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The Boy in the Iceberg

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The Northern Water Tribe Royal Family, the Earth Kingdom Royal Family, the Fire Nation Royal Family, and the Omashu Royal Family all live in a royal palace.

Northern Water Tribe Royal Palace

The seat of the Northern Water Tribe Royal Family.

Omashu has its own monarch. The King of Omashu holds as much power over his city as the Earth King does over their Kingdom.

Each of the royal palaces have servant to attend to the royal family's every needs. The Fire Nation palace servants have one subgroup: military messengers.

The military of the Fire Nation has two subgroups:

  • Fire Nation engineers
  • Trebuchet operators

The forces guarding the Boiling Rock prison include:

  • Gondola guards
  • The Warden's bodyguards

The military of the Water Tribe consists of the Southern Water Tribe warriors living at the Southern Water Tribe, the Foggy Swampbenders living at the Foggy Swamp Tribe, and the Northern Water Tribe warriors and Northern waterbenders living at the Northern Water Tribe.

The military of the Earth Kingdom consists of the Earth Kingdom soldiers.

The military of the Fire Nation consists of the Fire Nation soldiers.

The Council of Five holds authority over the Earth Kingdom military. Members of the council include Generals How and Sung.

The Dai Li are Long Feng's followers. They are the secret police of Ba Sing Se and guardians of its cultural heritage.

The Five-Seven-Five Society is a haiku society headed by Madam Macmu-Ling. They are strict in their poetry and will not tolerate any failures from a disturbance.

After Omashu is conquered by the Fire Nation, the people form an underground resistance against the Governor and his forces.

The Terra Team are a group of earthbenders acting General Sung who protect Ba Sing Se.

The Earth Kingdom royal family have their personal bodyguards in Royal Earthbender Guards who are assigned protect them in all times at all costs.

The Ember Island Players are not the most famous actors and actresses in the Fire Nation. Their work is an insult to the source - at least, The Boy in the Iceberg was.

The Fire Sages are the guardians of the temple of the Avatar. In the past, the Sages were loyal only to the Avatar. When Fire Lord Sozin started the war, the Sages waited for the new Avatar, but he never came. The other sages turned allegiance towards the Fire Lord, except for Kaja.

The Fire Nation royal family has royal servants who attend to the king, queen, prince, and princess's every need.

The Yu Yan Archers are an elite group of Fire Nation bowmen under the command of General Shinu.

The Rough Rhinos are the most despicable among the specialized task forces of the Fire Nation military. They have spent their years during the War raiding towns, looting villages, and murdering innocents. There are five members - Colonel Mongke, Vachir, Ogodei, Kahchi, and Yeh-Lu. They are wicked, cruel, and evil soldiers to be counted among the armies of the Fire Nation.

The Fire Nation royal family has their personal guards in the Imperial Firebenders, also known as the Royal Procession, who protect them in all times at all costs.

The Southern Raiders were formed during the late War. In the past, the navies of the Fire Nation conducted the raids on the Southern Water Tribe. Now, the Southern Raiders have taken over that task.

The Kyoshi Warriors defend the island of Kyoshi and later venture into the Earth Kingdom to aid in the war against the Fire Nation.

The Freedom Fighters are the survivors of the casualties imposed most recently throughout a century of war upon the Earth Kingdom by the Fire Nation. Their leader is Jet. Their other members include Smellerbee, Longshot, The Duke, Pipsqueak, and Sneers. They have a hideout in the treetops of an Earth Kingdom forest nearing the town of Gaipan which is occupied by the Fire Nation.

The Fire Nation engineers and the trebuchet operators are connected.

The gondola guards and the Warden's bodyguards are connected.

The Flamey-Os are a group of preteen singers from the Fire Nation school formed by a student named Kuzon. Kuzon is noticeable by his trademark headband. Traditional Fire Nation dances include the Camelephant Strut and the Phoenix Flight.

The Five-Seven-Five Society and the Ember Island Players are interconnected.

Both the Omashu Resistance and the Flamey-Os were formed after the return of Avatar Aang to the world. When Omashu was conquered by the Fire Nation, the people formed a resistance against the Governor and his soldiers, spearheaded by General Yung.

Ozai is an immature, cruel man. Ursa is a hotheaded, kind woman.

Whatever Ozai does, Zuko and Azula are terrified of their mother.

Azula disdains Zuko, believing that Ursa favors Zuko over her.

It was a wonderful morning. Prince Ozai and his family were on holiday on Ember Island. He was the second son of Fire Lord Azulon and second in line to inherit the throne. Ozai was happily married to Ursa, the only granddaughter of Avatar Roku. They loved each other very much. Indeed, the story of their love was a tale to tell - one that could fill a whole section in a library.

Their first meeting is like this: Ursa was dancing in a woodland glade and Ozai stumbled upon her. He had never seen anything more beautiful in his entire life and his heart was struck still. It is my belief that Ursa's father is Kuzon. Kuzon had no intention of giving up his daughter to a Prince at that. Apparently, Ozai had to earn his approval and once he had accomplished that, he and Ursa were happily married.

How about this?

Ozai was an Agni Kai champion. Obviously, he has to be a dueling champion in order to be the formidable force that is the antagonist of Avatar: The Last Airbender. One fine day, when he was dueling a random firebending master, among the audience was none other than Ursa. It was love at first sight and after a long series of dates and a royal engagement, Ursa became a Princess of the Fire Nation by way of a well-deserved marriage to Ozai.

Ursa was now a Princess of the Fire Nation. The happy couple bought a holiday home on Ember Island. Mating was their favourite pastime and a close second was random dating. Eventually, they had two children together: the living evidence of their love for each other. A boy and a girl. The boy was named Zuko and the girl was named Azula.

Zuko and Azula originally were close, but then, because Ursa favoured Zuko and Ozai favoured Azula, the siblings grew apart and came to be bitter enemies throughout their lives.

The chapter proceeds exactly as it is, until when Katara tells Sokka he is the most sexist, immature, and nut-brained and pauses in the outburst of her anger.

In Katara's excitement, the iceberg on which they are sitting begins to heave. The huge iceberg behind Katara cracks.

She said, "I'm embarrassed to be related to you! Mum does all the work around camp while you've been off playing soldier."

Sokka notices the cracking iceberg.

He said, "Uh..Katara?"

The chapter proceeds exactly as it, until after Aang falls asleep.

Aang has his dream, and hears Katara's voice.

Aang awakens; he is lying in a Water Tribe bed.

Katara said, "Come on, everyone in the village is waiting to meet you."

Aang dressed himself, Katara couldn't help but notice his airbender tattoos.

As soon as Aang had finished clothing himself, Katara dragged him out of the tent.

Before the two friends was the whole of Katara and Sokka's village. Everyone looked at Aang weirdly.

Aang asked, "Why are they all looking at me like that? Did Appa sneeze on me?"

A young bearded man with a wolf tail said, "Well, no one has seen an airbender in a hundred years."

A young woman with a ponytail said, "We thought they were extinct."

An old woman with gray hair in a tight bun said, "That is until my granddaughter and grandson found you."

Aang said, "Extinct?"

Katara gestured to the young woman and said, "Aang, this is my mother, Kya. Mum, this is Aang."

Aang said, "It's an honor to meet you."

The young man said, "I am Hakoda, Katara and Sokka's father."

Aang said, "Pleased to officially meet you, Chief Hakoda."

Aang held out his hand. Hakoda grasped it.

He said, "An honor to meet you."

Kya gestured to the old woman and said, "And this is Kanna, my mother-in-law."

Kanna said, "Call me Gran Gran."

Sokka snatches Aang's staff out of his hands and examines it.

The chapter continues until when Aang asks if Katara is a waterbender, except that Kya is among her fellow villagers through all the action.

Katara said, "Well, sort of. Not yet."

Kya said, "Alright, no more playing. Come on, Katara, you have chores."

Kya led Katara away from Aang towards Kanna.

Katara said, "I told you, he's the real thing, Mum! I finally found a bender to teach me."

Kanna said, "Katara try not to put all your hopes in this boy."

The chapter proceeds just as it is.

Zuko, Iroh, and their men are completely absent from this chapter.

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