The bounty hunter is the first chapter of Avatar: Aftermath.

The bounty hunter
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501st avatar fan

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October 20th 2010

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It was twilight in the Fire Nation capital.

A cloaked figure walked towards the prison on the outskirts of the capital.

-"Who's there?" asked the guard.

The figure brandished a knife and held it to the guard's neck.

-"You will let me pass or this will be the last shift you ever take," he said.

He left the guard stunned and walked into the prison. He kept walking through the dark and damp prison and opened the door to a cell where Azula was being kept.

-"It took you long enough," snapped Azula.

-"I still don't understand why I can't just break you out now," stated the bounty hunter.

-"I need to wait for the right time," she replied.

-"Then why did you want me here?" He asked.

-"I have two targets for you, or more like two traitors, Mai and Ty Lee, two Fire Nation girls that are travelling with the Avatar and my brother," the former Fire Nation princess replied.

-"When will I get paid?" asked the bounty hunter.

-"Soon enough," replied Azula.

The bounty hunter walked out of the prison, past the guard (who was still stunned), jumped onto his ostrich horse, and rode into the forest.

It was night time; Ty Lee was tending to a fire in a clearing in the forest. The rest of Team Avatar had gone to get supplies. While she was tending the fire she heard a rustling and several twigs snapping. The bounty hunter stumbled through the brush and into the clearing. He groaned. After Ty Lee helped him closer to the fire he said:

-"Well, I guess I learned my lesson: never steer an ostrich horse through thick underbrush; you might get thrown off."

Ty Lee giggled.

-"What's your name?" she asked.

-"Lee," he replied.

-"My name is Ty Lee" she said.

Lee shuddered, remembering what Azula had said.

-"Where are you from?" asked Ty Lee.

-"The Western Earth Kingdom," Lee replied.

-"Where are your parents?" she asked.

-"They were killed in a fire 4 years ago," Lee said.

-"I'm so sorry," said Ty Lee.

-"I was traveling as a refugee during the rest of the war, and now I'm traveling around," Lee explained.

-"It must have been hard for you," Ty Lee said.

-"It was," Lee answered "You know, you're really pretty" he continued.

-"Thanks," Ty Lee answered.

They paused in silence.

When Ty Lee huddled closer to Lee in the dark, he pulled back and got up

-"What's wrong?" Ty Lee asked.

-"I'm not a refugee like I said I was." He paused.

-"I'm a bounty hunter. I was sent by Azula to get rid of you and Mai."

-"Lee, how could you?" Ty Lee asked, close to tears.

-"I know, and I won't. But you can't tell anyone about this."

As Lee disappeared into the brush, Ty Lee bursts into tears.

When Team Avatar returned to camp, Katara and Mai try to comfort her.

-"What's wrong?" Asked Katara.

-"I don't want to talk about it," Ty Lee answered.

The next day, Team Avatar was sitting around their campsite.

Mai was throwing small knives at a target but they always went to the left.

-"How come I can't get it?" said Mai in frustration.

-"Maybe it's the wind," said Ty Lee who was sitting on a log.

As Lee was hiding in the brush, he threw a Sai and it hit dead center on the target.

-"She's right you know, you need heavier knives in this wind" he said coming out of the brush.

-"What are you doing here?" asked Ty Lee getting up.

-"You know this guy?" asked Sokka who was polishing his boomerang.

-"We've met," said Ty-Lee with a harsh tone.

-"Look Ty Lee," said Lee, "I'm sorry about last night, and I wanted you to have this." He tossed a sac into Ty Lee's hands.

-"What's this?" she asked.

-"It's the reward money." Lee replied.

-"But I thought you said you..." started Ty Lee but Lee cut her off.

-"As soon as I got back I met someone who just gave me the money and said my work is done. I guess Azula just jumped to conclusions," he said.

-"Wait a minute! You work for Azula?" asked Aang.

-"Not exactly. I'm a bounty hunter," Lee replied.

- "So what happened?" asked Suki.

-"I was sent to assassinate Mai and Ty Lee. All the jobs I've had in the past were just to arrest some criminal. But never someone innocent. Look, the bottom line is that I don't want to be a bounty hunter anymore. I want to join your group," said Lee.

-"Not a chance," replied Ty Lee.

-"Well, what do we have here?" said a voice from the brush.

All of Team Avatar and Lee turned towards the sound.

-"If you want a job done well, you have to do it yourself," Continued Azula, coming out of the bushes.

-"Look out!" said Lee as Azula shot lightning at Ty Lee. Lee pushed her out of the way and the lightning struck Zuko who redirected it at Azula. It struck the ground in front of her and sent her flying.

-"Let's get out of here!" said Katara

As Team Avatar got on Appa, Ty Lee looked at Lee.

-"Aren't you coming Lee?" she asked.

-"But I thought..." said Lee.

-"I think you've proven yourself" Ty Lee replied.


This is the first chapter in the series.

Ty-Lee's hostility towards Lee is simlar to Katara's hostility towards Zuko in The Western Air Temple.

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