Dark Blood is the third chapter of the fanon series written by SSJ Trunks

Dark Blood
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Dark Blood-Chapter 3

Final raid

"A Mysterious Fleet"

Sokka was on the new watchtower of the now semi-rebuilt Southern Water Tribe. He smiled as he saw two more Water Tribe Submarines surface, carrying more vital supplies from the North. But as he saw them, his face froze in shock as a Fire Nation catapult fired at a submarine, incinerating it. The war bells rung as tribe soldiers rushed to defend their newly rebuilt tribe.

On the command ship, an officer came onto the bridge. "Lord Akuma, we have reached firing distance."

"Good, good," Akuma replied. "Remember, no mercy."

Another officer burst onto the bridge saying "Sir! Sir! Chief Hakoda and his fleet will arrive here two hours early!"

"Then we'd better be quick, or else you'll be fired out of a catapult," replied Akuma, turning and smiling at the young officer.

"Y-yes, my l-lord." The officer quickly left the bridge. Akuma clapped as he saw the first rounds hitting the near-defenseless tribe. However his happiness was quickly turned to anger as he saw Master Pakku deflecting most of the shells with his Waterbending students thinning the others out.

"Prepare to land! All units at arms!" The main vessel crashed into the tribe wall and 20 men dressed in pure black armor walked out as Akuma stood at the front. As Pakku turned and faced Akuma, he instructed to Sokka to take the others down. Akuma and Pakku faced off as purple flames and water whips engulfed the center of the tribe. As Pakku and Akuma faced off, Pakku stopped, his face looking shocked in realization.

"Akuma, my old friend?"

"Pakku," muttered Akuma.

"Its a shame I considered you my friend, Akuma," said Pakku as his face turned sad.

Akuma grinned and exploded in rage. "I was the perfect warrior, headed by my strength alone! Cold and ruthless uninhabited by foolish emotion! Then I had to meet you!" His flames engulfed his body in a purple aura.

"If it's okay with you, I think we should skip the warm-up," said Pakku, taking his stance.

"I'll go straight to part where I kill you, if you want." Akuma shouted as he charged at Pakku, knocking the old Waterbender into the air. Pakku spun over and unleashed a water tornado, smashing into the invading soldiers. He crashed into Akuma, who braved the attack and grabbed Pakku's leg, throwing him into a nearby hut. Pakku regained his stance and sent a flurry of attacks at Akuma, but the giant of a man braved them all and sent a massive fireball straight at Pakku who narrowly avoided it. They both regained their stance and reverted to their previous standoff.

"Can you believe I thought a free world was a nice place to live? That's why I needed Waku to reawaken the evil in my heart and return me to the way I was before!!" Akuma screamed as Pakku cut him deeply with a water whip. Akuma exploded, flying towards Pakku, smashing him into a wall, and firing a blast that was suddenly deflected; not by Pakku but by Katara! The young Waterbender had arrived just in time to help her old master and sent Akuma flying back. Chief Hakoda's fleet had arrived! Akuma retreated towards his ship, but not before facing Pakku saying

"This isn't over." Akuma's fleet retreated as quickly as it arrived but Pakku was still thinking, thinking about the events that had just unfolded.

"Katara," he said softly.

"Yes, master." she answered inquisitively.

"Tell your father we must contact Zuko and Aang. This is far more worse than anything I have seen." Katara's face turned fearful as her master never exaggerated, and if he said that it must be bad.

Trivia and Author's comments

Pakku was chosen for this role mainly because other than his marriage to Kanna his history is pretty unexplored

Chapter 4- Revelations is out now!

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