clothing. The Earthbenders try their best to stop them, but they are outmatched. Three of the Earthbenders are killed in combat. At that moment, they immediately stop fighting. A dark figure in a black armor emerged from the flames and announced that the "time of the Black Scorchers is nigh". Soon the Black Scorchers left, leaving six people murdered and thirteen injured. Later, the Earth King is informed about the onslaught, and suspects Zuko (Legacy of Fire)|Fire Lord Zuko]] of being responsible. Later, Fire Lord Zuko is informed of the attack as well and is outraged. He summons Avatar Aang about the event and asks him if he can figure out the conspiracy.

The next day, in the Sakaki Village

Takeshi is training his firebending and swordsman skills. He receives two newspapers, he grabs one and begins reading it. It says that an onslaught occurred in Ba Sing Se and that firebenders were responsible. It also states that due to this scenario, the Earth Kingdom citizens accuse the Fire Nation. Takeshi, angered by what happened in Ba Sing Se, burns the newspaper and takes another one show to his grandfather, Rokuro}}. His grandfather is upset as well, stating that it conflicts with the Fire Lord's promise to rebuild the world. Takeshi wishes that there was something he can do, but Rokuro tells his grandson that he should not blame himself for it has nothing to do with him.

The next morning

Takeshi meets up with his friend Kaon and they both discuss about the onslaught in Ba Sing Se. During their discussion, Takeshi spots his love-interest Setsuna, who is delivering a box of food ingredients. Kaon tells Takeshi to go to her and ask her out, but Takeshi feels nervous. Kaon backs him up and says, "come on, Tak move your ass you don't have all day. This girl is extra hot, and you better move it before some other punk takes her out on a date!" Takeshi immediately thought about what Kaon said, then regains his composure and walks towards her. He follows Setsuna to an alleyway where she tries to find a shortcut, and suddenly, Takeshi hears her scream. Setsuna has been ambushed by drunkards who apparently want to rape her. Before they could do anything to her, Takeshi fights them off leaving one scared and two unconscious. One drunkard runs for his life while Takushi restrains the other two for prison soldiers to handle. Takeshi and Setsuna both walk out of the alleyway. Then, Setsuna leaves before Takeshi could say anything.

Meanwhile in the Royal Palace

Fire Lord Zuko and The Earth King are arguing about the attack in Ba Sing Se. Then Aang arrives and says that Zuko was not the cause of the onslaught. He stated that a group of firebenders called the Black Scorchers were responsible, and had no alliance with the Fire Lord whatsoever. The Earth King believes what Aang said, but he states that half of Earth Kingdom population still hates the Fire Nation, even if the Fire Lord made a promise during his coronation. Also he stated that because of the assassinations of six civilians in Ba Sing Se, a series of prejudice has occurred. Both The Earth King and Fire Lord Zuko decided to take action.

The next day

Takeshi practices his training with his grandfather, still angered about the Onslaught in Ba Sing Se, he looses his concentration. Rokuro reminds him that he should not let his anger distract him. Setsuna pays him a visit to Takeshi and thanks him for saving her life. Later that night, Takeshi and Setsuna take a walk around the village. They both talk about their personal lives and Setsuna talks about her parents. Setsuna is courious about why she has never met Takeshi's parents and only lives with his grandfather. Takeshi become silent, then he says that his mother died when he was 7 years old, and his father abandoned him when he was much younger. He felt that it because of his father's absence that his mother was left dying. Takeshi breaks in tears and Setsuna tries to comfort him, but they suddenly heard a woman screaming for help. They found that she is being threatened by two muggers. They try to kill Takeshi and Setsuna for interfering but Takeshi ignites his firebending. The muggers try to get away, but Kaon suddenly appears and brutally beats them unconscious.

Minutes later

Kaon walks with Takeshi and Setsuna, explaining that he voluteered to help in the investigation of attack in Ba Sing Se. He asks Takeshi if he likes to volunteer too, then Takeshi recalls what his grandfather told him about doing what is right. Takeshi says he will think about it once he gets home. Kaon leaves to continue the investigation as Takeshi walks Setsuna to her house. Their he meets Setsuna's mother, who nags her daughter about her unorganized clothes, and Setsuna feels annoyed with her mom nagging a lot. After dropping off Setsuna, Takeshi heads back home to his grandfather and when he arrives he finds the door already open. When he steps foot inside his house, he finds everything wrecked and his grandfather is missing, which leaves Takeshi in shock.


  • The title of the chapter is similar to the first episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Boy in the Iceberg, because it describes the main character

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