The Blaze
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Falling Autumn



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The Coming Storm


Tenzin is sent visions of a boy. He travels back to Republic City and tracks down the boy, only to find that he has a powerful talent.

Chapter Two


Tenzin. Republic City is in danger. You have to do whatever you can...

Father? Is that you?

If you don't act quickly, you could lose everything.

Tenzin saw a jail cell. In it was a fierce-looking woman. She was shackled to the wall with ice. Her eyes were determined, but pleading.

...lose everything.

He saw a boy, dressed in rags. Someone was dragging him away...

Tenzin jolted awake. Next to him, Pema was sleeping peacefully.

I need to get outside.

He quickly pulled on his robes and stepped into the cool evening. The lights of Republic City twinkled in the distance. The Statue of Aang stood assuredly in the harbor.

I have to go back.

Tenzin knelt on the dew-sprinkled grass and prayed.

He didn't know what he was looking for, but he knew it was important. He scanned the crowds, looking for anything. The masked Equalists were standing on crates again, preaching against the "evil" of benders. A surprisingly large crowd was listening. He kept looking.

Nothing but a group of passing citizens, obviously poor. There were a few other groups of people in the plaza, and, standing alone, a boy.

The boy.

It was the boy from his vision. Except he wasn't dressed in rags. Instead, he wore a black and red robe, something a middle class person would wear.

Tenzin approached him, but he had started walking away. Tenzin's pace accelerated.

He followed the boy across the plaza and through a maze of streets, curious to see where he was going. They finally reached the entrance to what looked like an underground venue. Police guards blocked the entrance. Upon seeing the boy, they immediately stepped aside. Tenzin walked up to them.

"Here to watch the games, sir?" Asked one of the guards.

"Umm... yes." Tenzin had no idea what was going on.

"That'll be ten copper pieces, please."

Tenzin dug into a pocket of his robe and withdrew the sum.

"Enjoy the games," said the guard.

He entered a huge, dark arena. There was a massive ring of seats surrounding a lake. In the center of the lake was a raised platform. An electric spotlight shone down on the platform.

Tenzin found an unoccupied seat and took it. The lights dimmed further, and an announcer's voice rang. "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Pro-Bending Games! Today we have an exciting lineup of competitors! For the first match, please welcome... the Ocean team, hailing from the Southern Water Tribe!"

The crowed cheered as a team of three Waterbenders, two men and a woman, rose up on a stream of water and positioned themselves on one end of the platform.

"The Mountain team, from Ba Sing Se!" The team of Earthbenders shot up to the platform on a protrusion of earth. The crowd went wild.

"And, last but not least, the Ember team, straight from the Fire Nation!" A group of menacing-looking Firebenders appeared in a cloud of smoke. The crowd hushed as the three teams arranged themselves at opposite ends of the court.

"Everyone ready? Let's BEND!"

The match began. A Firebender shot a stream of flame from his hand directly at the female Waterbender, who deftly blocked it with a shield of water. One of the Earthbenders dislodged a chunk of the arena and sent it right at one of the Firebenders, who was caught off guard and fell down into the lake. The crowd booed.

The other two Firebenders, in retaliation, sent a combined blast at the Earthbender, who quickly blocked it with a projection of earth. One of the Waterbenders shot a wave at the Earthbender, breaking the shield and sending him flying off the platform. A Firebender took this opportunity to quickly dispose of the Waterbender. The other two Earthbenders pounded the floor of the platform, sending fissures towards each team. One of the Waterbenders stumbled off the rink, but the Firebenders dodged the fissure and retaliated with a blast of flame. The Earthbenders were hit at the same time by a water disk, causing them to fall off simultaneously. The crowd roared.

It was just the female Waterbender now, and she didn't hesitate to launch a massive spray of ice shards at the Ember team. The Firebenders melted the shards, but didn't have time to block a huge wave that sent them flying.

"And the Ocean team WINSSS!" cried the announcer. The audience cheered wildly.

The games went on like this for three more rounds. Each time, different teams attempted to unseat the Waterbenders, but the girl was too powerful. Tenzin admired her spirit and skill.

"And now, for the match you've ALL been waiting for... the BLAZE versus the SHADOW!!!"

Tenzin had never in his life heard anything louder than the crowd's reaction.

On the platform, the boy he had followed faced the Waterbending girl. They bowed, then took their stances.

"The stakes have NEVER been higher!!! Whoever wins gets the title of Pro-Bending Master and 1,000 gold pieces!!! Ready, set, BEND!!!"

The girl brought her hands up and launched a massive wave across the platform. The boy crouched as it broke over him. Drenched, he curled into a roll as ice shards fired, grazing his neck. The girl formed a column of water and sliced it into razor-sharp discs, flinging them, one after another, at the boy. He deftly evaded them, then, almost calmly, generated a huge wall of fire in front of him. He crouched down, bent his head, and seemed to meditate for a few moments.

The girl looked furious. She quashed some of the fire with a blast of water and prepared to make another strike. The boy looked up, and their eyes locked. She launched a stream of ice directly at the boy's head. But it couldn't even get halfway before he summoned all his strength and shot a bolt of sheer, pure, almost angelic lightning from the tip of his finger.

The girl was blown backwards off the platform in the blink of an eye. The crowd was utterly silent. A hint of a smile formed on the boy's lips. He turned and disappeared off the platform before anyone could react.

Tenzin had never in his life seen Firebending so awe-inspiring.

I'm going to find this boy.

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