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The Boy from the Stone
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The Boy from the Stone





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February 16, 2011

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Weed monster

The boy from the stone

Dual awakening


The pillar.

A big light appears in the sky as far in the South Pole; Katara has just released Aang from the iceberg.

Far at the Earth Kingdom near Plains Village, three warriors and their leader have just taken food from a villager. Walking in the deserted area, they see a square rock and placed the food on it.

"Let's eat, guys" Gow their leader shouted.

Suddenly the rock smash throwing all the food in the air. All of them are shocked and fell down and When they stand up they get their weapons.

From the dirt appears a guy where He catches the food falling, then sits down and starts to eat.

"Hey, that's our food," Gow says.

"But you stole it," the boy said.

"How do you know it?" Gow asked.

"I see it in your eyes," the boy said, finishing the food.

Gow, in anger, takes his hammer and attackes the boy.

The boy lowers his head and with his hand he earthbent a pillar sending Gow flying.

The boy turns to see the other soldiers.

"Do you want to suffer too?" The soldiers moved their heads saying no.

"Then leave" said the boy.

The soldiers moved fast taking their leader on their backs and ran away.

The boy earthbent again to remove the pillar putting it back on the ground.

"The Avatar must have awakened" The boy said serious.

"At midnight?" The boy said again seeing it to be strange.

The boy continued walking to the west.

After an hour of walking he arrived in Plains village.

He walked down the dark city were He found an empty barrel and enter in it.

"May I was sleeping for many years but I have to normal sleep."

The small boy

After some hours someone cut the upper side of the barrel with a sword.

The boy awakes and gets out of it. "Hey why do you did that for?" The boy ask a smaller boy.

"Sorry, I am training, I didn't see you".

"Hey who is there?" A voice come from far.

"Oh its the soldiers run if they saw us we are dead" The small boy said ready to run.

The boy opened a hall in the floor and they fell in it then. After, the boy closed the floor. They heard the soldier steps.

After a little time the soldier left then they got out

"Where is your home?" he asked.

Leading the smaller boy to his home leads to be asked many questions.

"You are an earthbender?'

"Yes" replied the boy.

"And why you aren't fighting in the war?"

"I have another job."

"What job?"

"To find the Avatar."

"But the Avatar has died."

"No know one day he will come back and this day has come."

"Do you see the future?"

"Only a few visions."

"What can you see about me?"

"Let me see."

The boy put his hand on the smaller boy head.

"You will meet a swordsman. Double will he fight but one will he be and in flames he is."

Zuko surrounded by flames

The boy's vision.

"That's unclear. Anyway what's your name?"

"Tell me yours to tell you mine."

"My name is Lee. Yours?"

"My name is something you won't learn as we will never see each other."

"But you told...Hey that's my home. Lee said and run only to be stopped by a hand.

It was Gow.

"So you where out" Gow said as his soldiers approached too.

"Leave him alone," the boy said.

"Oh no the earthbender."

Gow and his soldiers all attacked at once.

The boy took Lee sword and cut the three men spears knocking them with kicks.

Gow attacked and trying to block his hammer the boy used the sword. The sword broke by the second hammer.

Gow attacked again. The boy lowered his head put his hand in front and pushed in the air moving the earth down of Gow and bringing him near his soldiers. Then he made a massive pillar to appear.

Lee parents come out.

"What happened? Lee father's asked.

"That guy saved me from Gow and his warriors.

The sun was rising.

"But it broke the only thing your brother left." Lee's mother said seeing the broken sword.

"So if this is the last time I will saw you how can I help you?" Lee asked.

" A hat" The boy said.

Lee father got in and brought the boy a hat.

"Here it is."


The boy started walking in the west were he looked far in the sun and then back at the now lighenet farm.

Lee's mom is crying.

Sela cries

Sela cries for her son sword.

And from a tree at the village a woman is watching him.


Ursa watching the boy.

Zuko riding off

Seeing the sun.

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