The Bison and the Merchant
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The Bison and the Merchant is a one-shot poem about Appa and the Cabbage Merchant running around the streets of Omashu. This is the author's first poem and should not be treated too roughly, please.

Haiku Overview

Omashu, what a

place for a chase between a

bison and merchant.

The Bison and the Merchant

The bison flies overhead, arms and legs spread.

The merchant walks, counting cabbages in his head.

The bison soars down. Boom! The bison lands

Wondering which of the tasty vegetables to land in his hands.

The merchant runs but the predator loves the chase.

The merchant thinks. Run, pick up the pace.

He turns, hoping to trick the beast.

But the bison lands, preparing for his feast.

He strikes, his meal at last!

But the merchant is fast.

The prey runs but to no avail.

His face turns white and pale.

With one mighty lick, the stand vanishes.

The merchant shouts as loud as he could, "My cabbages!"

The bison flies off, hearing the call of a friend.

He roars as his adventures in Omashu come to an end.

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