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According to tradition, Firebending is the oldest element that humans could bend. ten thousand years ago, the Lion Turtle's gifted the power of Firebending to Wan, the man who would eventually become the first Avatar. However, long before the Lion Turtles gave the power of fire to humans, the dragons taught humans. 14,000 years before Aang defeated Ozai, the dragons taught the sun warriors the basic Firebending so that could defend themselves against the evil spirits. Spirits have always had an irrational hate of humanity. They have seen them as lazy, boring, and worst of all greedy. This is why the sun benders where killed off by the spirits. Thousands of spirits attacked all three Sunbender colonies in what is now the northern Fire Nation. All of the Sun warriors will killed. The dragons fought valiantly in an effort to save the humans, but their efforts fell short.

For 4,000 years the rich tradition of firebending was dead, killed by the spirits. 4,000 years later, Wan defeated Vaatu and thus began the era of the Avatar. For 9,900 years, the Avatar ushered in an era of peace and tranquillity in the world. He separated and built nations and empires. She brought the Waterbenders back from the brink of extinction. He saved the Fire Nation from a Volcano eruption. She saved the Earth Kingdom from the wrath of an evil king. For over 9,900 years the Avatar saved the world from war.

Then everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked.

"Oh for God's sake ref, he touched the damn ball" Fang yelled.

"No foul! Keep playing Fang!" The ref hollowed back. "Stop complaining or you'll get a red card!"

Fang was playing Fire-ball. Fire-ball was a simple game, much like football. However there was one big difference, the ball was extremely heavy, and could only be moved by firebending the ball. His school team, the Blue Flames, was undefeated, and playing for the capitol championship. This was the most prestigious honor in the world. Thousands of people gathered from around the Fire Nation to cheer their school teams on the victory. After 89 minutes of play, the Blue flames looked close to victory.

"Fang, get your head back in the game." the coach yelled. But it was too late. The ball was already behind him. The opposing team had a two on one. before fang could even realize what was happening the ball was in the back of the net. The game was now tied 3-3. Fang cursed out the goalie. "How could you let this happen?? I do all this for the offense and I don't get any backup!!"

"Go to hell Fang!" The goalie yelled back.

Extra time began and before the blue flames even had a chance to regroup the ball ended up in the back of the net two more times. By the time the game was over the blue flames had had their hearts broken. The visitors had won the game 5-3. Fang was not pleased. "God, we are just a terrible team. I hate this."

"That's quite enough!" The coached bellowed. "In case you didn't know, that game, was YOUR fault. You were supposed to get back on that play. You were supposed to help your goalie. Fang you don't care about your team. This isn't an individual game. This is a team sport. I'm tired of this. It's been three years of this crap. You're off the team."

Fang was in shock. "Coach, please. This team is all I have!"

"I don't care! Get out of my locker room."

"Coach... You'll regret this." Fang burst out. He was angered, but now he was sad. He was going to have to explain this to his dad. This was the only reason his dad still talked to him. Every time they talked all they would talk about is fire ball. This was going to be a long day.

He got back to his house. It was a very large mansion. Fang's father was the chief metal dealer to the Fire Nation army. The Great war had been very good to his family. Fang's great grandfather started with a small army that he sold to Fire Nation legions. After the war started, he became the only manufacture of arms to the Fire Nation. Since that day, Fang's family rose from mere peasants to become one of the richest families in the Fire Nation, second only to the royal family. Fang and his father have always had a very strained relationship. But this would certainly make things worse.

"D...Dad?" Fang whispered.

"Son, what is it? I am incredibility busy!" His father replied annoyed.

"Did you get a chance to see the game?"

"No, sorry. How'd it go? Did you win?"

"No... We had the lead. But then..." Fang trailed off.

"What happened?" Fang's father suddenly spoke up. He voiced dripped with anger.

"I..I got distracted. I couldn't see the ball. I'm sorry." Fang braced himself. He could see the anger in his face.

"You did what?? You embarrassed me! Stupid boy!" His father hit him across the face. Hard. Fang fell to the ground, biting his lip and tearing it open. "Guards get this boy out of my sight." Fang felt terrible. As he was pulled up he got one good last look at his dad. "You're no son of mine." Those words spoken by his father hurt worse than anything his father could have ever done to him. The guards brought Fang to his room. He layer down in his bed and cried. To him, this was the worst day of his entire life.

That was until three years later when Zuko came to power.

It had been a very interesting few weeks for the capitol and all of its people. The first event was the solar eclipse. The people had gotten word of the impending invasion about three months prior. The day of the invasion, the capitol city was abandoned. The first family and top advisors and been taken to an underground bunker, but the rest of the citizens were evacuated to a small town just north of the city. After the invasion, the citizens where allowed to return home. but this peace was short lived. Soon after the capitol was evacuated again, but this time, Fang's father was more worried.

"Fang, pack all your valuables." His father yelled suddenly while they were preparing to evacuate. It was the first time he had spoken to him in almost three years.

"Why?" He asked confused. "We Didn't pack for the invasion!"

"Just trust me on this Fang. If something happens tonight our wealth will be seized. Pack as many valuables as you can. That's final."

So Fang began to pack as many valuable things as he could think of. He packed his gold pocket watch that his father gave to him for his 13th birthday. It was the only birthday present he had ever received. He also back a few boxes of other items but nothing of any real value. The last thing he grabbed was something that he couldn't back but that he just brought on him. It was a small leather pouch. It contained ten pieces of gold and thirty pieces of silver.

"Let's go. We are late!" Fang's father yelled. Fang's father, mother and himself boarded a private airship that would carry them to a small island where they would stay.

The comet came and the battle raged on, with thousands of citizens watching almost every move of the battle between Zuko and Azula. the flames were so large that you could see them from the island almost three kilometers away. That's what the comet does to fire, Fan thought. For years Fang had studied in school about the Air Temple invasion and how the world was forever changed when Sozin began his war. For the first 14 years of his life he had thought the Fire Nation were the good guys. But digging further into the war over the past four years it had become obvious, this was an unneeded war of aggression. He was rooting for Zuko, hoping that he would win and end the war.

Suddenly a flash of lightening and that was it. They saw no more flames. "Is that it?" Fang's mother whined. "Who won?"

"I don't know." His father replied. "But I suddenly don't have a good feeling."

"So what if Zuko won?" Fang dared to speak out. "We will still be rich!"

His father responded with a slap to the back of the head. "If Zuko where to win, Ozai would return to challenge him. This time he would not spare the city. Our house, everything you have ever known, will be ashes."

"Well what should we do?" His mother interjected.

"We have to get out of here."

"But where would we go?"

"I'm close friends with the governor of Omashu. He will put us up there."

"The Earth Kingdom??" Fang and his mother yelled at the same time.

"Yes. Now pack your things onto the airship. We are leaving within the hour."

Fang and the servants loading the things onto the airship and took off. Fang was finally relieved to be leaving the terrible place he had called home. He know that once he was in the Earth Kingdom there would be a greater chance that he would be able to leave forever. He airship took off and made its way east under the orange glow of the comet. The Earth Kingdom, Fang thought. I wonder what adventures await us there. Little did the family know that they would be flying into land no longer in control of the Fire Lord.

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