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The Black and White One
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The Final Avatar


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Chapter 13

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16 February, 2011

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The Return of Fiery Guy

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The Island of Lightning: Part 1


Still grieving over Ajoke}}'s death, Zaru and must hunt down Azap. But problems arise when a big monster tries to kill him.


Erus was doing terrible. Zaru had never seen him like this. Heesu}} was unsuccessfully trying to cheer Erus up.

"Come on Erus! Brothers come and go, but you still have us." Heesu flew into a wall.

"Do not forget Boli is still after us too," Stroe pointed out.

"Okay," Zaru said, "We need to act now. Erus, I know you're not at your best, but you're the Fire Lord now. You need to lead this nation. Heesu, Stroe, you need to go back to the Earth Kingdom. Hold Omashu. Recruit for the Stone Soldiers. Patola, you need to go back to the Order of the White Lotus. Get them to help. I'm going to track down Azap."

"You have my complete loyalty!" Patola said. He marched out of the building, followed by Stroe and Heesu. "Goodbye Erus." Zaru left too. He got on a Fire Nation royal boat, and started his journey across the sea. At every part of the Fire Nation, he stopped and asked about Azap. Nobody had seen him.

Finally, he got off of his boat at the last island, and a crazy guy came running at him.

"The Avatar! We're saved! You've got to help us! This crazy guy came! Lightning! Lightning everywhere! He told us we would die for supporting you! Then, he got on his boat, and left!"

"Who are you?" Zaru asked.

"Lee! And he went that way!"

Lee pointed towards the Earth Kingdom.

"Thanks!" and Zaru got back on his boat, and left. He went through the seas for hours before he hit the Earth Kingdom. He literally hit it, because he couldn't stop the boat in time. After he regained his balance, he ran into the Earth Kingdom. After that it was easy. He just had to follow the burned ground Azap's carriage made. He walked for a few more hours before he reached a large forest.

"Hei Bai!" Zaru heard, "Come to me!"

It was Azap. He was sitting in the forest.

"I command you to come!"

Azap lit two fireballs. One came from each hand. They were floating in the air.

"You will face me, or I destroy your forest!"

Zaru realized this was the Senlin Forest. It was protected by the spirit Hei Bai. Azap had no idea what he was getting into.

"Hei Bai! Come!"

Azap shot his fireballs into the trees in front of him. Then, he raised the fire to extreme levels. He was burning down the forest.

"I warned you to come! But you didn't. Now your forest will die!"

He shot more fire. He even fried a tree with lightning.

Zaru jumped out of his hiding place. He made a stream of wind hit Azap, knocking him over. Then, all of the fire came to Zaru, and he extinguished it. Then, he shot discs of fire at Azap.

Azap did a series of movements, and shot large bolts of lightning at Zaru. Zaru redirected the lightning back at Azap.

"Fool," Azap muttered as Zaru shot more fire.



"Not good," Zaru said.

Hei Bai

Hei Bai attacking

A big monster crashed through the forest.

"You didn't come here to sell cookies did you?" Zaru said in a small voice.

It shot a super-scream at him.

"I didn't think so," said Zaru as he ducked.

"Ahh" Azap sighed, "What a beautiful monster. I am prince Azap! Serve me!"

Apparently, it didn't want to serve him. It tried to blast him.

"No! Wrong person! You shoot him!"

It kept shooting at them. All they could do was keep jumping out of the way.

Zaru realized Azap was burning more forest.

"Hei Bai!" Zaru yelled, "I know you're upset, but would you stop if I gave you an acorn?"

Hei Bai tried to blast him, so Zaru threw the acorn at him. That didn't seem to help with Hei Bai's anger.

Zaru went into the Avatar State.

He blasted walls of fire as large as the monster itself. Blasts of air that knocked it over. A lake flew to Zaru, turned into ice, and hit the spirit in the face. Then, all of the earth under Hei Bai grabbed him, and pulled him underground. Then, another blast of fire turned the ground white hot, before it exploded. A panda lied on the ground, unconscious.

"You..." Azap said, "You... you... you beat it."

Zaru was back to normal now. He turned to Azap, and hit him with fire. Azap walked over to a tree. From behind it, he pulled out an overtured carriage. He flipped it, waved, got in, an propelled it away. Zaru walked over to the panda.

"Hei Bai! He's gone!"

The panda got up.

"I'm sorry Avatar Zaru. I let my emotions get the best of me."

"Well, you destroyed half of your own forest, but it'll regrow. I've got to go now."

And Zaru ran off to find Patola and the Order of the White Lotus.

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