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Chapter Five - Aftermath

Aang's face was still grim. It'd been five days since the loss of Fire Lord Zuko, Mai, countless civilians and guards. Aang clenched his fist as he felt the presence in the back of his mind. It was silently mocking him because his failure could jeopardize the new found peace as Zuko had no heir. The many ministers and generals would have to form some sort of coalition government. As Aang watched Zuko and Mai being laid to rest, a single tear ran down his face. This, he thought, was his second failure as Avatar; the first being the Air Nomads, only this time he was there to see it. After the funeral, Aang went to soldier's barracks to recover a helmet from a soldier who attacked the Palace. It didn't look like much, but it had one defining feature; the Zaibatsu emblem on the side. As Aang studied it more closely, a voice came from behind him.

"They are very bad people, Avatar. You'll need all your strength to defeat them." It was Iroh, his face still saddened by Zuko's death.

"I-Iroh, you know who they are?"

"Yes. They are a elite Fire Nation special forces unit, or the Zaibatsu."

"How do you know it's them?"

"That helmet bears their emblem. I should know. I once had to work alongside that unit, and they were merciless, killing innocent civilians for no reason"

"But why would they target Zuko if they're Fire Nation?"

"A while back, I was asked to help train the unit's new leader. There was something off about him, sort of like a-"

"Presence in the back of your mind?"

"Yes. Aang, how did you know that?"

"For the last few weeks, I've felt it, and now I think I know what it is. When I asked Roku about it, he said, 'If there is good, there must be evil', and I now understand him perfectly."

Iroh paused, thinking over what Aang just said. But then his face then froze in fear as he realized what he was saying. "The opposite of an Avatar? Is that even possible?!"

"Yes," Aang replied, his voice quiet as he tried to conceal his own fear. "I'm going to the Eastern Air Temple to meditate with Pathik."

"Good luck," Iroh said as Aang flew away on his glider. "You'll need it, Avatar," Iroh muttered as he walked towards the palace.

Zaibatsu Headquarters

"It's a real shame, isn't it Akuma?" said Waku as he lounged on his throne.

"Yes, my lord. The loss of 5 loyal soldiers is saddening."

"Akuma, what are you talking about? I meant the throne. It was leather. Do you know how much that costs?" Akuma was shocked at how his master didn't regard his loyal soldier's sacrifice highly. On the other side of the room, Sergeant Feng was admiring Waku's new trophy; the Fire Lord headpiece.

"It's a beauty, isn't it, my lord?" the sergeant said as he turned and faced Waku.

"Yes it is. They'll probably use a paper crown now, ey?" Waku replied as he and the sergeant laughed. Akuma was disgusted by their joy at the destruction of the palace, 5 soldiers, and a trophy of the royal crown. He walked out of the room to the barracks and sat down with two other soldiers, one wearing a mask. "Puyong, Jon Fu," Akuma said as he walked in.

"Akuma, my friend. What's new?" Puyong replied, handing Akuma some tea as Jon Fu remained silent.
Fire Nation soldier

'Jon Fu - silent and deadly'

"Waku is pushing his luck with this. He's getting cocky. I didn't imagine he'd go as far as to kill the Fire Lord."

"Fool," Puyong replied. "Waku's overconfidence is one his main faults and it will be his downfall eventually."

"And you, Fu?" asked Akuma. The man just nodded, his face was hidden by a mask. Due to his special operations training, Jon never really spoke and when he did, he made sure
Piandao grins

'Puyong- The nicest assassin you'll ever meet'

it was necessary. As the three men fell silent, they could hear the new recruits training under Feng.

"Waku is a fool. His time will come." Jon Fu said in a toneless voice as he got up and walked out of the room. Akuma and Puyong chatted for a while. Both of them were annoyed by Waku's erratic behavior. After a while, they both got up and walked out. A fourth man hidden by the shadows had just listened to the entire conversation. He got up and walked away as he smirked at his new knowledge.

Trivia and Author's Notes

All reviews are welcome also anyone is free to edit grammar and/or add infoboxes (still haven't got that one figured out)

-This is the longest chapter so far.

-The mysterious fourth man will reveal in an upcoming chapter

-The Black Shadow-Chapter 6 out now!

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