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Red Dawn(Book 2)

Chapter 8- Endgame

Waku charged as his eyes burned red for revenge against the man who betrayed him. Shinzo was at full power, yet somehow Waku was still putting up a good fight.

Shinzo was afraid that if Aang joined the fight he'd be at a severe disadvantage. He needed to kill Waku before Aang arrived. Shinzo could feel the Avatar closing in. He had 10 minutes at the most. Waku's anger mixed with the Black Shadow spirit's rage at being betrayed had increased his strength incredibly.

As they had a brief lapse in the fight, Waku said, "What's wrong are you too weak?" Waku's taunts angered Shinzo. As he charged, he shouted,

"How dare you, little idiot!" Shinzo charged at Waku, knocking him down. As Waku tried to stand, Shinzo crushed two of his ribs, leaving the half-demon screaming in pain. Shinzo continued to smash his foot onto Waku. As Shinzo was about to finish him, a razor-sharp gust of wind cut past him, slicing his back.

"You're a bit weak," it was Aang! Shinzo grabbed Waku and threw him into a wall, using fire-rings to restrain him. Shinzo turned to face his new opponent. Aang entered the Avatar State and as he raised his hand to Firebend, Shinzo teleported, grabbed his hand, and started mercilessly beating Aang in the chest. The Avatar screamed as he realized no one would help him. He pondered whether or not to sacrifice himself. As Aang was ready to transfer his energy, a lightning bolt hit Shinzo in the back before Akuma crashed in him smashing him into the ground.

"Avatar! Recover your strength!" Akuma shouted as began to hit Shinzo with his purple flames. Shinzo, however, recovered and retaliated by beating Akuma half to death. As Shinzo began to attack, a now recovered Waku charged towards him, saving Akuma's life.

It was three against one and the world hung in the balance. "Is that all you have Avatar? Your mighty army?" Shinzo smiled as he remembered his rule as Demon King and what he gained from it. "Let me show you mine."

Shinzo raised his arms and the dead Zaibatsu soldiers rose. At the front was a now fully recovered Feng. Akuma and Waku charged at the undead, leaving Aang to fight Shinzo. Waku and Akuma charged at the Zaibatsu, with Waku killing Feng instantly. Akuma bolted through their ranks, killing one nearly every second. Aang and Shinzo began their battle, moving as fast as lightning. Their battle could be felt anywhere in the world. The citizens prayed to the Avatar to save them. Akuma and Waku fought side by side, eliminating their differences, while Waku's evil began to fade. Akuma and Waku joined the fight against Shinzo, and the Demon King exploded with rage. He impaled Akuma on his spear and sent his soul to hell, meaning he could not be brought back to life. Waku charged mindlessly towards Shinzo, distraught with the loss of his loyal 'friend' and was quickly repelled. Aang charged forward yet again, and managed to cause a mortal wound to Shinzo. Shinzo fell back in pain but mocked Aang, as he lacked the power to fully kill him. Shinzo, in one last great attempt, flung his spear towards Aang, but it was caught by Waku and flung back into Shinzo's chest, effectively killing the demon lord. As Aang and Waku fell to the ground, exhausted, the Avatar had one big problem. Shinzo's soul was still in hell and could just as well return. He lay silent as he had 10,000 years to think of a solution.

Unbeknownst to Aang and Waku, Shinzo was already back after finding a body in the Northern Water Tribe, the body of...


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