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Sandbender Tribes
"The United States of Who?"

- Roland, a Blackkettle member

The North American Sandbender Tribe, more commonly known as The Blackkettles are a Sandbender Tribe mentioned in the Avatar FanonThe Gunfighter. Due to the remoteness of their settlements, not much is known about their culture or history. The Tribe is One of Seven residing in the Post Great War World.


Judging by what is told by Roland, The Blackkettles appear to be a farly new tribe. It is possible that the tribe was formed due to the decintigration of The United States of America during The Great War, as Roland has never heard of The United States, even though he was born and raised within its borders, although this may be due to the tribe's remoteness. Many of the Tribe appear to be Earthbenders who have adapted to the sandy surrowndings of their home, although a Waterbender or two can be located within the tribe in order to bring water to the surface, although it is unknown weather they are natural members or captured slaves.


The Blackkettles territory covers much of the Mojave and Sonora Deserts,  the Southwestern United States and Northern Mexico. Due to the semi nomatic nature of the Tribe, they can sometimes be located in Northern Utah, Eastern California, and even West Texas.


Not much is known of the Blackkettle culture, although they appear to share characteristics of their fellow Sandbender Tribe, The Tuareg of the Western Sahara. Many of the tribal members appear to be some denomonation of Roman Catholic. Waterbending members are highly valued amongst the tribe due to their abilitys.  They are also on good terms with The Gunslingers.


The Blackettle Language is a combination of English and Spanish. The language developed manly due to the Tribe's location along the former United States/Mexican boarder. It is delveloped to the point of where both speakers of English and Spanish can slightly understand what A Blackkettle is speaking, but at the same time leaves all non speakers in the dark about what is being spoken.

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