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"Revelations" is the fourth chapter of the fanon series The Black Shadow by SSJ-Trunks.

Chapter 4: Revelations

"I thought it was understood that your mission was to annilate the Southern Water Tribe, Akuma," said Waku, his tone of voice enough to see he was clearly annoyed.

"It was sir, but there were complications and I was unable to win, please sir I ju-" Akuma was cut off as Waku stood up.

"You saw him, didn't you? Akuma, I thought you had a backbone," said Waku disapprovingly.

"Please sir, just give me more time..." begged Akuma.

"There is no time!" Waku shouted as Akuma noticed his master's eyes had turned red. "I will handle this myself," said Waku as he walked out of the room.

Waku walked the halls of the Zaibatsu's Headquarters as he pondered his next move. Suddenly a pain struck his chest and as he leaned against the wall, a voice in his mind spoke. However, it wasn't his own

"I am growing impatient with you Waku. Recover it or I will take full control of your pathetic existence."

Waku regained his posture, turned, and looked to his left. A Fire Nation flag was on the wall. He smiled, then headed to the barracks, now sure of what to do next. His eyes turned red again as something was clearly annoyed with him.

The Fall

The Fire Nation Royal Palace was in flames as Zaibatsu soldiers ripped through the building. Their superior training easily surpassed the Royal Guards. As they burst into the throne room, Zuko removed his Fire Lord robes, revealing his armor underneath. He quickly overpowered the two grunts before confronting their sergeant, who was more than a challenge. The soldier grabbed him by the legs and swung him into the throne before firing a fireball at him which Zuko narrowly dodged. Zuko was ready to strike back, but the sergeant froze saying "S-sir, I didn't know-"

Waku clapped as he made a gesture with his hand and the sergeant went out of the room. "This throne rooms nice, Zuko," he said. "I could get used to it."

"So, you're this new enemy of ours?" replied Zuko, taking a fighting stance.

"You could say that," replied Waku. "Your family took something from me long ago and I want it back."

"And what's that?" said Zuko, his stance unmoving.

"Just look at yourself. Don't you think its weird how a nation harbors hate and embraces it much more than others? Because that's what you took, my anger. A part of me lies with you," said Waku, examining the various trophies in the throne room, barely paying attention to the young Fire Lord.

"What do you mean?" said Zuko. He lifted his stance momentarily as his curiosity overcame him.

"Hate isn't something a human makes. It's given to them. Oh boy Zuko, I have a lot of hate and you know what I'm going to do?" said Waku, removing his gloves and cape.

"What? Complain even more about it?" said Zuko as he smiled, not expecting much from a man who was barely older than him.

Waku grinned "No I'm going to take it out...on you!" As Waku finished the sentence, he rushed forward, smashing into Zuko, knocking him clean to the floor with Zuko just getting up before the floor was burned. Zuko tried to retaliate but was too slow and he was thrown against a wall with fire restraints holding him in place. "What your family took was, well I'll show you" Waku said. He fired a flame at a certain point on the ground and a statue arose. In its hands, it held an orb. The orb was black and had a red glow from inside it.

"It's time to show you what I really am." As Waku touched the orb, the entire island started shaking. From the Western Air Temple, Aang could see a red glow in the direction in the Fire Nation. He quickly jumped on Appa and headed towards it, his face full of guilt, guilt from not staying but instead leaving Zuko to fight this monster on his own. Waku stumbled back as he roared, Zuko's body was shaking with fear as two black wings extended from Waku and his face and chest had tattoos on them

" the... Devil!!" Screamed Waku as the entire palace was ripped apart by black flames. Waku then flew into the air headed northeast. Moments later Aang arrived and he fell to knees when he saw the palace. All that was left of it was a black crater...

He cursed silently as Aang had failed to protect Zuko.

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