Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to The Blood Bath of Fanons in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

The Blood Bath of Fanons
The Hunger Games style Avatar story.
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Avatar: The Last Airbender
The Hunger Games

The Blood Bath of Fanons is an idea based on the popular book series "The Hunger Games". After a chat between PW and Slash, this was born. Go here to see


Changes from Avatar [Unfinished]

  • The world where the Blood Bath happens is an AU world. It has one new continent. This is where Jian is from.
  • Republic City replaces the Capital.
  • This world lost bending arts 1573 years before the beginning of the series. This is the reason why they take tributes from Aang's universe. So that they can have bending in their Blood Baths.


Fanons fill Avatar Wiki, great ones by even greater authors. The Hunger Games, an awesome book with two sequels, floats through the minds of these great authors. Wait a minute, what the heck does that have to do with Avatar?! Well, at Omashu Rocks' blog, he had a great idea. This idea sprouted in Slash's mind, then after talking with PW, a great idea was made. Twenty-four tributes (well, more like 24 authors) shall come together, work together, their favorite character shall be teleported to an AU world, then FIGHT!!! The Blood Bath of Fanons begins.



The Blood Bath has been well received by Avatar Wiki. On its first day, it already got 5 tributes. After Slash advertising it, we got 51 comments. Afterwards, several other people signed up. It currently has all 24 tributes!. The home page has 217 comments (not a record yet but it could be soon).


You can subscribe to the action. Just ask me or Slash or comment below and one of the editors will add you to the list.


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Current Match

Match One

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Editors to The Blood Bath

Here is a list of contributors.

Leaders: Agent Slash and PreservationsWings - PW: Judge Siezio Agent Slash: Judge Ezagon

Other Contributors: Krazykid51 - Tribute #1 Lee

MibuWolf - Tribute #2 Haneul

Firebender896 - Tribute #3 Rokan

The Ultimate Waterbender - Tribute #4 Zorin (the WANWTE character)

Omashu Rocks - Tribute #5 Berani

BlackMonkey - Tribute #6 Asaki

Night's Fire - Tribute #7 Naomi

Cutekittenkatara - Tribute #8 Luna

AlaskaBender - Tribute #9 Moku

Moon Beam - Tribute #10 Jamie

RageOfFluffy - Tribute #11 Sha

Mageddon725 - Tribute #12 Yun Zhen

AvatarRokusGhost - Tribute #13 Chao Feng

PSUAvatar14 - Tribute #14 Kianna

BlueDagger - Tribute # 15 Feng

Lightningthief9 - Tribute #16 Haewa

Tribute #17 Jian (Main Character; Replaces Katniss) - The creators will write for her.

Lovelyb0nes - Tribute #18 Kyasin

Theavatardemotivator - Tribute #19 Sonam

Avatar Aangs reincarnation - Tribute #20 Ashley

Dragonfire333 - Tribute #21 Lee (from Avatar: New Generation)

The ghost of Aang - Tribute #22 Feng (From a new fanon, Vengeance.)

BuddhaGirl - Tribute #23 Iggy

AvatarMonarchist - Tribute #24 Ike


  • MibuWolf is in charge of pictures.

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