'Resistance' is the sixth chapter of the Fanon Series The Black Shadow written by SSJ Trunks.

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Chapter Six- Resistance

All was quiet in the Palace as Fire Lord Iroh pondered on what to next. Aang had gone to try and locate the Zaibatsu Headquarters and avenge Zuko's death at the hands of Waku. As Iroh was deep in thought, a messenger burst into the room. "My lord, Zaibatsu forces are advancing into the Eastern Islands. So far they have taken two."

"A strong defense is a good offense," Iroh muttered. "Send in a airship squad with 5 squads on each. That should even the odds."

"Yes, my lord. I shall see to it straight away." The messenger said, bowing and walking out of the room. Iroh closed his eyes and thought of the day he met Waku. Iroh's face grew angry, as he knew Waku would not have been a match for Zuko if he hadn't taught Waku master level moves. He only hoped that Aang could undo his misdeed.
Pilot Fire Nation soldiers

'Iroh trains Waku(Middle Soldier)'

Zaibatsu Base Camp, Eastern Fire Nation

"Lord Waku, we have just taken the island of Hikoko. We are almost on the mainland," said Sergeant Feng cockily.

"Don't get overconfident, Feng. If Iroh has taken his position as Fire Lord, he is not going to let his nation fall easily."

"Pardon me, my lord. But Iroh isn't the strongest of rulers. We should finish the job here and-" Feng was cut off as Waku rose from his seat in the war tent.

"I know Iroh, and he isn't a violent man. Even after his son died he wasn't violent. It seems Zuko's death hit him harder than I-"

Waku was cut off as a massive explosion destroyed the docked ship. As the flames begun to die down, a man wearing Zaibatsu armor walked out alone. His face was hidden by his mask.

"Waku!" he shouted "Face me!"

"I would love too, but I don't have time for a measly grunt. Feng, kill him." Waku said as he walked back into the tent.

"Hehe, this is gonna be fun," said Feng as he jumped onto the dock. Both men took their stances and charged, flames engulfed the surrounding area as Feng struggled to keep up with this "measly grunt". The man shot forward, pounding into Feng, smashing his mask, and threw him back into a cliff. The man stood normally, barely touched by the sergeant's attacks."

You-you dare make me bleed!" shouted Feng as he regained his footing. Feng removed his mask and cuirass and screamed a war cry before charging at the man again. But to Feng's surprise, the man faded as he charged. He ran into the cliff. The man then reappeared in front of Feng before attacking with a flurry of punches, then gave him an upper cut with flame, sending the defeated sergeant crashing in front of the war tent. Waku emerged, disappointed with Feng's efforts.

"I expected better," said Waku, not even looking at the bloody sergeant.

"Please, my lord! Help me!" groaned Feng, extending his arm.

"Oh Feng, of course I will." Waku replied as he grabbed Feng's arm. "Of course I will." Waku repeated as he flung Feng 50 feet into the air before burning him alive, leaving the ashes lost in the wind.

Waku then turned his attention to the man. "Quite the little fighter, are you? I've never seen Feng defeated that easily... Well here's your reward..." Waku said as he transformed into the half devil. Still the m would be fearful.

"Waku," the man said calmly. "You should kill people better."

"What the-" Waku said, as he was smashed in the face by the man. He struck with the force of a thousand fists. Waku recoiled in pain as blood dripped from his broken nose. Waku regained his stance and charged with his wings back, giving him the force of 600 mile per hour winds. The man stood and took the hit, only skidding back a few feet. Even though his face was hidden, his and Waku's eyes met as he brought his knee smashing into Waku's chin before blasting him back with a fire blast.

"You can't kill me." the man muttered, advancing towards Waku. Suddenly to both of their surprises, Waku's eyes begun to turn red.

"No... You can't... I served you loyally, you can't!!!!" Waku screamed as his body was flung to the side, and the Black Shadow fully materialized into the real world. The sky turned black as the waves became violent. In every nation in the world, every village, every man, woman, and child, heard the word...


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