Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to The Black Shadow in the last hundred years.

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Warning! This page contains spoilers for The Black Shadow.

The Black Shadow
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The Black Shadow

The Black Shadow is the opposite of the Avatar and a manifestation of true evil. The Last Black Shadow was a man called Lian Xing who saw his family murdered and his lust for revenge caused him to be chosen for the spirit. Unlike the Avatar Spirit the Black Shadow only merges with an individual who's emotional turmoil is aimed at a certain source and is so intense they risk everything for it.


The Fall of The Keepers

When Avatar Roku destroyed the Fire Nation Avatar Temple on Crescent Island he did something he didn't count on as that temple also held a Purotekuta that held 'The Black Shadow' Spirit within. The reason it was there in the first place was that the people Lian Xing wanted to kill were Fire Nation assassins. They were sent by the Fire Sages to eliminate one of their former members and what was supposed to be a simple job turned into a massive fiasco when ended with the former member dead and his wife killed 'accidentally'.

When Lian Xing turned up at the temple he put up a valiant fight even killing 5 sages but his training was not enough and was eventually killed, as the Black Shadow attempted to flee it was caught by the Purotekuta[1] as one was placed under each Avatar temple originally designed to store the Avatar Spirit in the event of any complications in the cycle for example if no baby was born in a week after the Avatar's death in the next nation. With the Black Shadow now protected the sages believed the root of all evil was locked away. However the spirit is free awaiting the right time to strike...

A few years later it managed to infiltrate the soul of A Young Boy. Due to the boy's loneliness he was an ideal subject for the spirit. After many years of inhabiting him, and slightly draining his life force, he managed to increase the boy's physical and mental capabilities. The boy began his trail of destruction all in the pursuit of Aang's death.


Book 1

Chapter 1- New Beginnings- Something has returned a stronghold has vanished and Fire Lord Zuko receives an eerie message.

Chapter 2- Waku- Who is he? What is he?

Chapter 3- Dark Blood- Akuma attacks and faces a 'old friend' during the battle

Chapter 4- Revelations-Waku attacks the Fire Nation and mysterious events unfold

Chapter 5- Aftermath-Zuko and Mai's funeral and Zaibatsu is showing cracks

Chapter 6- Resistance-Waku begins a full on attack on the Fire Nation but one man stands in his way (and its not Aang!)

Chapter 7- Remembrance- Shinzu explains his plans

Chapter 8- Endgame- The Final battle is upon us

Book 2

Chapter 1- Red Dawn- As so the North went silent...

Chapter 2- Into the Storm- Waku and Akuma reach the North Pole but something is waiting for them.

Chapter 3- First Contact- Aang faces off against a new Foe as Waku and Akuma struggle to survive.

Chapter 4- Betrayal- As so the West went silent...

Chapter 5- The Battle Begins- A demon prince rises and Waku mounts a desperate rescue.

Chapter 6- Returning Home- Zuko and Aang return to the Fire Nation and encounter Krios for the first time.

Chapter 7- A Glimmer of Hope- A new hope has gripped the Fire Nation and the people have began to fight back(Part 1 of 2)

Chapter 8- A Glimmer of Hope Part 2- A new dark secret is reveal that could affect the outcome of the war(Part 2 of 2)

Chapter 9- Battle for the Fire Nation- Book 2's finale, first in a two-parter

Chapter 10- The Trial of an Avatar- Finale Part 2 COMING SOON.


This Section contains Spoilers for The Black Shadow


  • Aang- Aang is the current Avatar and for the last few weeks he has felt a precense but doesn't know what it is.
  • Zuko- Zuko is the current Fire Lord and is struggling to run a still chaotic Fire Nation and something just made it a whole lot harder.
  • Mai- Mai is Zuko's love interest (Deceased)
  • Waku- Book 2 onward
  • Akuma- Book 2 onward


  • Waku- A mysterious man who seems to have a vendetta against Aang(Book 1)
  • Akuma- Not much is known about him but we do know he is in League with Waku(Book 1)
  • Sergeant Feng - He helped lead the Zaibatsu soldiers into the Fire Nation Palace and fought Zuko on even terms (Deceased)
  • Zhao- The New Black Shadow in Book 2 (Deceased?)
  • Krios- A mighty Demon Prince


  • The Zaibatsu- Formerly the enemy, they are now the peacekeepers of the Fire Nation.


If anyone has any questions or ideas about the series they are more than welcome. Either post them on the this page's talk or my blog post. Thanks!


Special Thanks to Evatar114 for grammar corrections on the Book 1 Chapters! The Saiyan - Talk 16:14, July 21, 2010 (UTC)

  • Thanks to the Tekken series for images of Waku, Sergeant Feng and the Zaibatsu soldiers----Jin Kazama-Tekken Force-Feng-
  • Thanks to the Street Fighter series for images of Akuma----Akuma


Purotekuta is Japanese for protector


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