The True Wang
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The Bending Revolution



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October 15, 2013

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Chapter 1: The True Wang

"Haaaaah! Finally, the Bending Revolution is... Wait a sec! I'll introduce myself to you; "

"I'm Shiro Shinobi. You know me, right? Mr. Commentator in the Pro-Bending Arena, duhhhh!"

"Okay so now, you know what happened in the Bending Revolution right? Oh sorry, you're probably not from Republic City. So first I'll explain this revolution."

"Since Raiko's "diplomatic" rule in Republic City, corrupt non benders ruled the land. Raiko's son, Kiko, succeeded him. In his rule, he remembered his coalition with Amon, the leader of the Anti-Bending Revolution, so he proceeded in wiping out bending existence, again."

"He first shut down the Pro-Bending Arena, arresting all pro benders ( excluding Mako and Bolin) and accused them of illegal bending. He then fired the Metalbending Police Force, causing Triple Threat Triads to rampage Republic City. Boy, IT WAS CHAOS DUDE...CHAOS!"

"Former police chief Lin Beifong, you can't believe what she did. She destroyed almost the entire City Hall. She in her great anger and frustration, broke the Metalbending Police office to ruins, much to the President's pleasure. Lin was way sooo crazy!!!"

"Lin then joined the Triple Threats along with the entire police force. What the hell was she thinking!?!? This sparked the revolution. HEEEY WAIT A SEC! This is all time waisting! So now, as my job as reporter, I will now interview the victims of The Bending Revolution. First, let us read this victim's bio:

Republic City Statistics Office

89th Street, Downtown Area, Republic City
Name: Alceous Wang
Gender: Male
Address: 3rd Street, Dragon Flats Borough, Republic City
Years of Age (as of 170 AG): 58 years old
Nationality: Fire Nation
Occupation: Owner of a pottery
Spouse: None
Children: None

Position: Non-Bender

"Now, back to me..... HELLO!!! Fans! Okay, let us welcome Mr. Wang!"

"Hello Mr. Wang! Are you the true Mr. Wang? Because many years ago, Chairman Sokka used that code name."

"Oh yes, I'm the real Wang sir," exclaimed Mr. Wang.

"Now, all we need is your.. I'm too rude. Sir, what experiences have you got in the Bending Revolution?"

"I don't want to be reminded of it but I shall do it, I will," replied the guest.

"I was in my pottery when we suddenly heard a BOOM! We all went out and saw with our own eyes, OUR OWN EYES, Chief Beifong smashing and crashing then poor non-bending police force. Poor them! Then the Triple Threats responded to the signal and captured all non benders at sight excluding me and my workers, who promised to help benders in need," said Mr Wang as if he was telling me a horror story. Brrrrr!

"I thought all was peaceful then, but a number of prisoners, about 13, knocked my house at 1 am in the morning. I wanted to protest but I remembered the Triple Threats' warning. So I let them all stay," fearfully continued Mr. Wang.

"So the Metalbenders we're replaced by weakling non benders. Sorry, that time I was on a vacation in Lake Laogai. Oh sorry, go on sir."

"Then later that morning.... said Mr. Wang with tears in his eyes: My pottery was destroyed, so as the entire Dragon Flats. The benders were gone. I was the only one left."

"Where did you go after that happening?"

"I first went to the Southern Water Tribe Cultural Center, but it was too late. The entire place was destroyed. I then asked the bystanders. They stated that the non benders rallied and destroyed all the Cultural Centers of the 4 nations, only excluding Air Temple Island. They also took down Avatar Aang Memorial Island," answered Mr Wang.

Author's Notes

Thanks for reading. Please give me ideas for Chapter 2: The Green House and more suggestions for this chapter. Still thinking for more. :)

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