The Book of Metal
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Fire Lord Shen

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May 3, 2012

The Book of Metal is the first chapter of the epic Fire Lord Shen series. It can be found here (Warning: violence, canon rape and lipstick).


Lord Shen arrives to the Fire Nation, where he causes several deaths but is taken by Zuko's daughter, and becomes her second in command. Latter, he meets Zuko, and both fall in love and frolick in the royal gardens.

Oogway murders an inoccent planet, and sends Darth Shifu to kill Teo. Darth Shifu meets Shen and Zuko, and is defeated. Zuko conforts his new love, telling him that he'll send him to Republic City where Korra will help Shen against Oogway.


  • Lord Shen is the protagonist. In his quest for power, he sees himself forced to protect the Avatarverse, as well as his newfound love.
  • Zuko's Daughter is the Fire Lord, and she sees a new competitor in Shen, but let's him stay anyways (better to keep your enemies close, after all).
  • Zuko is Shen's love interest and the Fire Lord's dad, and greatly misses his dead wife Mai, but found a new way to move on with his newfound love.
  • Oogway}} is an evil celestial tortoise who desires nothing but death and suffering in God's name, and plans to kill the Avatar.
  • Darth Shifu is Oogway's most loyal Sith lord, but is destroyed by Zuko and Lord Shen.
  • Teo is Shifu's first victim.


  • Darth Shifu's special attack is "pink darkness". This is an allusion to the tendency to make dark powers in fantasy purple, even though violet is actually the most intense part of the light spectrum.

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