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The Black Dragon is the Sun Spirit who takes the form of a Dragon in the physical world. His apprentices take on the name and persona. It plays off the history that Black Dragons are omens of great change in the Fire Nation.


The Black Dragon plays into the Fire Nation's ancient history as the rare spirit that watched over men. The Black Dragon is thought to be a spirit taking the shape of a great dragon to create change in the physical world.

They believe it was a Black Dragon to be the first to teach men firebending. The Sages also have recorded that they were told by a Black Dragon to explore for new lands, these new lands would become the Fire Nation.

Other claims have been made as well, some sincere, some not. Several civil wars were started by those who claimed a Black Dragon told them to fight. Most had failed and admitted in later years to the false nature of their claims but at least five still claim they had a Black Dragon teach them.

The Black Dragon is in fact a Spirit, the Sun Spirit who used to take the form of a white dragon. While it is largely unknown why he has changed his form, he is a subtle presence in the world.

At some point in time, The Black Dragon spared Koh, the Face Stealer, holding the powerful spirit in his debt.

The Black Dragon is considered the father of Dragons, and flame of the west. He has watched and guided from a distance, rarely interfering and only through intermediaries, such as Rishu and his family line.


Because dragons are an endangered species, there are few enough dragons, let alone one so rare as a black dragon. As such, most deny the validity of a black dragon's existence. Most say it is likely a blue dragon mistaken in the night. Combined with the story that they are reclusive and often stay in caves further cements this to opponents of the Black Dragon Theory.


As of 319 AG, there is a man who has taken the title Black Dragon. He is incredibly powerful and rumored to create white flame; previously a mythical ability. Grand Lotus Kuel has claimed that this man used this title to inspire fear and has no connection to a true dragon.

This Black Dragon has been attributed to orchestrating the Earth Kingdom- Fire Nation Alliance and its war on Republic City and its allies. Tala is convinced that Grand Marshal Rishu is the Black Dragon but has not proof for her claim, only what she has heard from enemies.

Previously unseen in battle, the Black Dragon will come to personally lead the battle at Omashu on the Day of Black Sun. As Avatar Tala suspected, the Black Dragon was Rishu, confirmed by his wife Lira.

Regardless of the title being revealed, Tala was unable to discover the depth of its meaning. It wasn't until she joined Rishu and defected that she began to understand more. Her first inkling to the Black Dragon was when Rishu was gravely wounded by Lenet. She ventured into the Spirit World to heal him and had to heal a Black Dragon that Koh navigated her to. Upon returning to the mortal world, she found Rishu had been healed.

At the end of the war, Tala traveled with Rishu to the Sun Warrior City and learned the mystery of the Black Dragon.



Original Sketch of Black Dragon, by The Snowbold

Given the title and the rumors, the Black Dragon is claimed to be the most powerful firebender in the world. So strong that he can create and sustain white flames in combat. This ability is debated as it is unseen and unconfirmed.

The true Black Dragon Spirit is the source of Firebending, though he has much more powers he won't reveal. He is capable of energybending in all facets with a master on par with the Lion Turtles. The Black Dragon is also aware of the merging of human and Spirits for increased power and knows how Raava did it to join with Wan.

However, he disdained the idea of permanent bonds but, liked the notion of agents in this fashion. He has altered the method in order to make his own servants that are in fact melded to him but he can leave them when they die, as well as manifest a physical form apart from them while still using them. This partial possession also does not continue after death, and so there is no reincarnation. However, the affected bloodline is most susceptible to accepting merging again.


  • Taking the Black Dragon title means to some that the man is saying he is the teacher.
  • Rishu is the Black Dragon persona, but his use of it reflects a deeper meaning and respect for the title.
  • The Nifrin call the Sun Spirit, Karn Ish, which translates as Star Ghost. He is also one of their Ishva, or Ghost Lords.

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