Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to The Book of Primal Illusion in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

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The Book of Primal Illusion

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Introduction and Welcome

Hello there!

If you're here, it's probably because morbid curiosity and/or the fanon promotion system has brought you here. You have both my thanks and my sincere apologies.

I realize that I'm not dealing with the most unique of plots here. But if you're even reading this, there's a good chance you're willing to give me the benefit of the doubt, and for that, I thank you. All I can hope is that you have as much fun reading it as I do writing it, even if this is yet another 'post-war fic'. :)


Eight years after Zuko was crowned Fire Lord and brought a fragile peace to the world, a new threat arises as a mysterious group seems to be out to kill the Fire Lord... or to control him. While Sokka and Aang chase down a cure that may be Zuko's only real hope - and may or may not exist - Katara finds herself pulled into politics, and then something far more dangerous...

(Eventual Zutara.)

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Chapter 1: Widower's Weeds

Chapter 2: Breadcrumbs

Chapter 3: Selenic Bargain

Chapter 4: Parhelion

Chapter 5: The Right-Turned Conch

Chapter 6: Noble Truths

Chapter 7: Epicenter

Chapter 8: The Endless Knot

Chapter 9: Fault Lines

Chapter 10: The Fish Swimming in Samsara

Chapter 11: Seismic Risk

Chapter 12: The Fourth Ashtamangala

Chapter 13: Fracture

Chapter 14: Emotional Liability

Chapter 15: Endoskeleton

Chapter 16: The Marrow of the Matter

Chapter 17: Parley to Parlay

Chapter 18: Ordeal by Water

Chapter 19: All Bets Are Off

Chapter 20: Trial by Fire

Chapter 21: Abaiser/Bone Black

Chapter 22: Vatican Cameos

Chapter 23: Drinking the Ashes

Chapter 24: Benthic Zone*

Chapter 25: Kausidya and Nitzotzot*

Chapter 26: Pyrogen*

Chapter 27: Silver Moon, Still Shining*

Chapter 28: Sanguine*

Chapter 29: Druxy Hospitality*

etc. Will likely run to 45+ chapters.

*denotes planned but as yet unwritten chapters.

^denotes chapters that have been written, but have not been illustrated.

Chapters that have been written but not illustrated can be found on before they are published here.


aka, a whole bunch of people you already know. Click ♫ for themesong, where applicable.

Zuko The current Firelord, known for his sense of both compassion and mercy. Widely regarded as the best ruler the Fire Nation has had for several generations despite only being on the throne for eight years. Currently he is still in mourning for his wife Mai, who died during childbirth five years ago.

Mei Lien Zuko and Mai's daughter. Determined, headstrong, and naiive, she is easily bored with court life. Zuko dotes on her to the point that some may call her spoiled. Can often be found trying to avoid her daily lessons with her tutor, evading her nursemaid, and dragging Iroh to tea parties with her many dolls and plushies.

Katara Resident healer and Waterbending master in the Southern Water Tribe, which is slowly recovering from such small numbers thanks to many refugees moving in from the Northern Water Tribe as well as the Earth Kingdom and Foggy Swamp. She is fully dedicated to her job and one of the best healers history has seen.

Aang If you don't know who this guy is, I don't know what you're doing on this Wiki. Seriously. Life. Choices.

Sokka One of the top warriors and leaders in the Southern Water Tribe. Although not the chief, he is a well-respected elder. He is engaged to Suki and they split their time between the Southern Water Tribe and Kyoshi Island. For the past few years he has been working on an ambitious project for relatively expedient travel back and forth between the Southern Water Tribe and Kyoshi Island.

Toph Everyone's favourite Earthbender and Melon Lord, Toph has risen to prominence as one of the most trusted assistants to the Earth King himself. In her spare time she runs a school of metalbenders. Known for being both mischievous and ruthlessly driven, her greatest achievement (since the defeat of Ozai, of course) is successfully starting a prank war in the Earth King's palace that lasted for the better part of a year and ended with Zuko taking a cream pie to the face while on a diplomatic visit.

Azula Zuko's sister who has been taken care of ever since her defeat. Instead of living in the dungeons similar to Ozai, she is kept 'out of sight' but very well, having her own retinue of guards and attendants to make her life as comfortable as possible while she recovers from what Zuko sees as a nervous breakdown. Zuko still hopes that someday Azula may come to the same sort of revelation that he did, but so far it's not really panned out that way.

and now, some others you don't know as well.

Guifu An older woman who has been a prisoner for many years. Although she is a firebender, she rarely uses her bending. She is rather gentle and quiet, though in a way that suggests she has all but given up hope.

Yinmi the Iron Peacock June's replacement as the reigning master bounty hunter and assassin. Yinmi is a disgraced former Kyoshi Warrior, and while June was efficient and to the point, Yinmi is glittery, flash, and prone to theatrics. Don't let that make you think she isn't any less ruthless, though. If anything Yinmi is more bloodthirsty than June, preferring to kill people outright - and she is not above working as an assassin directly.

Author's notes

This is my first real try at ATLA fanfiction. I'm going to be the first to admit that this is what you'd call an AU, and that I may not be getting the characters spot-on, so comments and critique are both welcomed with open arms.

I'm going to attempt to do an illustration for every chapter, even if most times it will only be a sketch. I'm also not going to be attempting to match ATLA's style, so apologies beforehand if anyone gets frustrated or confused. I'm working on a large reference picture so that there will be a handy guide as to who's who.

And don't worry, the horrid excuse for a cover image is going to get replaced very soon as well.

You can also find this on, minus the extras such as illustrations (...and chapter titles, because I am incredibly lazy).

This is rated PG-13 mostly for violence. It IS a Zutara fic, but I'm not going to do anything crass here, so if you're looking for smut you'll have to look elsewhere.


wherein I revel in the compliments and quasi-compliments others have given me

Omashu Rocks' fanon review!

"Oh, wow. This is very, very interesting. Nicely written, too. I can't wait to see where you go with this. [...] Great to see you're keeping everyone in character, but have still allowed them to mature and act their 'new' age."
— Boogum, FF.N
"...You just love to use cliff-hangers, don't you?"
— Kimberly T, FF.N
"I'm excited. A great plot, great writing, and intrigue!


— Avi, FF.N
"This is a great story. The characterizations are on point, and I can really feel like this is an epilogue to the original story. It's really a hidden gem of a story. I don't see why more people haven't dug their fingers into this one! :)"
— crystalline talisman, FF.N
"I can't give this a great score."
— Omashu Rocks, Wiki
"Ty Lee just made my heart hurt in places that really shouldn't hurt. This whole FIC makes my heart hurt in places it really shouldn't hurt. [...] Really, really beautiful writing, and I'm so happy that you've created this, because it is GORGEOUS."
— Dictionary Ink, FF.N
"That went about as well as could be expected."
— ThingsAreSwinging, Tumblr

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