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The Beginning or The End
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A Family Reborn



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July 30th 2012

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The crowd dispersed,screams coming from all directions, filling the atmosphere, people hiding from what they call an enraged monster. Breathing heavily, Azula breathed fire in all directions and the place became hotter and buildings were aligned with fire on the sides.

Azula's mind was clouded with the illusion of revenge. The thoughts of happy times with her mother were buried under anger and pain, she had now become the puppet of Rage, no longer able to contain herself, she spewed fire around the courtyard, burning an innocent little girl on her arm.

The girl screeched in pain and her mother rushed to the scene. "Be quiet you filthy peasants!" Azula spat fire at the two, with that, the mother quickly spun around, held her now severely burnt child in her hand and jumped away for cover. Azula laughed maniacally while striking lightning at her beloved brother. Zuko absorbed the lightning and sent it back at her, bringing the troubled 16 year old to the ground.

"Azula you have to stop!"Zuko shouted

Azula wasted no time in spreading fire around the peasants.

Katara got up and jumped down the side onto the flaming courtyard, that was once a ground for the Agni Kai. This time Azula would not let it play out how it did before. Katara outed the fire surrounding the citizens and confronted Azula.

"Toph! go help Katara and Sokka and Aang get those People out of there, I'll get my mother to safety!" Zuko commanded, with everyone's agreement. Aang could only think about Katara getting burned by Azula, his fears took over his mind and Aang now became the puppet of Paranoia.

Toph ran to help her teammate who was whipping water like a tentacle towards the fallen princess. She created swirls and shards of water and ice, all being stopped by the furious kicks of fire, dealt by the enemy. Katara was most focused on making sure the nations and these people would not get hurt and loose someone precious to them, Katara became the puppet of Compassion.

Sokka, now pushing the people back further and signaling Mai and Ty lee to help them leave the gates. Sokka breathed deeply as he was extremely tired of the fighting, he began to get weaker and weaker from the dehydration because of the heated atmosphere. Sokka became the puppet of Suffering.

Toph came behind her friend and stretched open the bars to the drain beside the courtyard letting the water flow out much to Katara's aid. The two created a mud structure and fought Azula. Katara was struck to the ground bearly escaping getting burned, Toph was terribly afraid of the fire wielded by Azula, then Hama struck down and attacked her, the began a fierce battle. Earth shot up from all directions but, Hama drew the water from the atmosphere and used it against Toph, she bloobended Toph to he grouned and stood above her. Toph's heart raced and she stopped breathing for a second, she felt the earth closing in on her, she became the puppet of Fear.

Mai was, for once in her life worried about her fate. She told the citizens to press on forward but, the fear had built up inside their bodies and he crowd was getting harder to control. Her eyes dimmed as a dazed look took over her face, his was like a dream, after achieving so much, could it all be for nothing? she asked herself, she became the puppet of Illusion.

Ty Lee kept of shouting "Keep going don't stop everything will be fine." I was never good at making choices, what will happen now?, how will I help these people, if I can't even help myself. These are the things that her thoughts were focused on. She felt for what might be the firs time in her life, that things might not work out, she became the puppet of Denial.

Zuko looked at his mother and told her to get to the bedroom, which she refused making Zuko burst into tears, "I can't let Azula take you from me, I can't let the Fire Nation fall, I can't let my father step on that throne, I can't disappoint uncle, my friends, the!".

"Zuko you have not disappointed anyone and it's not all your fault, at least you know I am proud of you." Ursa spoke making all the troubles in life fade away. It was just Zuko and Ursa but then, all the memories of the years without his mother took over his mind, he was now in a nightmare and worst of all, his greatest fear was reality, he became a puppet of Guilt.

Ursa watched on as her son slipped away into a void of sadness, she looked on her daughter, the monster created by the father figure. She could not bare seeing the sight of her own babies go through such horrible things. Her mind was grasped firmly in a state of discomfort. Tears rolled down her face and dripped to the ground, this lovely, proud figure was now saddened. Her hands and feet were pale, as if she was almost dead, or she wanted to be. She became the puppet of Hopelessness.

Things were getting worse between the broken princess, the world's best earthbender and the waterbending hero.

Azula spiraled in the air and swung fire at Toph striking her down in pain, she hit he fountain of peace, destroying it. Katara looked on in shock, she gasped for air, looked at her surroundings and drew the sweat from her face and the water in the atmosphere, creating octopus tentacles, striking around hitting Azula down.

The princess had reached the brink of total chaos, when Katara became scared of what could happen so she bloodbended Azula, sent her to the ground, lifted her up and shot her back onto the hot floor. The unforgiving emotion of revenged reached out as Azula got up and jetted to one side, the to the other, then up in the air and landed in front of her enemy, bent down before she could be struck away with a tentacle and struck lightning, burning Katara on her leg.

" NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! YOU WILL PAY.", eyebrows arched, fists clenched, the night beginning to fade with the sun peaking, Aang entered the Avatar State and took on all the elements.

Azula struck lightning at the Avatar but, her efforts were futile his time around.

She shot fire trying to protect herself. Everyone watched on is shock, the rest of the Kyoshi Warriors and the Order of the white locusts had just arrived, to assist with he crowd and the battle.

The two teams surrounded the agitated crowd and began to escort people out. The burn girl was the first, then they took care of the rest.

She mustered up all the strength left and slammed a piece of earth into Hama, sending her to the ground.

Hama got up and saw Katara on the ground. She rushed over, only to protect the next bloodbender.

Iroh and Suki wen't closer to the scene and tried to assist Katara, Hama knelt down close to her and started healing her burn.

"This will heal in sometime with proper care. I cannot do mush more for you." Hama said.

"Listen Hama, this doesn't mean you don't deserve to be put in jail.".

"The princess has failed I will kill her for bringing me into this!" before I go to any jail."

Hama did not listen to any of the people trying to stop her.

Hama stepped out but this time she bloodbended the princess and was willing to kill her for nearly killing the last young bloodender, but, Aang turned to her and struck her a powerful blow sending her to her doom!

He turned around and the screams of Team Avatar begged him to stop. He came close to the troubled teenager, strapped her hands and feet down with earth and came out of the Avatar state. She breathed fire and tried to wiggle free. Azula cried and panted. She screamed, "This cannot be my end!, please! I must rule! What are you planning to do with me!?"

"I am taking your bending away! You will not hurt any more people ever again!" with that he pressed her forehead while, she struggled to break free and in a moment he entered the mind of the princess. He was almost consumed by her rage and troubles, it was overwhelming, he now understood Azula. In a moment the firebnding princess was now nothing but a peasant.

Everyone looked over as the morning reached, the firebender was powerless.

She rolled on the floor, in shame, felt the room spin around and breathed in what she believed to be, her last breath. She was taken away by the firebender guards and so was Hama. The fire around the sight dimmed and soon here was none.

Suki ran up and kissed Sokka and Mai kissed Zuko while Katara walked limped toward Aang and looked at him and said

"Aang I....", "No Katara I understand you're just not ready.." "No!" "I was going to say"

"I Love You.." the two kissed and looked at each other passionately. Toph got up along with Ty Lee and looked at the wonderful sight of the sun coming up.

Appa licked Katara and Aang and Ursa took a deep breath and took it all in.

Later, Aang and Zuko sat together and shared their thoughts on the situation and how it affected the citizens.

"Republic City will not be easy to build" Zuko stated with Aang's displeasure, then he continued "but, hey, no one said our lives were ever easy."

The two smiled, got up, bowed and left the room. Ursa sat outside and looked on, she smiled while looking at a picture of the family happy.

"I am a very proud mother!"..........

THE END or should I say THE BEGINNING!

Dragon Royalty Ozai-sprite Flame

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