Serpent's Pass
The Beginning of the Journey
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The Great Walk



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September 29, 2013

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The Orphanage

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The Desert

~~The Agricultural district of Ba Sing Se~~

As I watched the beautiful landscape from the Ba Sing Se monorail I thought about Sai, how I left her and how I didn't even had the nerve to tell her that. I'm just hoping that she'll understand, and won't be too furious and more importantly sad and betrayed by me. I know that it must be hard on her, and it's also hard on me but I have to do this. I have to find my way and restore peace in my own life... The other people on the Monorail looked at me with shock, looking at my attire and my shaven hair. But, I knew that in order to be an Air Acolyte I had to accept certain inconveniences. But it didn't bother me so much.

I was alone, without anyone and I kind of liked it. I spend most of my life in that Orphanage with other children and it makes you feel so uniformed, so in place, like you belong to a complete set. You aren't your own person. But now, everything has changed. Even now, that I feel so awful for betraying Sai, I feel so happy and free. I'm finally my own person. As I watched the landscape I could feel the Monorail slowing down. This was the last stop, the last chance to go back and forget, forget that this ever happened.

But no. I stood up and went out of the Monorail. As I entered the huge station I could see crowds of people from all across the world. Fire Nation, Earth Kingdom and Water Tribe. Even from the United Republic of Nations. But no Air Acolytes, such a shame. I started walking towards the Earth Elevator to bring me to the lower level. As I came in I noticed that I'm the only one going out of the city.

"So, where are you going, youngster?" asked the Elevator conductor as he Earthbended us to the Lower level. I didn't know what should I say, and then finally something came out of me; "I'm going home." At that moment I knew, that I was doing the right thing. As we stopped and the door opened I could see a vast wasteland. I looked up as the Elevator went back to the Station, This was the last time that I looked back on Ba Sing Se, my "home".

I walked for several hours, and the heat was getting to me. Luckily the Earth Kingdom placed some special "relaxation centres" for people that were entering and leaving Ba Sing Se. These "centres" were simple huts with small water springs. But it was far better than to be out in the steaming hot sun. I grabbed my almost empty flask and filled it with the refreshing water, but first I drank more water than in my whole life. The cool and refreshing water gave me new strength and after a few minutes of resting I continued my journey towards my new home.

A few hours passed and I could see the silhouette of what seemed to be an enormous mountain. But I was wrong. As I got closer I could see that it was a pass, but not just any pass, it was the Serpent's pass. As I was getting closer I could hear a noise. It was an older man, shouting at me from a distance. At first I assumed, that something was wrong so I ran towards the old man. When I got there the man was waiting for me, with his arms crossed.

"Are you crazy!" the old man said, shocking me with his rude attitude. "No one has ever passed the Serpent's Pass and lived!". I looked him with disbelief and asked him why, why has no one passed the pass successfully. "Don't you know about the stories? Legend says that a giant monster guards the pass. Only Team Avatar survived the journey and that was over 70 years ago!" I looked him with even greater disbelief and thanked him for his warning, but I didn't believe him.

As I stood at the gates of the Serpent's Pass the old man's warning got to me. For the first time I was a little scared. Not that anything was going to happen to me, but that I might fail. And I was not going to let that happen.

~~The Serpent's Pass~~

I slowly started walking on the Serpent's Pass, my heart pounding and pounding. But I didn't quit. I walked for over an hour and then I decided that I should make camp and rest for the night. I found the comfiest rock that I could and started sleeping. I was hoping that I would have the same pleasant dreams as the previous nights, but I was wrong. I didn't have dreams, I had nightmares. I dreamed about Sai and the other friends I abandoned. I couldn't sleep. I wanted to make myself some tea, but I forgot to pack a cup for tea.

Finally, the Sun got up and I could start walking, not so much rested. The next couple of hours went by really fast as I sang songs out loud, just to keep my spirit up. I was happy and smiling. But that changed when I got to a small hut, made for travelers. As I walked into the hut I could see pictures of a giant creature eating men whole, and I saw a date; 80 AG.

I rushed out of the Stone hut and never looked back, not wanting to see that terrifyingly accurate pictures. As I walked for about an hour I started seeing writings on the walls of the Pass; Death in 100 feet; That wasn't a morale bust. I got so scared, that I had to sit down. "But no, I'm not a quitter", I thought to myself as I stood up and walked towards what seemed to be certain doom.

As the 100 feet passed I couldn't see anything unusual. I saw that the path went really close to the water, only about 10 feet of height separated me from the water, but I managed. As I came to the other side I stopped for a moment to think about what happened. I looked around a saw a tablet, carved from stone. It read; "Team Avatar walked here, 100 AG". I was relieved; so relieved that I yelled as loud as I could "THANK YOU, TEAM AVATAR!" Hoping that the previous Avatar, Aang, could hear me.

I walked for a few hours until I got to another stone hut. As I entered it I could see the same writings and paintings about death and doom. I found a small peace of chock and wrote; "THREAT HAS PASSED". As I looked out of the hut I could see, that it would be dark soon. So again, I found the most comfortable rock and started sleeping. This time, I had something that appeared to be a vision. I was alone, on a mountain and I saw a giant flying animal, a Flying Bison. He was carrying people, really Air Nomads! I saw a man and his wife and four children. I waved and waved but they could hear or see me. They just kept flying.

As I woke up I could feel the comforting warmth of the sun. I got ready and started walking once more, towards my home. A few hours passed and I could see the vastness that was the Earth Kingdom. Finally I saw land, oh sweet land, how I missed you, I thought to myself. As I descended the Serpent's Pass I could see a small village located at the bottom. As I descended further I could see people staring at me, like I was some sort of strange creature. As I walked into the village I could hear people; "How is this possible?!" Finally I stopped and asked what the matter was.

~~The Village~~

"How did you survive?!" an elderly man asked. "The Serpent's Pass is cursed, no one can get through."... Well, I guess that I'm nobody. I started explaining what happened, how I saw the tablet and what happened there in 100 AG. The Villagers welcomed me like a hero and threw a feast in my "honor"?

The next day, when I woke up, I woke up in a soft bed, mush softer than the rocks I've been sleeping in for the last few days. As I got dressed I went to the local store to buy a cup, so that I could finally have something with which to drink my tea. When I got to the store I bought the cup, but then I bought some dry flat bread. If you don't know what flat bread is I'll tell you. It's a special bread, that last for weeks as you only need to eat a little. But it doesn't have the best taste.

As I walked out of the store and started walking again I felt a little home sick for the first time. But that wasn't going to stop me from reaching my new home. I walked for several hours straight, until I got to a waterfall, where I rested and filled my flask with water. As I set up "camp" I laid down and started reading my map. I knew exactly where I was and It wasn't good. If I thought that the Serpent's Pass would be hard I was wrong. Before me lay the vast Si Wong dessert. But that wasn't stopping me.


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