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The Birth of Aang
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The Birth of Aang is the first episode of The Life of Team Avatar.


This is the beginning of the first season. One of the Air Nomads felt pain on the first month and found out that a child is born. During the time before the child was given birth, she took care and was provided with care by the Air Nomads. On the month, when it was time for the child to be given birth, she was successful to give her child a birth, who was a boy and named him Aang.


The Day it Happen

One evening, Air Nomad nuns were talking about what are they gonna do with their young daughters after they finish their Airbending training. When all the nuns left for a snack in the lunch room, one of Air Nomad nuns felt pain, which become bad. When all of them heard the sound, they send one of the nuns to the room.

" What is wrong?" asked one of Air Nomad nuns.

" A lot of pain that is hurting bad, I need HELP!" screamed the pain Air Nomad nun.

" I'll go for help," said the nun, "I'll be right back, stay here."

"WHERE DO YOU THINK I WILL GO?" said the pain Air Nomad nun.

"Nevermind that, I'll be back," said the nun.

She hurried down and went to all the nuns and told about one nun is in trouble with pain and problems, they needed to take her to the nursery for help to know what's wrong with her.

"Head nun, one of the nun is in pain and is there, we gotta get help," said the nun.

"Where?" panicked the head nun.

"In the meeting site," said the nun.

"Come on sisters, we gotta help her. On the way, On the way," said the head nun.

When they got there, they decided to help stop the pain nun.

"Hold on, let me get what can help you," said the head nun. "Here, try this."

"Okay," said Sister Uin. "Not working."

"TRY TRY TRY," said the pain nun.

Instead, they called the nun who could help figure what is wrong with her. When she came, she told all the nuns that they were to be send outside and few hours later, she came and cause the pain to go away, but told the nuns that the nun who was in pain is pregnant and that she is to be kept under protection.

"Okay, so the pain is gone but she is pregnant, now she needs to be protected and kept care," said the specialist nun.

"Yes, we will," said head nun.

"So, how long for pregnancy?" said Sister kio.

"Apparently, I would said, 9 months," said specialist nun.

"Okay, fine, till then, she needs full care before she gives birth to that child," said head nun.

When the nun found out that she is pregnant, she decided to stay in her room and only go to the nuns if it's important to go or if there is a meeting with them.

During the Pregnancy

During the months of her pregnancy, the specialist nun was to come every month to see if her baby is in good shape so that she can keep count if her baby will be healthy by the time, the mother gave birth, she'll know about the baby. When she feels pain, she was to be kept calm and wait till the nun to give a medicine that will keep the baby in good shape and can stop the pain. During that time, they had a talk.

" You are to have the baby soon, maybe in a one or two months," said the specialist nun.

" Thank you a lot," pleased the pregnant nun.

" No problem, but make sure to be kept from any harm," said the specialist nun.

" Yes." replied the pregnant nun.

"Is there anything, you could tell me about my child," said the pregnant nun.

"Well, your child is in good shape, should be done soon, and you need a lot of care for him," said the specialist nun.

The Day of the Birth

When the time came when it was time for the baby to come out, she felt a lot of pain that she couldn't calm nor anything. When the specialist nun came, she try the same process that she did the last time, when she did, it did not work, it was then time for the birth.

The specialist nun talk with the other nuns and continue the process and in one or two hours, successfully gave the baby birth. The other nuns came in after the process completed.

"Congratulation, you now have given a birth to a child and it's a boy. What would you like to name him?" said the specialist nun.

"I think I should name him Aang. Thank you, oh Thank you," said Aang's mother.

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