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By King Bumis Heir Part of the Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan continuity.
The Blood Moon
Yakone and Noatak


Invasion on the Southern Air Temple


The Respark of War


Sakana, Rong Yan; Bloodbenders


Winter 658 BG; Winter 676 BG


Yantai River, Earth Kingdom


Sakana and Aipaloovik meet Aumanil - Winter 676 BG.

  • Aipaloovik, Sakana, and Aumanil perform the ritual - Winter 676 BG.
  • Sakana kills Aipaloovik - Winter 676 BG.
  • Sakana is taken in by Aumanil - Winter 676 BG.
  • Sakana makes an offering and grows stronger - Winter 658 BG.
  • Kuma was killed - Winter 658 BG.
  • Rong Yan, kills Sakana - Winter 658 BG.


Sakana; Aumanil, Aipaloovik; Bloodbenders

Rong Yan, Aloi, Unaraq, Tanaraq, Kuma, Gyomo, Tako, Sake


Forces involved

Sakana; Aipaloovik

Rong Yan, Aloi, Unaraq, Tanaraq, Kuma, Gyomo, Tako, Sake; Aumanil and Sakana


Sakana is killed - Winter 658 BG; Sakana kills his father - Winter 676 BG.

Kuma dies - Winter 658 BG


First appearance

Chapter 11: The Blood Moon Part 1: Gone

Last appearance

Chapter 12: The Blood Moon Part 2: The Bloodbender



The Blood Moon was created thousands of years ago by an ancient tribe of bloodbenders who resided somewhere by the Yantai River, no ruins were left behind this society because they were primitive and lived in caves and/or tents. Although historians had discovered cave paintings on the walls of the caves.

The only known building that belonged to the tribe was a small temple where they had done their rituals for rain, and other things. The holiday was celebrated by this tribe but during their time they would capture people from other tribes and sacrifice them to the spirit Atshen. The same effects that modern bloodbenders get when they perform the modernized ritual, Atshen was to cleanse the mind of such insanity, and make the bloodbender's grip stronger.


Atshen is an evil spirit, some claim that Atshen is actually a neutral spirit as he had done both good and evil deeds. Atshen, is worshiped by any bloodbenders who follow ancient tradition.


Legend has it that Atshen, manifests himself as wolf bat, his shrine also has a wolf bat statue to represent him.

Atshen was the name of the fifth Water Tribe chief, the chief was an evil, cannibalistic man. He was also the man who developed the ability of bloodbending, recording this unique art in ancient scrolls that were passed down by many generations.

Bloodbenders of 300,000 years ago had used a wolfbat as their symbol for their worshiping spirit. Beforehand, they only had worshiped the chief, though some have proclaimed that when the chief had died he was escorted to the Spirit World by wolfbats. Other stories claim that Atshen him was druidic, and protected wildlife, when he died and had gone to the Spirit World he manifested into a spirit of a wolfbat and has forever stayed in that form.

Those who had dreams or visions of Atshen, and were waterbenders were to later discover or accept these powers as a gift, and be stronger than average bloodbenders. Those who failed Atshen's tests were to be bloodbended on failure and killed.

Modern Ritual

Through the blood ritual offering made to any of the three shrines of Atshen around the world would cure the bloodbender of any madness they have developed and slightly increase their grip in bloodbending. The practitioner was to place candles on the four corners of the small stone table in front of the shrine.

Lighting the candles, placing a small stone bowl in the middle of the shrine table. The practitioner would then cut their palm of whichever hand and let a few drops of blood drop into the small bowl. After doing so, they would open their bloodbending tome, and recite an ancient words of rite.

If done correctly, the bloodbender will suddenly make a cross stance with their arms wide all awhile looking at the full moon. Feeling a surge of power rush through them only will the bloodbender be cleansed of their insanity, and have their powers slightly enhanced. They called this event the Blood Moon.

Villagers within the South and North Pole and the eastern Earth Kingdom do not leave the safety of their homes during this holiday. As the outdoors will be very dangerous. Thousands of years in the past when this was worshiped by several people, many civilians would go missing and be found dead the next few days.

Ancient Rituals

In ancient times, they had to sacrifice humans captives, by decapitating them and all awhile the shaman was performing this he shoved his hand down the body through the neck and would yank the heart and drain the body's blood in a large bowl sitting on the temple shrine. Each prisoner that was executed by the ancient bloodbending tribe, when the ritual was being performed the shaman would say a certain prayer and each prayer to Atshen would have him grant them rain, good crops, or even a stronger grip along with a cleanse of the mind.

But when as the world itself began to modernize and killing was illegal and against the law, the tribe was wiped out by a flood. Some say it was Atshen taking his people with him, others say it was an Avatar who wiped them out for their evils. Then the modern version of the ritual was more of self inflicting pain by cutting oneself and offering a few drops of blood. After they would patch up the wound or heal themselves.

Godly Grip

In life, it was said that Atshen had a godly grip in bloodbending. Though now as a spirit he is able to grant that same ability to his worshipers. It has been two thousand years since a bloodbender had been chosen worthy enough for Atshen to grant that person his godly grip.

Perhaps, Amon was granted that same ability by Atshen. Since it was provided by the spirit for Amon to use his grip with the use of his mind.

Books and other written history

There were plenty of books and records of the art of bloodbending along with bloodbending scrolls to teach those who were willingly to learn it. Eventually, when the Blood War ended in Avatar Anana's lifetime, both of the Water Tribes burned or destroyed any evidence of the history of the bending art. And imprisoned, executed or even exiled any who practiced it or even spoke of it.

Bloodbending was then dubbed as the Forbidden Art, by everyone within the Water Tribes, who knows if Foggy Swamp Tribe ever knew about this event or practice bloodbending for that matter. In Rong Yan's life time there might've only been a few who knew it. But most records of bloodbending were kept hidden from those who practiced it.

Other uses of Bloodbending

There have been other uses for bloodbending, rather than being evil, some bloodbenders' chose to help the ill with their abilities. One known person in Rong Yan's life who uses bloodbending for good is Aumanil, the woman who took Sakana in as her son. She is a master in medical bloodbending, curing diseases, and curing the ill with her abilities. Very few people know of her existence. Because, of her old age she no longer travels to the Yantai River. She has her very own shrine outside her home underneath an arch of rocks.

Winter 676 BG

Sakana was taken to the Yantai River for the first time by his father Aipaloovik, when performing the ritual and finishing it. Sakana disobeyed his father and was bloodbended in front of Aumanil. After Aumanil had gotten a grip on Aipaloovik, she began to bloodbend him, but then Sakana regained his focus and put his grip on his father, screaming as loud as he could while his father began to die. At the end he kills his own father, and sobs when the rain begins to fall, Aumanil keeps him company and later adopts Sakana as a son.

Winter 658 BG

Sakana, had convinced the crew to sail by the Yantai River, because he wanted to revisit the sites like he did each year with his adopted mother. They had run into Rong Yan and the gang and decided to set up camp along with them. Every day he began to become very paranoid of his friends discovering what he is, he hid all his things in his personal tent.

Growing stranger and stranger by the day, one night came where when everyone was sharing stories about the past. When asked, if he'd like to share a story, he had replied, "A man's past, is his business." Everyone was a bit confused on why he would say such thing. When everyone went off to bed, he had left to the shrine of Atshen, where he would commence the ritual and get done with it.

Rong Yan had gotten up and walked off elsewhere, in the morning the gang had questioned Rong Yan's whereabouts and that of Sakana. Later that day Rong Yan returned and warned everyone of Sakana. When they had encountered Sakana he was already done with the ritual. Sakana had killed his own best friend Kuma, and knocked out everyone except Rong Yan. Negotiating with the Avatar, Rong Yan refused to let him go and they battled.

Towards the end Sakana had almost killed Rong Yan but then the Avatar State had activated on its own. Sakana, was powerless against the force of Avatar Rong Yan. Rong Yan, had then killed Sakana while in the Avatar State, ending the battle.

At the very end Tanaraq had searched through his things and found a journal. She read the story within the journal, the reason he had went nuts is because of his past.


  • The unnamed ancient bloodbending civilization along with their ritual is based off the Aztec civilization.
  • Their disappearance is alike that of the Mayan civilization, although no one knows for sure how they disappeared. Historians claim it was a tsunami, others claim it was an Avatar.

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