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Aang was struggling to keep Appa in the air as a mighty storm ripped through the sea. He knew its source had to be destroyed. However he wasn't even sure what it was. After all he'd never sensed so much evil in his life, and what disturbed him the most is that he felt like he had a connection to it. The storm grew bigger, covering the entire ocean. As Aang lost control, he and Appa landed on a mysterious island, previously not there on any map. They were nowhere near the eye of the storm, yet it was calm, even peaceful. As Aang lay against a rock, still taking in recent events, he felt a presence in him, like a lost Avatar. However it felt different to the ones he'd encountered before. It was cold and dark. Aang began to meditate as the spirit of an ancient Avatar came before him.

"Who are you?" he asked, but there was no reply. The man sat there breathing deeply, yet he had no lungs. He opened his eyes and stared at the young Avatar.

"I am Shinzu," he muttered.

"I'd love to talk but now isn't the time." Aang said, but as he tried to return to his body the Avatar's power stopped him from moving. "Seriously, I don't know if you've seen down there, but the world is dying-"

Aang was stopped as Shinzu muttered, "For a second time..."

"What are you talking about?" he asked, his attention focused on Shinzu.

"Young Avatar, I am the oldest talking thing in existence, and what I am about to say, I will only say once! Is that clear?!" shouted Shinzu, his face a mix of fear and rage.

"Yes, go ahead." Aang replied, still shocked by the Avatar's outburst.

"Very well. As the four nations were formed and the bending arts mastered, the Avatar was born into the world, and so was its opposite The Black Shadow, if you haven't guessed it already, I was the first Avatar. My brother was called Shinzo, and with him was born the dark spirit attacking the world today. We led a fairly normal childhood until our 16th birthdays. We were on this island and the volcano erupted. Then the impossible happened.

I saved my father by Earthbending, yet I was a Firebender. My brother was shocked and it wasn't fully explained until a week later. The Fire Sages read our chi and found out two things: One that I was the only person who could bend all four elements. Two, that my brother was the embodiment of evil. As you can guess he didn't take it well. However, my father died as I was preparing to leave, and my brother said he'd take the throne.

After many years of traveling and mastering the elements, I returned home to see this 'monster' on the throne planning to rule the world. He offered me a place by his side and I ...accepted. We attacked the North first, destroying the Waterbenders, but the spirits Tui and La put up quite a fight. My brother was losing, and as he transformed, I entered the Avatar State. I turned into a being of light as he turned into a demon. I saw my error and left the battle. I led an isolated life as I left my brother to his world domination. Then it dawned on me. I was the Avatar, a being of light and I had to kill my brother. The day, as I recall, was black as the burning earth and volcanoes left the skies covered in ash. As I approached my brother, he quickly jumped up, transformed and then smashed into me, knocking me back. I knew I was not going to let him win, and charged, smashing all of the elements into him.

Our battle ripped the continents apart, the world was our battleground. We fought endlessly for days, the powers given to us by the spirits matched. On the fifth day, it felt like the heavens were breaking, as I didn't even recognize this world anymore. Shinzo was endless. His madness consumed him long ago. I knew what I had to do. I gathered the strength of the spirit and the bending arts and smashed my fist through his chest, ripping his life force apart while using it to repair the world. The world returned to its natural state and all those who were killed were revived. Yet I had destroyed the Avatar Spirit. You carry the second spirit, Aang, and you must make a choice- The only way to kill Shinzo is to break the cycle and end the Avatar forever."

"No, I can't do that. The Avatar needs to protect this world!" Aang replied, frighted by the words of Shinzu.

"You have a choice, Avatar: your existence -or the world's." Shinzu said as he faded away.

As Aang sat he realized the storm had gone. But he couldn't understand what had been asked of him. There was no way he could end the cycle. The world relied on it too much. He pondered on what to do next, his body shaking from the thought.


"Ah, my brother has appeared to the Avatar..." Shinzo muttered, assuming his human form.

"That's it!" the mysterious man shouted as he threw his mask away, revealing himself to be Zuko, his face badly scarred. "You murdered Mai, you bastard! Die!" Zuko charged as Shinzo brushed him aside with a single finger.

"Fool. Time to die," said Shinzo, burning Zuko alive. Waku regained his feet. "Oh, now what do you want?" Shinzo said as he turned around.

"You're the fool, Shinzo," Waku laughed as his black wings appeared. "If there was two Avatar spirits-"

"Then there's two Black Shadows." Shinzo cut in, his face shocked as Waku charged at him.

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