The Blue and Red Dragons
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The Fifth Nation, Plasma The Forbidden Element





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A Smile

The Blue and Red Dragons

(Three Miles Away from the Fire Nation Capitol)

The group was several miles away from the Fire Nation capitol flying over some open ocean when...

"Look" said Sokka as he pointed towards Air Ships.

"What is it?" Toph asked now tired of her recent routine.

"Those aircraft's were sent by Tien I'd wager," said Zuko answering Toph's question.

"Or they're sent by Azula to kill us." Aang added in jokingly.

"No she would rather kill us with her own hands." Zuko said obviously in no mood for humor.

Everyone's laughs turned to utter silence. They then remembered that they were walking into a battle.

"So then we'll just have to make sure she doesn't touch us." Katara said trying to break the mood.

"You're not going to be anywhere near the battle." Aang said in a protective tone.

"I've fought in battles before." Katara said trying to make a point.

"I know you want to fight. But you really need to consider if not your health the babies heath also.

"Hey guys, Are the airships getting closer or what?" Toph asks

"They're still awhile away Toph," said Zuko, not even checking

"Then why are they Right next to us?" Sokka exaggerated.

"No they aren't!" Zuko said in disbelief. Zuko turned and looked at the airship staring in disbelief.

"Who is that on the platform?" Sokka asked.

Zuko then looked straight to the platform and then he let out a long held grin that surprised everyone when it appeared on his face "Tien you crazy bastard how did you get her on an airship?"

Then the female from the platform jumped strait on to Appa, or more specifically, Zuko shouting the word "KOZU!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Zuko was then crushed by 150lbs of pure happiness.

"Thank the spirits I am off that horrible ship" the mysterious women said. "I don't know how you deal with riding in those horrible machines Kozu."

(Sun Warriors' Ancient City)

The same mysterious figure with purple eyes appeared stepping in the sun stone room. A sad look appeared on his face as he spoke to himself.

"So many years I have been gone, they could be dead." then a grin crossed his sad face as a thought passed through his mind "Or worse they could be alive."

Just as he was about to leave a group of Sun Warriors appeared out of nowhere. The chief was the first one to speak." Who are you and why have you disturbed our sacred temple?"

The room was silent as the leader was waiting for the answer from the strange man.

"I am here to see the novices Ran and Shaw." The man said in a nonchalant tone.

The leaders face turned red "How dare you call the masters "novices" they shall burn you down on the spot."

"Why wait? I'm right here. Why can't you 'Burn me on the spot?'" said the strange man trying to bait the warrior more and more.

The Sun Warrior Chief realized what this man was doing and breathed deeply. And then he spoke "As much as I'd like to kill you it is not up to me to decide your fate. That is the duty of the masters Ran and Shaw."

"Fine take me to your masters," said the strange man, seeming bored now.

As he was about to lead the cocky strange to the masters Ran and Shaw the chief realized. "You never answered my first question stranger."

"What was that question again?" said the man with the purple eyes.

"Who are you?" said the Chief still aggravated from his recent conversation with the stranger.

"This should suffice to who I am." the man said holding up a medallion cut from a rock as purple as the strangers eyes with the shape of a thick circle surrounding a thick dot.

At the sight of this artifact the Chief's eyes widened in horror. And he barely got words out his mouth "You, You can't be they were only legends. You can't really exist."

"A legend to a supposed dead civilization. We really are lost to this world." the man said as he grinned at the chief's reaction.

"There are more of you?" said the chief in shock to the word 'we'

"That is not for you to know." the man said in a harsh tone "Now take me to Ran and Shaw my time can be better spent with them."

With newfound respect for the stranger, the Chief said, "Right this way."

(Three Miles Away from the Fire Nation Capitol)

"Zuko who is this?" Aang asked puzzled

"OH!!!" Zuko exclaimed as he slapped his head, "I never told you about her."

Everyone in the group responded with "No."

"You never mentioned me to your friends Kozu? Not once." she glared at Zuko "Some friend you are."

"No need to get angry at him." Sokka said defending his friend, "I'm sure he wanted to tell us."

Zuko grinned and the girl then giggled and said, "I'm not mad at Kozu. I'm just messing with you silly."

Sokka's face turned red

"Let me introduce you to the group." Zuko said, "Everyone this Kaida Head General to the Fire Nation army. Kaida this is -"

"I know who they are Kozu. You only talk about them all the time" Kaida said aggravated as she points to each individual "This is Aang, there is Katara , that women over there must be Toph, he is Sokka, and last but not least this big guy must be Appa." as she patted the side of the bison

"Head general? I didn't know that rank existed" Sokka asked intrigued

"Normally it doesn't but in this case all Fire Nation generals voted Kaida as Head General. It's a rare occasion that a head general exists." Zuko explained

"I told you Kozu, I don't like that title, and I rather prefer you stop telling people that I'm a General." Kaida said annoyed.

"Nice to meet you Miss Kaida" Aang said bowing

Kaida looked confused at this gesture "Why are you bowing?"

"It is traditional." Aang replied also confused

"I'd rather not have these sorts of pleasantries. So call me just Kaida don't bow or do anything of the sorts." Kaida responded firmly.

"But why?" asked Sokka.

"Trust me you will never get her to tell you why. And at least she doesn't have a silly nickname for you," Zuko said.

"SILLY!!!! I'll have you know I thought long and hard about that nickname. Kozu is perfect not silly," said Kaida.

"I was wondering, how the hell did Tien get you on an airship Kaida?" Zuko asked.

Everyone looked at Zuko as if he was crazy except for Kaida.

"It wasn't easy for them, they basically had to carry me on the ship" Kaida said completely serious

"Why would they have to carry you on a airship?" Toph asked

Zuko was about to answer before Kaida put a hand over his mouth. "Could you excuse us for a second?" Then she and Zuko turned around "Kozu I'd rather you not tell them."

"Why not?" Zuko asked.

"Because I don't trust them." Kaida explained.

"We heard that." Toph added.

"I know, that's why I said it out loud." Kaida said with a smirk.

"You can trust them Kaida." Zuko said in a reassuring tone. "I was also wondering how the city is going?"

Kaida's smile dropped "It's not good. The reports say that what we thought was a small army has become a massive invasion force. There are several Water Tribe pirates and Earth Kingdom mercenaries. Everyone is in a panic; the only ones who are staying calm are Firelady Mai, Myself, and surprisingly Tien."

"So her army of traitors, has added lowlifes back on to their list," Zuko said.

"Guys look!!!" Aang said as he pointed

Everyone except Toph peered to the spot where Aang pointed. And to their horror they saw what appeared to be a black scar, was actually thousands upon thousands of tents all carrying the symbol of the Blue Fire Army. Oddly, they were passing.

"Mam we have a clear shot at them should we take them down?" asked a soldier.

A familiar commanding but aged voice said, "No...let them pass there will be a time to strike but it is not now.

"What are they waiting for? Shouldn't they be hurling fire and whatever else they can at us?" asked Sokka.

"I don't know but the best thing right now is to get to the capitol as fast as we can," said Zuko.

(Ran and Shaw's Cave)

The same mysterious stranger standing where no more than 20 years ago a young Avatar and The next Fire Lord once stood. Then a chanting has started chatter between the Chief and Ham Ghao started as well.

"I know the last two to face the masters were idiots but this one. He is just suicidal. He refused to carry a piece of the Eternal Flame." Ham said still in the bowed position.

"I believe this stranger know exactly what he is doing." The Chief said his eyes not straying from the strange man.

A voice then said, "Present your Fire to the masters Ran and Shaw."

As all this was happening the man was thinking of what he was doing here "Are they really going to make me wait again, typical dragons...Take as much time as you need. Hopefully they want to fight this time."

Two giant Dragons appeared one red the other blue. The second their eyes set on the stranger, they stopped midair.

The man spoke " you do remember me." Well I don't want to break customs so I shall present my piece of the Eternal Flame.

As these words reached the dragons, their eyes grew as wide as the moon itself.

After he saw the fear in their eyes, the man preformed a strange technique.

"What is that? It looks like the Lightning form." Ham said confused.

"No, it's quite the opposite. In fact it's the lightning form that looks like this technique," said the Chief.

As Ham had said the form was like the Lightning technique but there was something different. The man made the circular forms but instead of releasing lightning from his finger tip he instead closed his hands together. A silence fell then he opened his palms to reveal a small orb so bright and hot that the sun warriors were sweating from where they were.

He then spoke "I know you remember this, If not me. Now the question is will you attack me or tell me what I need to know?"

The dragons weren't listening to his words all they were doing was focusing on that orb. Their eyes following it wherever it went

A split second had passed the dragons then attacked. Ran and Shaw released a tremendous amount of fire so bright that most of the sun warriors had to look away.

Ham then said tauntingly to the Chief "Ha he was a fool. No bender could survive that."

The Chief didn't respond all he did was look at where the stranger stood.

Ham aggravated at being ignored said, "What are you looking at, there is no way he survived."

The Chief still didn't take his eyes from that direction.

"What are you looking at? "Ham said as he turned his head. Then something deep inside Ham said "Run!!!" But he couldn't he was paralyzed by the spectacle unfolding before him. On the top of that hill the man was surrounded by a dome of the same substance that was seen in his hand. Then he spoke "Tisk, tisk Ran, Shaw, I expected better from you two."

The dragons' fires stopped flowing. Ran and Shaw then looked at each other for a moment the Chief could swear he saw a nod between the two masters. Then they flew in two circular formations looping within each other.

The man recognized what was going on and he quickly condensed his dome back into an orb and waited.

When Ran and Shaw had finished their flight paths static crackled between their whiskers. And in split seconds the man sent the orb directly between the two dragons as they shot their lightning. And instead of the lightning hitting the man the two bolts hit the orb. A massive explosion happened as the lightning converged on one point. Smoke filled the air all when black as the Chief, Ham, and the other sun warriors passed out.... As the smoke cleared the man was again safely behind a dome again unaffected by the explosions. Ran and Shaw weren't so lucky. Both dragons were down on the ground awake but unable to move, let alone defend themselves.

The man walked towards the dragons and said, "Are we done playing old friends?" The dragons then passed out themselves.

.... 2 hours later

Ran was the first one to awaken. Oddly enough, the dragon's wounds were healed. But where was Shaw? The dragon looked around for its partner. After a few terrified moments of searching, the dragon found its counterpart at the bottom of the steps, along with the strange challenger.

Ran approached the man with caution, even with Shaw this could be fatal. But as he was about to strike the man spoke "You don't remember do you?" the dragon stopped and listened. "You don't remember when my older sister and I used to come here and play with you." "You don't even remember my face or even my scar." the man looked at the dragon and a scar directly under his left eye almost glowed in the light. Memories came rushing back to the old dragon of two human children laughing and giggling as they rode the giant beasts.

The man got up, wiped his clothes, and continued to speak. "I never came here to play games again Ran. I came to ask a question."

Ran lowered the claw it was about to strike him with.

"I'm guessing that means you're willing to answer my question." Inquired the stranger.

The dragon nodded.

"Fine, here it is; Who can tell me what has happened in the past five centuries and still can be trusted with secrets?" The man asked.

The dragon inhaled deeply. Then Ran exhaled a fire that held a name "艾洛" as the man read the symbols he said the name aloud. "IROH"

... 3 hours later

All the sun warriors awoke spontaneously. It took them several hours to realize the stranger was gone. And that the masters were still alive. Ham then asked the Chief "How did you know what he was?" The Chief said, "It's in a song my elders used to sing." he began the song.

"What was five now is four.

A Nation sealed by ancient war.

Their powers were without comprehension.

Formed a jealousy without reprehension.

A war so bloody had begun.

That no healing could be done.

Then the spirits had interfered.

In one day a thousand years of war.

Had become forgotten forevermore.

But there were consequences.

As three powers were taken away.

And one shared to this day.

So as the Blood of the Sun disappeared.

A war of evil was forgotten but always shall be feared."


  • Kaida is a character that everyone should keep their eye's on. ;)
  • Most of this chapter was based not on Team Avatar but a sole stranger.
  • This is your first glimpse at the strange new element.
  • In this chapter we get our first glimpse at a more mature Azula

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