Chapter 1 in the fanon series written by SSJ-Trunks.

This mainly tells the positions of certain characters. More will be added later, but for now I don't wanna make it that big.

New Beginnings
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The Black Shadow





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Chapter 1 - New Beginnings

Everything was quiet after the war. It was peaceful and relaxing, yet Aang was still on edge. For the last few days he'd felt a presence and though he couldn't tell what it was, it felt dangerous and threatening. Although the battle against the Fire Lord was won he knew this was only the start. He knew his duty as Avatar would have a lot more tests and trials he'd have to overcome. He didn't want to lay back and relax, he wanted to keep the world's balance no matter what.

Meanwhile in the Fire Nation the New Fire Lord was running in and out of his throne room as the decommissioning on the Fire Nation Army's weapons of war was still underway. Zuko had bags on his eyes from his new responsibilities and was a walking wreck who looked nothing like a Fire Lord, but he still slowly moved around, even grabbing a nap every time a General pleaded for five minutes, "Oh but Fire Lord we need this and this could do some good".

Running the Fire Nation wasn't easy for Zuko, as a child he hardly ever viewed any political meetings and barely knew how the government operated. The sheer knowledge he had a Nation to run was a daunting prospect. He knew he had to maintain the fragile peace that now existed. The others had gone their separate ways and he had no one except his uncle to guide him.

"Oh how could this day get any better..." he muttered in his mind as he barely stayed awake.

10 minutes Later...

"Fire Lord Zuko!! Fire Lord Zuko!!" shouted the young messenger as he ran into the throne room and collapsed onto the floor to bow.

"What is the need for the shouting! What could be soooo important." Zuko said, clearly irritated.

"My Lord Pohuai Stronghold has fallen" said the messenger his head still bowed.

"What do you mean fallen? We aren't at war anymore. Didn't you get the memo?" Zuko's interest was barely being kept as he began to daydream.

"It's gone, my lord..." said the messenger in a voice of remorse.

"Gone in what way?" said Zuko anxiously, his attention now instantly turned back to reality.

"Well it was there yesterday, and now its just a big black crater." said the messenger. His voice had a noticeable tone of fear.

"How the-" Zuko was cut off as a general burst in he had an arrow jammed in his left shoulder

"Lord Zuko!" said the old general as he limped into the room.

"What now!" shouted Zuko, demanding to know what was happening.

"My Lord, Waku has come." said the general in an emotionless tone of voice.

"Who is Waku? Answer me, General, before I-" Zuko was cut off again, but not by someone bursting into the room, but by the fact the general had just disintegrated leaving a small pile of ash on the floor.

"Inform Avatar Aang immediately. This isn't just a rebel attack. This is something...else." Zuko stared at the ash once more. He noticed it had left a small black crater on the floor. He put in his head in his hands and muttered a silent prayer begging for the peace to kept.

Trivia+Author Notes

Waku is Japanese for evil (wink wink).

Chapter 2 - Waku out now!

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