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The Bones are an elite group of slaves-turned-soldiers who work for the Overseers. Each and every Bone was a candidate in the New Man project, and as such they are outfitted with experimental weaponry and use them to great and destructive effect. As a prerequisite for advanced augmentation, they are also all expert metalbenders or better.

While normal soldiers are used to keep the peace and handle basic operations within their jurisdictions, those being under the control of their respective Overseer, the Bones act for the Kingdom as a whole. They are used per request to pursue special goals and will grudgingly defend any Overseer that comes under attack, including against the forces of another Overseer, unless they are the ones doing the attacking.


Brittlebones is anything but that. He was a slave who received an older, cruder form of augmentation which could not be reversed. This is not because of any special circumstance; he actually is that old, around 300 years. It was revealed that Brittlebones killed the previous two Avatars after they attempted to overthrow the Overseers. He is the leader of the Bones. Despite his large and imposing appearance, he is also very fast as he uses metalbending to speed his armor magnetically across earthen ground; the simple act of barreling into a target is often enough to decimate it.

Brittlebones wears an incredibly powerful suit of armor which can withstand multiple direct hits from heavy weaponry, explosions, and even Avatar-level metalbending. If needed, he can use metalbending to patch up the armor in the field. It also has two electrical generators built into the arms which can be directed into the hands and emitted for a long but inaccurate ranged attack, as well as surge through the outer shell of the armor for close combat. One of Brittlebones's most brutal attacks involves grappling a foe and unleashing a full electrical charge repeatedly. The fact that the armor does not shock itself implies that he has some sort of countermeasure against it; if so, Brittlebones is the only augmented person to have absolutely no vulnerability to electricity. In addition, the suit sports a refillable air tank, just in case. However, as Brittlebones's armor is even more complex than normal and covers his entire body fully, he has an even greater weakness to overheating, although the suit has vents that can partially mitigate this problem by expunging heat built up in pockets within. Still, overheating is such a problem with Brittlebones that his deployment is restricted to certain locations, and even then may only operate or move between them when it is cool enough.

Brittlebones is finally killed during a horrific battle against Hong, Sing, Owan, Sho, and a group of Fire Nation soldiers, after being struck by gunfire when he opened the suit's vents to ward off overheating from the Firebenders' attacks, allowing Hong to tear them off to keep the armor from offering full protection; but the guns only stun him. Nevertheless, this moment proves vital as he is finished off by a focused firestorm attack and dies painfully as his armor melts around him. Although Wirebones fought alongside him, the lackey slinked away after it looked like the tables had turned, but he fights viciously to the end. While Brittlebones meets the group in person once, his exploits are well-known to them and he lives up to his title as one of the most fearsome adversaries that the team will face. His failure shows that the Overseers' reign can be resisted, but not without paying a price.


The Bones' self-appointed second in command. He is one of the more recent Bones, born within the last century, and only gained his lofty "rank" by outperforming and subsequently eliminating "outdated" members. Although some Overseers took issue with this practice at first, it was eventually let alone as it weeded out the weaker members of the group. Unlike Brittlebones who never speaks, Wirebones talks constantly. The only person who can shut him up is Brittlebones but after he dies, well...

Wirebones has an augmentation which is exactly what it sounds like; the skeletal structure in his limbs has been reinforced and hollowed out to house whiplike metal cords, alongside the standard emancipated slave augments. With the use of metalbending the cords have limited function as an extension of his limbs, and while they are not fully prehensile they can be said to have perfect accuracy in its stead. Wirebones uses his weapons to swing from various structures or function as springs to move about more easily, but even without them his necessary secondary augments give him greatly increased agility. When not in use, the cords can be bended to coil around his arms and legs, forming makeshift if highly resilient gauntlets and greaves. Because Wirebones's augments are of newer, internalized design, he does not suffer from a crippling heat weakness but is just as susceptible to electricity as any other augmented person. As a last-ditch effort, Wirebones also has a one-use electric wire, separate from the normal ones, which can discharge a lethal current into an unlucky target.


By far the most psychopathic of the group, one time he almost stepped on a rabbit but then later wished he had. Repeatedly. While this sounds rather affable at first, there is the fact that Funnybones's limbs have been replaced by a variety of spikes, razors, and the contraptions necessary to hold him together. Although his augments look fragile, and they are, Funnybones can easily use metalbending to adjust them in a moment. One such tactic is to feign a weak defense and allow an opponent to try grappling the non-spiky-sharp parts, only to twist them and ensnare his unlucky foe in his own limb before killing them. Funnybones's lack of hands and feet disable his ability to cling magnetically to earthen surfaces through bending... not that he had a sense of stealth in the first place. Or a measure of sanity. The Bones tend to leave him behind whenever they need to capture a target alive.


Sawbones is known for enjoying cutting things up. She (yes, she) has high-impact saws built into her arms. The newest Bone, Wirebones has taken a liking to her and has yet to give her a "test." He probably not so secretly has a crush on her as well. Secretly, she would like nothing more than to open a restaurant - so that she can entertain people with her paper crafts and hang her collages on the walls. This may as well work better than deploying her as a mobile meat grinding factory as Sawbones, like the rest of the group, is unstable and takes great offense to criticism. As in, flip out and attack and maim and kill and rip and tear and rip and tear the critic kind of great offense.


Flybones appears to be like any other armor-toting Bone, except when the proverbial gloves come off he has a trick up his sleeve: the ability to fly. As if his codename gave it away. Like Wirebones, Flybones has had parts of his skeleton hollowed out and reinforced, plus removal of other "non-vital" luggage. He is equipped with a personal magnetic lift which, in tandem with metalbending, allows him to propel himself around earthen material. The magnet is also powerful enough to deflect or pull in other metal and augmented persons if directed as such, but this last feature must be used with caution as Flybones, without his armor, is one of the physically weakest Bones. Nonetheless, his ability in flanking strategies is unmatched and he is a difficult target to hit.


Contrary to popular belief, Jawbones's jaw bones are unaugmented, not that anyone would know thanks to his full-face helmet. Jawbones wears a specialized suit of armor with powerful pincers for hands. It is not known if these have replaced his normal hands as Jawbones is never seen outside of his suit. Although it would seem redundant to have pressure claws on a metalbender, Jawbones is primarily deployed for specialized instances such as tracking down non-augmented targets. He is also equipped with revamped air intake system that allows him to breathe water like a fish. Much like Brittlebones, his opponents often mistake his bulky armor as precluding his speed, which is not the case.


Gearbones functions mostly as the tech support of the group as well as the least augmented of the Bones, and for this reason he receives no end of insults from Wirebones. Still, even after Brittlebones's death, Wirebones does not take the issue further, so he has some amount of respect for his skills at least. Gearbones was previously severely wounded during an accident in which heat from molten metal burned away part of his face. Thanks to advanced medical attention however, he managed to survive, barely, and his face was repaired with little aesthetic difference. He was given an experimental robotic eye to replace the one he lost as well as an artificial nose and ear. All of these features boast similarly enhanced capabilities, but they cannot be adjusted so Sawbones must take care not to "overload" his senses. In addition to all this, he was drafted into the Bones group as a field mechanic, intelligence operative, and jack-of-all-trades of sorts.

Lesser Bones

The group has a fairly vast and expansive array of lesser Bones, which are still better than the average soldier. It is not known whether they have special designations like the above individuals. These Bones often use partial or otherwise weaker versions of the named Bones' augments.

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